Through the Times

It was a beautiful Sunday and Dad and I were out together, celebrating my graduation from college. We went out for lunch and of course, he was the one buying the meal. We talked a bit about my life in college, which I only told selective tales of, and he told me about his life while I was away.

You see, my mother left Dad without a word many years ago and Dad had never been able to find her. I was still rather young then, at merely the age of 5 that I can never really recall much about my mother. It even felt weird to say that I had a mother. But apparently, with my mother walking out on him, Dad had been alone all the while. Sure, he did date a little, and date some more, but never was he serious about any of the women he dated. He never even brought them home. To him, they seemed to be just a fling — to kill time and loneliness. Of course, being his only family, I was supportive of him and we were really very close. Our contact was only broken when I was sent off to college at the other end of the country, and the busy schedule kept me from visiting or even calling. Naturally, I was worried about how he would cope without me, for since I was 12, I had been cooking for him, washing and ironing his clothes and all. Before that, we settled our meals with take-outs or at diners, and our clothes at the washers. So here I am, all graduated from college and back home to see how my father had been.

He told me that initially, it was tough for him. He had to start cooking and clean up after himself, and more importantly, having to cope with going back to an empty home. But gradually, he got used to it all and even started to experiment cooking. He seemed so happy talking about it that it made me less guilty. In fact, I was glad that my absence helped my Dad ‘grow up’!


After we were done, we went to take a walk in a park we used to go to before I left. I saw a cartwheel store by the field selling kites, and I turned to Dad and said, “Hey Dad, reminds you of old times? How you would bring me out here to fly kites when I was young? Man, that must have been ages ago!”

Dad chuckled. “Well, we can do it again, what do you say?”

He jogged towards the store to buy one and came back to me, smiling broadly. “Let’s go son, let’s find a good spot”


I smiled back at him and headed towards the fringe of the field — there were a few trees there so at least we could get some shade. We fly the kite and lay down on the grass, lazily tugging the string every now and then to keep the kite from flying into others’.

“Does seem like old time, huh? Only that I’m older and don’t have the energy to run about any more” Dad said as he winked at me.

“Does feel like old time! But trust me; you’re still in pretty good shape. I don’t believe you can’t keep up with it!” I snorted; amused that he felt that he was old. A t least to me, I thought he looked better and fitter than before.


“Wow, son, don’t you believe it when I say it?” Dad joked.

“Well, we shall see about it! Last one to the tree over there does all the house chores for a month!” I yelled as I ran off.

Dad laughed loudly as he chased after me, abandoning the kite. Though I was ahead, Dad was fast — faster than I expected, actually. He caught up with me soon but we reached the tree at around the same time. He tackled me to the grass as we reached the tree and gradually came to a stop. We started wrestling like we used to and was giggling like some silly twerps. We lay beside each other, catching our breaths.


“Oh, man, Dad! You liar! You sure can run! Who says he doesn’t have the energy like he had before, huh?” I laughed.

“Well it’s true! You need some training up, lad! You let this 30-year-old man beat you in running!”

“Hah! Just like old times, indeed! I really do miss this!”


Dad chuckled a little and we were silent for a while, breathing deeply. All of the sudden, Dad flipped over and was on top of me. It kind of surprised me. My body froze, not knowing what to do. His arms were on either side of my head, supporting him on top of me as he looked deep into my eyes. This was then I noticed how beautiful the colour of his eyes was — azure blue.

“I missed those times too, son” he whispered as he continued staring at me, his fingers lightly stroking my cheek. He flipped back onto the grass and sat up. I was still a little stunned by it, though not too concerned. He turned to look at me. “You think we should go home already? It’s getting a little dark. I still have some papers I need to settle”

I nodded and got up, and we went home.


The next day, I cooked up dinner for us while Dad was still a work. I thought he would like it if I cook his favourite — beef lasagne. Soon, I heard the door open and close.

“Hey, Matt, I’m home” Dad chimed as he threw his coat on the couch. “What are you making?”

“Oh, hey Dad. Erm, I thought of making beef lasagne for dinner. Will be ready in 30.”


“Sounds good, son. I had never been able to make beef lasagne, you know? The last time I tried, I almost blew up the kitchen!” Dad snorted as he climbed up the stairs, heading for the showers. He showered and came down just in time for the lasagne to be served.

“Mmm! Taste great! No one makes lasagne like you do!” Dad said as he wolfed down the pasta.

I smiled as I stood up to get some drinks. “Beer, Dad?”


“Yeah, that’ll be good!”

I passed him a can as I flipped the tab of my own and settled down to eat.

After we finished the meal and downed a few more cans on the alcohol, we were both a little tipsy — apparently ‘a few’ turned out to be a lot more. Dad asked about my life in college again. Only this time, the topic moved on to the girls I dated. I told him about a few girls I’ve been with, but I was never intending those relationships to last. It wasn’t a fling, and I was pretty serious about the relationships, but some how, something just stopped me from committing. Something was missing, and I don’t know what it is!


“So, Dad, we’ve talked so much about me. What about you?” I said as I pulled the can to my lips.

“What?” Dad feigned ignorance.

“Dates, Dad. I haven’t heard a word about you being in any stable relationship. It’s really time to move on.”


“I know, I know. But there’s something I really have to settle emotionally.”

“What is it? Will you let me know?”

Dad shot me an uneasy look, “You wouldn’t understand. I’ve been coping with it for many, many years now; I don’t think I can get over it! I’m… I’m obsessed with it, but yet I have to hide it!” He got a little agitated — ok, very agitated.


“Just what is it, Dad?” I asked in a concerned tone. This raised an alarm bell in my head.

Dad simply shook his head, unable to look at me in the eye, and took another swig of beer.

We sat there in awkward silence for a moment, before we changed the subject. It went on for a while till it got rather late, and was thinking of going to bed. I stood up to clear the empty cans and the dishes when Dad stopped me.


“I’ll clear them, Matt. It’s only fair since you made the meal.”

I nodded in appreciation and said, “Then, I’ll be heading to bed. I’m a little beat!” and I went back to my room. I removed my clothes and flopped into bed in just my boxers, and fell asleep soon.

I thought I had a wet dream, but it was something totally peculiar, something I’ve never dreamed of even thought of. In my dream, Dad was in it. Dad was rubbing on my crotch through my sleep wear slowly. He kept on rubbing for some time, and he pulled of my boxers and fisted my stiffened dick. Subconsciously, I felt my cock getting uncomfortable and the pleasure mount, I reached down to my crotch and tried to relief some of the pressure there to get back to sleep. However, I reached down to find not my cock, but something that’s wrapped around it. It was a hand! My eyes flew open and saw Dad straddling my legs, and jacking me off, exactly like the scene in my dream! So it wasn’t a dream! It was real!


“Dad…” I choked. For a moment, I did not know what to think. I just stared at him as he continued to jack me off and we made eye contact.

“Shhh… Matt, don’t think too much” he said and gave me a look that said he was in too deep to care about anything else any more.

“Dad… What the hell are you doing? Please, stop!” I whimpered as I tried to fight off the somewhat unwanted pleasure that was building by the second.


He leaned down to plant a firm and deep kiss on my lips, smoldering any of my attempts to protest of the fight him off. He smelled of alcohol, which made me realise that he drank much more even after I left for bed. His tongue probed my lips, trying to gain entry to my mouth, which I denied of, and it eventually forced its way through. He started to jab his tongue deep into my mouth, messaging my tongue, and occasionally rolling through my teeth. He hummed as he did so, and later, he started to grind his hips into mine. I was very aroused by this, but still had my mind intact. This was wrong. This was so wrong! I had to fight this, but I had no way of pushing Dad away. He was so aggressive and had so much leverage against me. Tears started to roll down from my eyes and I let out a hurt and terrified squeak into Dad’s mouth.

Dad pulled away from me, shocked. By now, I couldn’t help it any more. I just sobbed out, though quietly. He leaned in to hug me as I tried to hide away, only to realise that he wasn’t trying to advance on me. He was merely consoling me, and this had touched me in an odd way. He had hurt me, and yet at this moment, all was forgiven with a hug.

“Matt… I… I… I’m… so, so, sorry…” he stammered into my ears. “I… don’t know why I did this, but… I’ve been fighting this for so long… I knew it will hurt you! I tried to fight it…”


I sucked in a breath sharply. My sobbing ceased. The earlier conversation was playing through my head. I kept hearing Dad say, “I’ve been coping with it for many, many years now; I don’t think I can get over it! I’m… I’m obsessed with it, but yet I have to hide it!” over and over again. It just hit me suddenly that I was the one he was talking about. I suddenly felt very confused. All my life, I’ve never thought of my Dad this way. Nothing he had done even hinted that he has thoughts about me like that. I have always been straight, for god sake!

Dad tightened his hug around me and he started crying silently now. “Forgive me, forgive me, son. I’m really sorry”

I surprised myself and hugged him back. I felt a strange, new kind of emotion taking over me. Just then, Dad tried to push away from me. I was sure that he was afraid, too. I pulled him back into the embrace and kissed him roughly on the lips, almost savagely. Dad whimpered. He finally pulled away and said, “No, son. No. I’ll not be able to control myself” as he was still supporting himself on top of me, unable to look into my eyes.


I turned his head to face me and said “Dad, I was confused and hurt. I didn’t know what to think. But you awakened something in me. I don’t know. This is wrong, but it feels right. It feels right with you. I’ve never felt anything sexual towards you before, or any other guy, but right now, I just want you… Dad…”

His deep blue eyes stared into mine and he leaned down to kiss me gingerly. I kissed him back, with tongue and ran my hands up and down his chest, feeling his broad shoulders, perfect nipples, his flat abs, and eventually down to his groin, which was so hard and warm. He let out a moan when I started to stroke him through the material gently, then picking up pace.

This went on up to the point where he couldn’t take it any more and moved down to my stiff cock. He gazed at it lovingly and whispered, “Matt… I’m going to blow you now, if it’s ok”


I groaned my approval, and at the same time, my impatience. I was suddenly so very hot for my Dad. I want him to suck me, suck me hard. I want to cum and make him cum.

He stroked my shaft with his fingertips slowly and sensually, and licked the tip of my head. I moaned and shuddered. He then slipped half my cock into his mouth and applied a very hard suction! I yelled with pleasure, feeling the ecstasy flowing through my blood vessels. My cock twitched and stiffened more much. Dad took it as an approval and slid more of my member down his throat. He also started to play with my balls, messaging them with fired enthusiasm and stuck a finger up my ass. It took me completely by surprise I let out a throaty gasp.

“Ah! Dad! Don’t stop! Feels so good… Oh god, so good! That spot! Yes! Yes! Ah, yes!” I screamed as he continued fingering me.


Suddenly, he stopped. I looked at him with a stunned expression, confusion and hurt clearly etched in my eyes. He smiled devilishly at me and said, “It’s not over yet, son”

He pulled my legs down straight, and straddled me again. Looking at him on top of me sent a trial of goosebumps through me. The sight just seemed so erotic to me. I suddenly wanted to bond with him. Fucking was simply not just enough to put out the fire that’s burning me up right now. I want him. I was just lost in the thoughts when I was brought back to the present when I heard Dad moan lasciviously that I almost blew my nut right then. He was impaling himself down onto my prick! I was rather shocked, because I have always thought that I would be the bottom, not him. But then again, literally from the positions we were in, perhaps I am the bottom.

Dad used his weight to push himself down onto me. Apparently he had applied lube on us while I was lost in my thoughts. God, this was so sexy.


Dad started to pump himself up and down, his arse gripping my prick tightly. Ah, god, that felt so good. Dad’s breathing was erratic, and mine was getting laboured by the minute. He soon started to get vocal.

“Ah, Matt, fuck your Dad, fuck your daddy! Stick it up deep into me, oh! Ah…hah…ah” he panted as he increased the tempo.

“Matt! Matt! Oh yes Matt! Give it to me, give me, give me! Oh! Give it all to Daddy! Fuck me ragged! Oh yes, shoot it up me! Give me your juices! Ah! AH! Ah…”


I clutched onto the bed sheets, perspiring to the point close to dehydration. The stir in my loins became more intense hearing Dad’s vocalisations. His words registered my brain — oh good lord, I’m fucking my Dad! But this all the more turned me on. There he was, fucking himself on me and demanding my cum up his chute. There was nothing else I could think of to show him, to prove to him how much I love him. I wanted to shoot it up him so bad.

“Give me son, OH! Give it to me! Oh fuck, you’re so big! So hard! Ah! Fuck me! Seed me! Ahh!!” he yelled.

As much as I wanted to seed him, I was conflicted myself for I wanted this to last. But his unfaltering pumping action threatened to send me over the edge all the time that I could not hold on to it any more. He slid himself down onto me one more time, hissing “Oh, Matt, fuck, SEED ME!” one last time before I blew my sticky load up his arse. Spurt after spurt, the strings of cum shot into him, sending his body into spasm as he received my love. He collapsed on me after I finished cumming.


We both lay there that way till we finally caught our breaths.

“Dad… You felt so good. Oh, it kept me hard knowing my juices are inside you…” I breathed as I thrust up onto him a few times.

A moan escaped his mouth. I knew he needed release, since he had yet to cum. I pushed him back, instantly flipping our positions.


“Let me take it from here, Dad. Time to let me show you my love”

I mounted him. I spanked and groped his firm arse cheek. He groaned deeply in response. My cock twitched upon hearing it. I moved down and took his balls in my mouth, sucking and licking it, making sure that it was completely wet. I started off gently, till I got frenzied. I sucked hard and fingered his hole, playing with my cum which was now flowing out from his arse hole. Oh, this turned me on so much. I started to feltch him and snowballed. He hummed in delight as I fed him my cum he had begged for.

I assumed his posture over me earlier on. I impaled myself on him just as he did and started to ride him like there was no tomorrow. Getting myself banged wasn’t enough. The sex, the fuck, wasn’t enough. I wanted to be deeper in him, I wanted him deeper in me. I rode him for a good 5 minutes, till he suddenly pushed me to my back hard, almost painfully, and pounded me wildly.


“Ah! Yes! Oh, Dad! Ahh…! Ah!! AH!!! Oh my God! Oh… Fuck me harder! Oh yes, oh! That spot! Harder! Deeper! Oh fuck, FASTER!”

He ploughed me with such a force that I thought I might die from the pleasure I was getting. He snorted, “Ugh! Ugh! Ah! M… Mmmm… Matt… I’m… I’m coming…” He pushed himself into me a few more time savagely and deeply coming exploding in my arse, filling me up with the warmth, the warmth I realised I crave. I was so in love with my Dad

He finished me off by jacking me off as his cock slowly softened and slipped out of my arse.


He feltched me and came up to kiss me deeply. We shared the cum eagerly. We broke off the kiss and stared into each other’s eyes intensely. We held onto each other, stroking each other affectionately for a while before we both drifted off to sleep.

Dad and I talked things that happened last night the next day and sorted out everything. I knew I was straight. I liked girls, like I always had, and take no interest in men. But it so happened that Dad was the only man whom I was really, really attracted to. We decided that we love each other a lot, not in the way that was normal for family members, but we still decided to keep this relationship going. No matter what, we shall be together.

Written by mtsuki


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