Feminized by My Father

I opened my eyes, blinked, yawned, closed them again.

I felt confused, disoriented in a way that was… strange. It wasn’t like waking up was supposed to be, I wasn’t half asleep. I can’t remember getting in the bed, in fact I can’t remember the last thing I remember. Where did consciousness end last? I was clueless.

I tired to move my body and I found it difficult. I could move though, I rolled over onto my stomach and opened my eyes, I was on the guest bed in the basement. Blinking didn’t clear the fuzz from the world, so I went ahead and tried to get out of bed. As I stood I felt an incredible weakness throughout my body, and I gasp as my legs gave out and I hit the ground.


“Oh son, I see your up.” My father’s voice, I try to say something back but can only mumble.

I feel his hands on my shoulders, turning me over, then picking me up. He lays me back on the bed, with my head near the side.

“Can you hear what I’m saying?” he ask.


I mumble.

“Great!” he sounds really excited.

His hand touches my face, rubs my cheek. I wonder what he is doing, its a very odd touch. It gets even stranger as he slips a finger into my mouth. I feel myself suck on his finger just a bit, my tongue pushes against it, a reflex to the invasion. I wonder if he is trying to check me for vitals or something.


“I think I used too much maybe…” he slaps my cheek, and begins to stroke my neck and face. He has large, powerful hands. The caress is strange, like he is fondling me.

I start to see clearly and when I try to speak it comes out.

“Wha… What’s going on Dad?”


“You don’t remember?” he looks surprised.

“No… what happened?”

“You woke up several times during the trip, once during the operation too, haha boy what a shocker, lousy third world doctors huh, I even explained this to you already twice.”


I coughed and swallowed, confused. “What?”

My dad took my hand and placed it on my stomach, it was then I realized I didn’t have a shirt on. I didn’t get what he was doing as he moved my hand lower. It hit me when he got to my groin that I had no body hair left. He left my hand there and reached down to my dick, rubbing my limp cock and stroking my balls. I stammered and mumbled but I didn’t even know what to say, I was beginning to panic.

Then the real shock hit me when he pulled my hand up and sat it on my left breast. I shouldn’t have breast!


My dad laughed.

“I should keep you drugged all the time just to see you relive this moment.”

I tried to sit up and my father pushed me back down, leaning over my body. I became aware that he had positioned his crotch right next to my face.


Letting go of me he reached down to the floor and picked something up. I gasped when he held the mirror up to my face. My lips were larger, I had several piercings, and my face had been painted up to look like a cheap whore.

“Your a cute little bitch son, it’s been killing me waiting for this these past few weeks.”

I shook my head and muttered, “No… no no no no no….”


My dad just laughed at me. I watched in horror as he unzipped his pants and pulled out his dick. It was inches from my face. I felt a shiver of fear run through my body.

His cock was about 6 inches, which is fairly standard I guess. I’m not the kind of guy to go online and look at cocks or try and figure out how big other guys are. I’d rather see as few other dicks in my life as possible, I certainly never dreamed I would be forced to service my fathers.

His cock was insanely thick though. I’ve heard a few people talk about cocks being as thick around as a beer can and I thought that was a joke, this was no joke though, I could feel it’s weight as he lay his huge cock on my cheek. His shaft was more oval then round, making it look much wider from below. The head was like the point of a spear on it, it gave me the impression of a hammerhead sharks. A ludicrous thought for me to have given the situation I guess.


I let out a sob as he adjusted my body so that my head lay off the bed. He then started rubbing his dick around my face, which I fruitlessly kept trying to avoid by turning my head. His dick was very soft on my cheeks, it gave me a sick feeling it my stomach when it brushed over my lips.

“Umm,” my father moaned “Tell me you little bitch, do you like to suck on your man’s balls before you take his cock?”

I reached up and tried to push him back with my arms, praying this humiliation would end, but my muscles were weak from weeks of disuse, and my father laughed as he simply pushed them aside with his strong hands. I noticed my nails had been painted pink, but I had bigger problems. I could smell the scent of his sweaty crotch as he moved forward and lay his nuts on my face, he put them right over my mouth.


“We better get something straight at this point son,” he said “I suppose it’s something every fella had to tell their whore, if you bite me; I am gonna fucking cut your balls off you understand? Hell that is the only reason I didn’t already have your balls removed, they are my gift to you for presumed good behavior. You misbehave, you lose ‘um understand?”

My world was reeling. Nothing seemed real anymore, and it wasn’t the drugs. My own father had drugged me, apparently taken me somewhere for some serious surgeries, and was about to rape me. I think I started to become disconnected then from what was happening. Reality though, and my fathers abuse, kept pulling me painfully back.

“Open you mouth.” he said.


I did it, I didn’t fight, couldn’t. I’d woken up into a nightmare, I could barely move, barely think, and I could see that my father had gone to serious lengths to do this to me. I didn’t want to see what he would do if I pissed him off.

His balls slipped into my mouth as I parted my lips. Just like that. It’s hard to believe, gravity just did the work for me of taking another man’s balls into my mouth. My father sighed and leaned forward a little more, allowing more of his sac to enter my mouth. It was just a hot moist sex toy for him. He wiggled them some and laughed. I wanted to throw up but my stomach acted like everything was fine. Shouldn’t the body realize the mind is screaming at it for a reason? How could it just lay here and be violated without putting up a fight?

“That’s a nice tongue you have sissy.” I stopped tonguing his balls when he said that. I hadn’t even realized I was doing it. I had often had that problem at the dentist though, my tongue just explores anything that gets put in my mouth, gave my dentist a headache. While I thought about this it I unconsciously began to lick his hairy nuts again. My heart sank as I realized my dad was going to enjoy this habit.


My dad laughed, he was really enjoying this, getting off on some sick desire to humiliate his own son. I had never suspected he was like this, who would I guess. How long had he been fantasizing about raping me? This couldn’t have come from nowhere, it must have built up over a long time.

He lifted his balls, now coated in my saliva from between my teeth and rubbed them around my face some, dragging his balls over my cheeks. Then he put the head of his dick on my painted lips. He lifted it up and smacked me with it a few times, the soft pat pat pat a horrible sound to my ears, but no doubt delighting him.

Then he turned and walked off. I heard him sit down on the couch. I blinked a few times, turning my head I saw him sitting there, stroking himself. I was confused, I had thought he was about to force me to suck his dick.


“Get up and head over to the dresser boy.” I gritted my teeth. The son of a bitch was going to make me humiliate myself by participating. I had been bracing myself to be a passive victim, but now I had to comply with his orders or call a bluff concerning the fate of my own balls. What else could I do?

I rolled out of the bed and stood. When my head begin to spin I dropped down on my knees and panted for breath, I would have to crawl. As I did so I could feel his eyes on my ass.

“Damn your sexy on your knee you little fag! I may have to make it a rule that you have to crawl all the time.” I could see him staring lustfully at me, how could this sick freak be my father?


I knelt by the dresser and looked back to him for my next order. “Look in the bottom drawer and pick yourself out a bra.”

I pulled it open and looked in, there was a wide assortment of bras, everything from modest to strings, comfortable to impractical. I shuddered as I pulled out a blue pair of lace trimmed demi bras. These seemed to cover more then some of the others. My tits were quite raw, my body hadn’t fully healed from the surgery yet and the skin was red in places, I noticed my nipples were extremely sensitive and became hard as the material rubbed on them while I struggle to get them on.

“Now the next drawer.” My father commanded.


Sighing, I pulled it out and found an equally nice collection of panties. Some freakish part of my own mind scanned for a matching set of panties to go with my top. As I slid them up my legs I noticed how nice they felt over my hairless ass. My cock, a traitorous creature, threatened to get hard. I tried to will it not to.

“God your such a sissy son, now crawl over here.”

My head down, I followed his command. The ten or so feet seemed like a long way to go. It wasn’t until my hair brushed his thigh that I looked up and came face to face with his cock once more. I licked my lips and breathed deeply, making eye contact with my father as he said,


“Now touch it.”

“Please dad, don’t make me do this!” I pleaded. “I- I don’t know why your doing this but can’t we talk about it? Come on just stop…”

“I didn’t ask you to beg son, now stroke me before I decide you need to be disciplined!”


I shook my head, “No dad! No! NO!”

I screamed as he grabbed my head and threw me on the floor.

“You useless little cunt! I’m gonna go easy on you because your still an inexperienced whore, but I’ll offer you some training.”


I tried to struggle but it was useless. I put all my strength into an attempt to get up and break free from his grasp but my body was just too weak. He easily picked me up and laid me over his lap.

I felt his hand roaming my body, he touched my tits, which were really sore, and fondled them through the bra. I winched at the pain. When he tweaked my nipples I felt my cock jump in my panties and the pleasure was almost worse then the pain.

Then he slid his hand into my underwear and squeezed my ass cheeks hard before pulling the panties down around my knees. I was bent over his legs, his erection stabbing my stomach, as he began to spank me.


“Ouch!” I cried out when the first blow fell.

“You like that slut?” he sneered at me and hit my ass again.

All in all a spanking wasn’t as bad as I’d feared, but it did what he wanted. I cried and struggled in his arms as he slapped my ass again and again, finally I lay my head down and just let him play with my body, my moment of defiance ended.


And then I was back on the floor, kneeling between his spread legs except now my ass was on fire.

“Where were we?” my dad ask in a gloating voice.

Meekly I reached out with my hand and gripped his shaft. My pink fingernails rubbed up and down it’s length, I admired the oval shape and it’s thickness in a perverse way, it was a beautiful cock. I put my thumb on the bottom and pressed down as I jerked his dick. The head felt so soft each time I raised my hand I gave it a gentle squeeze.


I took my thumb and rubbed the tip, spreading precum around his head. It was still a little dry though, and since I wanted him to go ahead and cum I spat in my hands and gripped his dick with both of them starting to jerk it faster and faster.

“That’s great son, your a natural slut. But we both know how you can make it better.”

I closed my eyes and steeled myself, there is nothing you can do, I told myself, just get it over with.


So I lowered my face and opened my mouth but before I could his hand stopped me.

“The balls first bitch.”

I wanted to groan and protest but I just tilted my head and adjusted my body before I began to lick his nuts. They were really hairy, and when he ordered me to rub my face all over his crotch I felt the wet hair dragging around my cheeks, it was sickening.


He gave me explicit instructions on how to please him,

“Kiss my left nut first… um I see you love it don’t you… now lick it slowly… twirl your tongue around them nuts. Okay take the left one into your mouth. Suck on it gently and pull away just a bit. That’s right. Now the other.”

I sucked his nuts for more then ten minutes until he had me working on them just the way his little fantasy whore should, then it was on to the big show.


“Now kiss my cock. Little kisses bitch, this is your lover here, you have to show it your appreciation.”

I planted little kisses up and down his dick, I hated him. I hated myself too, because with his huge member filling my vision, it’s scent all over my face, and the submissive position I was in I found myself becoming aroused. I didn’t enjoy it mind you, I hated it. The erection in my panties, and my urge to start jerking off while going down on my own father, filled me with shame.

My father was moaning as I licked up and down his cock. I hoped he would cum soon, but I worried when he did this wouldn’t be over, it was more then a simple rape, my mind was already considering what he could be planning for my future and there were no good scenarios.


My kissing progress to ‘french kissing’ as my dad called it. Then to licking up and down, then rubbing the cock on my mouth as I tongued it. When he told me to take him in my mouth it was almost a relief. The agonizingly prolonged foreplay was the worst part of the act.

As I lowered my lips over my father’s dick, the first cock to ever enter my mouth, I reached down and felt my own dick through my panties. As I’d feared I was dripping precum. I could taste my father’s precum on my tongue, their wasn’t anything unpleasant about it’s saltiness, it had a very mild flavor.

My father’s breathing was labored, I had worked him a long way toward orgasm already, sweat was running down his chest, which was well toned. He was a strong, handsome man, a lot of women were attracted to him… I shook my head, what was I thinking?


He was a big guy though, I felt his thighs with my fingers, they were nothing but muscle. My dad laughed as I shook my head with my mouth full of his dick. I guess he thought I was doing it for his benefit.

“Haha, you love that shit don’t you? Go on and play with it however you want slut. You were made for it.”

I reached up and began to pinch his nipples with one hand while cradling his nuts with my other. My lips slid up and down his thick shaft as fast as I could make them go. I gagged myself occasionally in my zeal to get it over with, but I may have done too good a job.


My dad became even more excited and then he pushed me off him. I fell back onto the floor as he straddled my chest, shoving his cock back into my mouth. I couldn’t do anything after that, I was a passive victim as he started fucking my face, I looked up into his eyes and I felt the helplessness wash over me. I lay there unable to do anything at all while another man got off by raping my throat.

I couldn’t help myself, I reached down and freed my dick from the panties, jerking it wildly. Then my dad came in my mouth, I started swallowing by reflex, my mouth sucking on his cock and drinking one spurt after another.

“Ohhh, drink that cum you fucking dirty whore! God your a slut, a little sissy cum slut.”


When he pulled out of my mouth and got off me I stopped jerking myself, without his cock in my mouth the urge left me somewhat, and I was embarrassed. My dad got up and walked off without saying anything.

After a moment I crawled to the guest bed. With an effort I managed to get up on it, I lay there trying not to think for about fifteen minutes, until I felt the bed shift and I looked down to see my dad climbing over me. His dick was hard again.

I raised my arms as if to ward him off and he grabbed them, using them to position me before lifting my legs up. When I felt his cock, covered with a cold jelly lubricant, touch my asshole I begged and pleaded incoherently. I knew it didn’t matter though. He was going to fuck me.


He pushed in slowly, my ass opening to him. I screamed in pain, it was horrible. I had never in my life felt a pain like that. My feet, hanging over my fathers shoudlers, quaked and shook with the convulsions that overcame my body.

Then I realized only the head was in.

My father kissed me on the neck, an obscene gesture to do to a rape victim I thought, and then he started to push in further. Inch by inch it entered me. I felt myself becoming full down there, a strange unnatural sensation that didn’t hurt as much as the initial entry. Once he bottomed out he held me down and just lay on top of me, my anus pulsed on the base of his dick.


In a few minutes the pain subsided and I lay there breathing slowly, my face inches from my fathers. I was shocked when I realized my arms were wrapped around his back. I didn’t removed them… I felt like I had to have something to hold.

My dad licked my neck and sucked on my ears… that felt good. I never knew have your ear sucked on was a pleasurable sensation but as he did it I felt my dick coming to life. When my dick was hard, pressed firmly against his chest, he starting thrusting in and out of my asshole. Some pain came back and I grunted. There was also some pleasure, and I found myself moaning.

I decided to just go with it then. I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t stop it, and it would be easier if I enjoyed some of the physical sensations right? So I squeezed my dad’s firm ass cheeks as he pounded his son’s sissy fuck hole.


“Your so tight son!” he said.

“Ugh…fuck dad… fuck you… God fuck me… fuck me harder…” My dad tilted my ass up so there was some space between our bodies and I grabbed my dick, jerking it as fast as I could.

My ass burned as my dad’s thighs slapped against the sore cheeks. I felt his nuts bouncing against my tight rear and his patch of pubic hair rubbing my balls. I was being taken like a bitch and loving the feel of being penetrated by my dad’s tool.


“You better hurry cunt,” my dad said “I’m gonna give your sissy ass it’s first load really quick.”

It was all to quick that his dick twitched in my ass and shot it’s load into me. Hot, gooey cum filled my insides and I screamed, I’m not sure what I screamed for or at, it just came out of me.

When my father pulled out I felt my orgasm, which had been fast coming, recede.


“No…” I muttered. I needed something…

I looked at my dad’s cock, cum hanging from the tip, and licked my lips…

My dad smiled at me, “You want to clean my cock boy?”


I nodded.

He moved up to my face and presented my open mouth with his cock. I inhaled it greedily. It’s half limp state made it all softness, the spongy head and shaft bent easily as I worked all over it with my tongue, cleaning off every bit of cum and sucking the last of it out the tip. I felt like a cheap slut. As I moaned with my mouth full of cock the feelings of shame and humiliation washed over me and I came, sticky cum coating my painted fingers.

My dad stood and started to walk off. I curled into a ball, the lust was gone from my mind as soon as my orgasm ended. The shame had no sexual pleasure attached to it now and I felt sick with myself, going along with my own rape.


Through my tears I saw my dad stop walking and put his hand to his chest. He made a funny noise I can’t describe, and then he headed for a pair of his pants in the corner. He pulled out a cellphone and flipped it open, but his body was suddenly rocked by some kind of spasm.

He fell down and writhed on the floor. Then I realized he was having a heart attack.

I crawled from the bed quickly and went after the dropped cell phone, picking it up I rolled away from his outstretched fingers.


I started to dial 911 but stopped. If I did that they would get here in time to possibly save him. Instead I propped myself up on the wall and waited with my fingers on the send button, just in case he recovered.

After he stopped moving I pushed it.

When I was well enough to stand in front of a mirror and talk to a doctor I discovered I had undergone radical treatments, more then I had first noticed on my face and body, as well as having started hormones. Reversing the process would be tough, and expensive.


My mother was shocked, but supportive, when I told her of my decision to go on living with the changes. She lived in another state, and I soon moved in with her, starting a new life. It was a long while before I worked up the nerve to go to a local gay club. My first night there though I saw the perfect guy.

“Hey,” I greeted him simply.

The man, much older then me, raised his eyebrows. “Well look at you!” he said smiling, eying my slutty outfit. “What can I help you with?”


I breathed deep, excited.

“You want to be my daddy?”

Written by YANKEE DAN




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