How My Dad Became My Daddy

Author’s note:

I love to get feedback and hear fantasies and real life experiences. I’ll share mine too. Thanks for reading!



“Your father and I are going through a little rough patch right now, that’s all.” My mom said. She looked like she was ready to get into a heavy discussion which was something I wasn’t ready for. All I’d asked was why my dad had been sleeping in the guest room for the last couple of weeks. “I guess there’s no point in hiding anything from you,” she said, “after all, you’re nineteen now. There was infidelity.”

“Really? Dad?” It didn’t seem right at all, I couldn’t picture it.

“Well yes, frankly, your father was cheating on me.”


“That’s crazy.” I said. “When? With who?”

“That doesn’t matter, it’s all over with now, but I am glad you brought this up because there is something about it that I feel you should know.” She cleared her throat and looked at her hands. “Your father was having an affair with a young man.”

The words she had spoken did not register. I actually thought I had misheard her. “What?” I said finally.


“Apparently it has been going on for a while. I only told you because I would hate for you to find out about it from someone else.”

“Dad… With a guy?”

“I’m afraid it’s true honey, though I wish it weren’t. We’re going to try to work through this, neither one of us wants a divorce.” She stood up and gave my arm a little squeeze and then said she was sorry and left me alone in the kitchen. I couldn’t believe it, I sat there stunned.


I heard a strange sound, and realized that it was me. I was laughing uncontrollably. I ran to my room and shut my door so my mom wouldn’t hear. The world was upside down. What was I feeling? Certainly not shame or embarrassment. I slowly realized I was feeling pride. My father, who worked on cars and drank beer and loved football was somehow, secretly, like me. For years I had been terrified that he would find out I liked guys, and here he was busy fucking some ‘young man’ as my mom had put it.

My mind finally settled on the mysterious young man. I knew it had to be Chris. He was a couple of years older than me and he lived up the street. We’d been friends when we were younger, but had grown apart in high school. Lately he’d been coming around quite a bit to ‘help out with the yard work’ for extra cash, but I hadn’t seen him since my dad started sleeping in the guest room. I was proud of my dad, but for some reason I was pissed off at Chris. I didn’t understand what I was feeling at all.

I had the perfect excuse to see him, he’d borrowed one of my shirts and hadn’t given it back. I sent him a text asking if I could come over and get it, and he said yes.


When I got there Chris led me to his messy room. There were heavy metal posters and piles of dirty clothes all over the place. He tossed me my shirt, which was freshly washed, and I stood there holding it and looking at him. “What?” He said.

“You’re a faggot.” I said. My voice was wavering.

“Look who’s talking,” he said, showing just a hint of anger, “I’ve seen the magazines in that box in your closet.”


“What? Fuck you! You went through my shit?”

“I was looking for a shirt to borrow and I found it by accident.”

“Yeah, right.” I said.


“It’s true.” He said. “And you shouldn’t throw stones if you’re living in a glass house. You’re just as much of a faggot as me, even if you are too chicken to act on it.”

“Fuck you, I’m not chicken.”

“Who do you think you are -coming into my house and calling me a faggot?”


“Okay, I’m sorry I called you that.” I said. “I just… I came over because I wanted to ask you about…” I couldn’t make my mouth say the words.

“Yes I had sex with your dad.” He said. “I sucked his cock and he fucked me in the ass, and it was fantastic. We must’ve done it a hundred times at least.”

“Shut up!”


“No, don’t be embarrassed. I want to tell you about it. Your dad has the most beautiful cock I’ve ever seen…”


“It’s thick and powerful. He loves to have his balls licked, and you know what else he loves?”



“He loves it when I call him daddy. I say ‘oh daddy, yes daddy, fuck me daddy!’ and he loves it. You know why?”

I was shaking all over and in spite of myself I could feel my cock growing. “Why?” I asked.


“Because, dumb-ass, he really wants to fuck you.”

“Shut up!” I said. “You’re making that up.”

“Why do you think I was always borrowing your clothes? He wanted me to be you. He used to call me Mike when we were fucking and I’d call him daddy. We used to do it in your room when you weren’t around. I’d put on your boxers and get in your bed and he’d play the bad-daddy, sneaking in in the middle of the night to force you to suck his cock.”


“No,” I said, “it’s sick.”

“If it’s so sick then why are you getting hard right now? Don’t try to hide it. Here, come sit.” He sat on his bed and nodded for me to sit next to him. Reluctantly I went over and sat down. “Why can’t you admit it’s what you want too? Those magazines in your closet, bear magazines, why do you think you chose them? They’re full of men that look like your dad. You even dog-eared the pages with guys that look the most like him. C’mon, just admit to me right now that you want your dad.”

I looked at my shoes. “I… I don’t know.”


“You do. And he wants you too, but he doesn’t want to pressure you. I even showed him your porno collection to prove to him that you were gay, but he still thought it would be wrong to make the first move. You need to be the one to make it happen. You’re entering a world of pleasure few people will ever know. I’d be jealous, but luckily I have my own daddy now.”

“I thought your dad left you guys a couple of years ago.” I said.

“He did, but your dad helped me track him down online. He’s living in Baltimore and he’s into the leather scene out there. We started emailing each other last year and it’s been getting sexier and sexier. I’m flying out to be with him next month. We’re in love.”


“That’s crazy.” I said.

“No, it’s beautiful. I’m telling you all this as a going away present for your dad. You need to save him from that cunt of a mother of yours.” He reached over and started rubbing my crotch.

“What are you doing?” I asked.


“Get it out for me.” He said.

“Look, Chris…”

“Do it.” Nervously, I opened my pants and pulled my boxers down, letting my cock spring up. He wrapped his hand around the base and squeezed. “Now say ‘oh daddy, yes daddy, fuck me daddy.” He commanded.



“Say it!”

“Oh daddy, yes daddy, fuck me daddy.” I said, almost whispering.


“Now close your eyes and picture him and say it again.” He slowly started to jack me off.

I shut my eyes. “Oh daddy, yes daddy, fuck me daddy.” I pictured him as I had seen him once, getting out of the shower. “Oh daddy, yes daddy, fuck me daddy.” In my mind he turned to get a towel. “Oh daddy!” I could see his long cock. “Yes daddy!” It was long and purple and dripping wet. “Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy!” I convulsed in a powerful orgasm that sent cum spraying everywhere. “DADDY!” I screamed.



He was out ahead of me on the trail and I had to struggle to keep up with him. I hadn’t been hiking in years and I was out of practice. It was a beautiful day and it seemed like we had the whole valley to ourselves. When I had told my mom that we were going camping she had been enthusiastic. “I hope it will remind your father how important his family really is to him.” She’d said. I told her I hoped it would too.

We stopped for a little water and rest and sat on a smooth rock. I said it was hot and took off my shirt and my dad said it was a good idea and took his off too. My breathing got shallow and my cock started to swell when I looked at the thick black hair on his chest that narrowed to a strip over his belly. He slapped me on the shoulder and smiled. “I’m so glad we could do this together Mike.” He said. “We haven’t done anything like this since you got all surly there in your teenage years.”

“I’m still a teenager.” I said.


“Only for a few more months.” He said. “But even after you turn twenty, I’ll still think of you as my boy.”

I felt myself blush. “I still feel like a little kid sometimes, living at home and everything.”

“Well, don’t worry about it, your mother and I aren’t in any hurry to get rid of you. Although she might be in a hurry to get rid of me.” He said.


I laughed a little. “Yeah, I noticed you’ve been staying in the guest room.” I said. “What’s she mad about?”

“Well,” he said, “I’ve been keeping secrets from your mom for awhile now and she just found out about one of ’em, that’s all. So now I’m in the guest room, sleeping in the bed I made for myself.”

This was as big an opening as I could’ve hoped for, so I jumped in. “What kind of secrets dad?”


He shrugged. “I’m sorry I have to admit it son, but I was cheating on your mother.”

“Oh.” I said. I was hoping he’d say more. “I have a secret too.” I blurted.

He looked at me curiously. “Really? What’s that?”


I looked up at the treetops. “I like guys.” I said. After a pause my father laughed long and hard. “What? What’s so funny?” I asked.

“Mike, I’m your father, I already knew that. I’d had my suspicions, and then a couple of months ago I found those magazines you keep in your closet.” He laughed again. “I suppose you though your old-man would be pretty disappointed huh?”

“Yeah.” I said.


“He patted me roughly on the back. “It’s okay son, doesn’t bother me a bit. You do whatever you want.”

“It really doesn’t bother you?”

“Hell no.” He said. “A generation ago being gay was considered an aberration, it was even illegal. Now it’s accepted. A generation from now things that we think of as heavy taboos will be better understood and will be accepted too. I think any relationship between two consenting adults is fine.”


“I agree.” I said. “But it’s too hot to have a philosophical conversation. We should get back on that trail.”

Okay, but we should put on some sunscreen first.” He said, digging into his pack and coming out with a bottle. He squirted some on his hands and then tossed it to me. He started rubbing it into his shoulders and chest and my cock strained at the front of my jeans. I was afraid he’d notice, so I stayed seated while I rubbed some on my shoulders and forehead. I tried not to stare at my dad.

“Here, do my back.” He said, turning his back to me. I took the opportunity to adjust and then squirted more sunscreen on my hands. I started rubbing it into his back, along his shoulders and down between his shoulder blades and around the small of his back. “Ahh. That’s nice.” He said. My hands were trembling. “Here, get up and turn around, I’ll do you.”


He squirted the cool lotion directly onto my back and started rubbing it in roughly. His hands felt huge as they went up and down and back and forth. His fingertips flirted with the waistline of my pants and then he slapped my ass hard. “All done.” He said. I shuddered.

By the time I recovered he’d put the sunscreen away and was waiting for me. “You take the lead for awhile.” He said.

I got my pack on and started up the trail, dizzy with horniness. As we hiked I got up the nerve to swish my ass a little bit. He was behind me and I thought that if I did it well enough, he might slap my ass again. I longed to feel him slap my ass again. I got more and more bold with my swishing as the afternoon went on.


We decided to stop for lunch in a nice shady area with a fallen tree to sit on. We took off our packs and stretched out. “I gotta take a leak.” He said. He walked a few feet away and unzipped his pants. I heard his piss hitting the ground and I stared at his back, wishing I could somehow get a look at his dick. As if he could hear my thoughts he shook off and turned around before he put it back in his pants. It was thick and dark and curved off to the side. I thought he was semi hard, but he put it away before I could tell for sure. I couldn’t help staring, but it only lasted a second.

We ate our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches talking about the weather and the country we’d seen. “It’s amazing that we haven’t seen anyone else on the trail all day.” I said.

“Very few people know about it. That’s why I like to come up here.”


“So you think we’re all alone?”


“You remember how you told me you and uncle Ray used to hike?”


“Nude? Now that’s fun.” He said.

“We should go for it.” I said.

He looked at me with a wicked smile. “I’m game.” He said. “But if we hear someone coming down the trail, we gotta hide quick.”


“Okay.” I took one last sip from my canteen and stood up. “This is exciting.” I said. He stood too, and we looked at each other nervously. My cock was hard so if I took my pants off it would be pretty obvious I was horny for him. I realized he might be more nervous than I was. I knew he wanted to fuck me, but he might still be a bit uncertain.

This oughta clear up any doubts for him, I thought, pulling my pants and boxers off. I stood there completely naked and at full attention in front of my father. I saw his eyes glaze over with lust.

“Wow, you really are excited.” He said. I bit my bottom lip and nodded. “Get your shoes on, we can’t hike barefoot.”


I started getting my shoes on as my daddy pulled off his pants and then his boxers. I saw that his thick tool was curving out and up as I tied my shoes. It took all my concentration because I could barely control my hands. All I wanted to do was stare.

My daddy slipped his shoes back on and stuffed his pants in his pack. I got mine ready too and by the time I looked up he was a ways out on the trail. I raced to catch up, getting glimpses of his cute ass before he disappeared around switchbacks or curves. As I hiked after him the whole situation seemed less and less real. It was like a dream being totally naked, out in the wilderness with my father leading the way.

I don’t know how long it had been, maybe two hours or maybe twenty minute. I’d lost my dad around a bend and when I came to the other side I heard his voice. “Ssst.” He said. “Get over here, someone’s coming!” He was about ten feet off the trail, behind a tree. I ran to him, and he grabbed me and pulled me back there with him. “Take your pack off.” He whispered, pulling it off me and tossing it behind some bushes.


“Someone’s coming?” I whispered.

“Shh!” He said. “Get in close or they’ll see you.” He pulled me up against the tree and our bodies pressed together. I thought I was going to pass out when I realized his cock was hard and it was pressed against mine. The feeling of his chest hair against my chest sent my heart pounding in my ears.

“Dad?” I said.


“Shh, listen.” He whispered. “They’re coming down the trail, stay still.” He held me in place with his strong arms. My cock moved against his and I couldn’t help making a small cooing sound.

“Shit, they’re going to see you.” He said. “Get down.” He shoved me to my knees. I grabbed onto his thigh for support and took in the sight of his cock, an inch away from my face. It was purple and thick and it seemed to be straining upwards. It had thick veins and there was precum dripping down the underside of its swollen head.

I looked up at him. “Daddy?” I said.


He put his hand on my head. “You know what I want.” He said. “And you’re going to give it to me.”

“Is there really someone coming?”

“No.” He said. “Now be a good boy and do what you’re told.”


I took hold of his thick tool and put its blunt tip between my lips. I tongued the wet cleft, French kissing the swollen head of my fathers cock. I got saliva dripping down the shaft and then started slowly jacking him off. I looked up at him and whimpered as his cock grew stronger and thicker in my hands. I put my hot mouth around the head and sucked it all the way in, until I felt it hit the back of my throat. I clamped my lips down and slurped all the way out, and then back in and out again and again, getting faster and feeling every inch of his meat pounding in and out of my mouth.

I went back to slowly jacking him off and looked up at him. “Oh daddy.” I said. “This is so wrong. Why are you making me do this?”

“Because it’s what I want.” He said, gently smacking his cock against the side of my face. “And you’re a good boy. You want to make your daddy happy, right?”


“Yes.” I said.

“Than it’s what you want too.”

“Is it wrong?”


“Yes.” He said. He gripped the back of my head and forced his cock into my mouth. I worked my tongue and lips as he raped my face, and soon I felt a spasm and a burst of hot semen filled my throat. I swallowed as another jet erupted. I thought I was going to drown in my daddy’s cum, but I just kept swallowing and swallowing. I realized that I was coming too, and I hadn’t even touched myself.

He yanked me up to my feet and held me in place. “Do you realize what you just did?” He asked.

“I, I sucked your cock.” I stammered.


“You sucked your daddy’s cock. Say it!”

“I sucked my daddy’s cock.”

“You swallowed your daddy’s cum.”


“I swallowed your cum daddy,” tears were coming down my face, “and I loved it! I want more!”

“You want to be daddy’s cum-slut?”

“Yes, oh yes.” I said.


“Beg me.”

“Oh please make me your cum-slut daddy, PLEASE! I’ll do anything you want daddy. I’ll be the best son in the world, and you can use me for your pleasure! I want you to fuck me all the time. I need your cock daddy, I need your cum! Please tell me I can be your cum-slut daddy, please!”

He pressed my face against his and slid his tongue into my mouth. My whole body felt weak. When the kiss was over he told me to get my pack because we had to make the campsite before it got dark. He slapped my ass as I walked away. “That belongs to me now.” He said. My cock was throbbing hard again.


We made it to the campsite as the sun was dipping below the tree line. It was getting cold so we both put on sweatpants and went about setting up the tent and collecting firewood. By the time we’d gotten it going it was dark. We roasted hotdogs and talked about how things were different between us now, and would never be the same again. He said we would always have the old times, when we had a wholesome father/son relationship, but that now we were on a sexual adventure together, a secret mission to explore new realms of pleasure.

“We’ve already crossed the line.” He said. “No sense in holding anything back now.”

“That’s right.” I said. “And that’s why I want you to know that I’m your sexual slave. I want to be used, and I want you to use me. Rape me, beat me, piss on me, fuck me, whatever you want is what I want. I exist only to please you now daddy.”


He put his arm around me and gave me a tight squeeze. “You know just what to say to your daddy, huh? You must’ve been reading my mind. Now take off those sweats and get in the tent. Daddy’s gonna fuck you now.”

I pulled off my shoes and pants and climbed into the tent. Dad came in with the flashlight, and set it down pointing up so it’s light reflected off the green fabric of the tent, giving everything a strange glow. He took his boots off, and then his sweats. I was lying on my back, looking at his hulking mass and his fat dark cock. His pubic bush was thick and black and I fought the urge to grab my own cock and relieve the pressure I was feeling.

He must’ve sensed this because he lay on his side, next to me, and took my hard dick in his hand. He was propped up on an elbow and he whispered in my ear, asking me if I liked sucking his dick earlier. I said yes. “And did you like eating up your daddy’s cum?”


“I loved it.” I said.

“You want more?”

“I want it in me.” I said.


“Tell me what you want.” He said.

“I want you to fuck me daddy, I need it.” He must’ve known I was about to cum because he let go of my cock.

“Beg me.” He said.


“Please fuck me daddy, please fuck me… Fuck me hard! I need it daddy, I need it so BAD!”

He stuck his two middle fingers in my mouth and commanded me to suck. “Get them nice and juicy.” He said. He took his fingers out and cupped his hand in front of my mouth. “Spit.” He said. I spit in his hand and he reached down spread the spit up my ass-crack. He held his hand up to my mouth again. “More.” He said. He put this batch right onto my anus and pressed the tip of his middle finger into me. I spread my legs wide and tried to relax as he pushed his finger in deeper. “You’re so tight.” He said. “Are you a virgin?”

“Yes daddy. I’ve been saving myself for you.”


He leaned over and gave me a hot kiss as he slipped another finger in me and started finger banging my ass, deep and rough. I threw my arms around him and screamed with pleasure as he continued to pound my asshole.

I put my head on his hairy chest and pulled my knee up to give him full access to my cherry bud. He had me cradled like a baby and I gently ran my fingers over his cock which was throbbing between us. I couldn’t imagine that something so big could ever fit inside me. He pulled his fingers out of me and commanded me to suck it. “Get it nice and wet for poppa.”

I crouched in front of him and greedily slurped his cock into my mouth. It was like solid steel and I could taste the salty precum that was dribbling out of the bulbous head. I could feel it straining in my mouth and hands as I jacked and sucked and licked my daddy’s tool. I felt as if I were having a terrifying dream that I never wanted to end.


I ran my tongue up the underside of his shaft, lingering at the cleft under the head of his cock. I was gently cradling his balls and they felt so good in my hand that I decided to get down there and take them into my mouth. Dad loved it and let out a loud groan. He sat back, giving me full access to his furry, thick ball sack which I was coating with my saliva. My tongue probed down the underside of his scrotum and flirted with his taint. He leaned back further, an invitation I readily accepted.

My tongue found his anus and I could feel it contracting and relaxing. I licked all the way around it before plunging directly in and slurping and lapping at his asshole like a doggy. “Ahh, yeah.” He said. “Clean your daddy’s ass baby, lick it up good.” He reached down and spread himself, giving me fuller access. I rammed my tongue in deeper, burying my face between his cheeks. If he had shit right then, I wouldn’t have cared in the least. That’s how devoted I was to my daddy at that moment.

He grabbed me by the hair and pulled me up, planting his wet lips on my mouth. I threw my arms around him. “You’re the best daddy in the world!” I said. He just laughed and told me to get on my hands and knees.


“You’ve had this coming for a long time now.” He said. He squirted some of the sunscreen onto his cock and spread some up my crack. I shook my ass for him and looked back over my shoulder. He laughed and slapped my ass hard, and then I felt the tip of his cock pressing into me. He was going painfully slow, so I pushed back and felt his cock head enter. The only thing I’d ever had up my ass was the handle of one of my mom’s hairbrushes, and this was much, much bigger. I tried to relax but his cock head felt as big as a fist.

I didn’t think I could do anymore, but he kept pressing. I whimpered and then let out a scream and he stopped. I took a couple of deep breaths, wondering how people could do this, but then the onslaught continued. The pain got worse as he pushed his way up inside me. Finally I felt his pubes against my ass and I realized he was in me to the hilt.

As he slowly began to pull out I could feel every inch of his hard, thick, curved cock, and I felt a wave of electric energy. I knew that I wanted to feel it back where it was, back to the gorgeous hilt. He pulled about halfway out and then started pushing back in, too slow for me, so I slammed my ass back and squealed with delight as his balls slapped me. Now he started fucking me for real, pumping me, plowing me, and slapping my ass as he did.


“Oh daddy yes!” I shouted. “MORE DADDY! HARDER, FUCK ME HARDER DADDY! Oh I need it I need it so bad! Fuck me daddy, fuck me daddy, FUCK ME DADDY!”

He pulled his cock out to the head and then impaled me on it, and then did it again and again. I was blubbering and screaming with joy as he porked my ass. Finally he pulled out and told me to turn over. “I’m going to fuck you like a bitch now. Like a little bitch in heat.”

I pulled my knees up to spread my butthole for daddy. “Yes daddy, yes!” I said as his cock probed into me. “I’m your little bitch in heat. Fuck me. Make me your little slut.” His rock hard tool was all the way up inside me and he leaned forward and kissed me hard. He pulled my legs up further, rolling me into a fuck-ball of quivering pleasure. He began pounding me mercilessly, as he French-kissed my panting mouth.


“You’re daddy’s little cum-slut now.” He whispered in my ear.

“Yes yes yes!” I said. His cock suddenly jumped and throbbed and I felt the hot spasms of cum filling up my guts. I wanted more and more and more and more, and he kept pumping it into me. He reached down and took my cock in his hands and I sprayed cum all over both of our bellies and chests. “Oh daddy I’m in heaven.” I said.

“I know baby, I am too.” He pulled his cock out of my cum-filled asshole and lay down next to me. I was breathing heavy but I felt lighter than air, as if I was having an out-of-body experience. I started to giggle and soon it turned into a laughing fit. My daddy started laughing too. Our little tent in the wilderness was rocking with laughter that night, and it was the first of many happy, joyous nights with my beautiful daddy.



-Oh by the way, turns out my mom and dad are getting a divorce. Guess who I’ll be staying with? Sometimes life is just too sweet.

Written by vleb


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