A Son’s Question Ch. 01

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  • A Son’s Question Ch. 01

It all started one day after he had gotten home late after his eighteenth birthday party. He had just walked into his father’s house trying to keep from waking him up, knowing that if he did he would catch holy hell. As he was slowly slinking up the steps he heard a series of low moans coming from his father’s room. James didn’t think anything of it because his father had brought home women he dated before and had sex with them. Then he realized that it’s was only one voice coming from his father’s room and he decided to investigate. When he slowly cracked the door open he saw a sight that he would cherish for the rest of his life. He saw his dad completely nude and his nine inch dick with its glistening, purple head slowly being stroked by his father’s hands. Without his dad being aware of him he slowly put his hand down his pants and slowly started to jack himself off in rhythm to his father. As his father speed up he speed up and they ended up shooting their hot, sticky wads of cum all over the place. James realized that his father was getting up to wash off, and then he quickly went up to his room to strip and jump in bed so if his father checked it would seem like he had been there. The next morning James got up to eat some breakfast and he saw his dad in just a pair of boxers and an old shirt just like every morning only this morning James’s cock jumped and quickly became hard at the thought of that purple head he saw last night. His dad realized that something was bothering him.

“What’s wrong my boy?” asked his father.

“Nothing dad.” “Do you remember when we were able to tell each other anything?” asked James


“We’re still like that son, nothing has changed.” replied his father

“Well, okay then I have something to ask you.” “Have you ever had gay sex of any kind?” asked James nervously.

“I did have it several times in college…Why do you ask son?”


“I ask because I saw you last night blow your load all over your room”

“I see.” “Did you like what you saw?” asked his father.

“Very much so.” James gushed


“Would you like to do it yourself?” asked his dad.

“You would let me?” asked James hopefully.

“Of course it’s your choice.” replied his dad.


“Let’s do it.” said James. After James said this they both went up to James’s father’s room. Darrin, James’s father led James to the king size bed and slowly laid him down all the while taking James’s shirt off. When Darrin had got James’s shirt off he started to work on his pants. James had hoped for this to happen so he was not wearing any underwear. Darrin gasped has his son’s eight and half inch cock popped free of it’s prison of cloth. After Darrin had finished taking James’s clothes off James started taking his father’s off. He started with his shirt and he was amazed at his father’s toned body. He still had a six pack even though he getting close to forty-five years old. James quickly got his mind back to the matter at hand though and slipped his father’s boxers down his legs and flung them across the room. James once again was speechless at his father’s glistening coke. Once all the clothes were off Darrin started to passionately kiss his son on the mouth, and as he was doing this he was rubbing his hands all over James’s body making him start to moan. Darrin then started to move his lips down James’s body paying attention to his nipples and hard abs. Then he reached James’s cock. Darrin’s tongue started to rotate around James’s sack and around his head. This almost proved too much for James as he could barely hold in his seed.

“Suck me dad, please.” moaned James. His dad complied and he wrapped his lips around James’s head and slowly moved up and down increasing speed with each downward movement. This proved too much for James to handle and he blew a huge wad of cum into his father’s mouth which he promptly swallowed. After the best blowjob he had ever had was over he flipped spots with his father. James was a little more impatient than his father and just went straight to Darrin’s cock and wrapped his lips around his purple head and started to deep throat his father all the while swirling his tongue around his head. James felt his father’s cock twitch and knew that what was coming and he took all of his father’s seed and swallowed it all. After this both of them collapsed on Darrin’s bed and just laid for a while playing with each others cocks.

Then James asked, “Can we do this some other time dad?”


“Of course my son, of course and more” replied his dad mischievously. After that somewhat mysterious response he started to kiss his son and told him to go to sleep and that he would wake him up later.

Written by Jayhawker12



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