Father & Son Realise What They Need

Hi, I’m Karl, I live in Newcastle with my parents (Alan and Caroline) and go to university. I am 19 years old and heterosexual, or so I thought…

I first started looking at girls when I was around 13 or 14, I had a few girlfriends but they were only high-school girlfriends, the type of relationship that last a week or two then ends. I think the longest I had ever been with somebody was four and a half weeks. The girls that I liked were always slim and wore a lot of makeup. As I grew older I became more interested in my school work and gave up on relationships, although I still got horny. My nightly routine would be; go home get showered, changed, go out with my friends for an hour or so then go back home and study. When I had finished studying I would jerk off to some porn on the internet. I loved porn with busty blondes and always more than one man. I knew I liked men but I didn’t want to admit it. However one night I decided I would try out the “gay” side of me.

I knew what I was going to do that night. The night went on as it did any other night, I came in from university, had a shower then got changed, I went out with my friends for an hour then went home. When I eventually got home I realised that I didn’t have any studying to do. I walked into the living room where my parents were watching the TV.


“Had a good night son?” asked my dad.

“Yeah, it was good, but tonight I don’t have any studying to do so I’m just going to sit in here with you for a while, is that alright?”

“Yes dear, you know you can sit with us anytime you want.” my mother said


“Thanks mum.”

I smiled at her and started to watch the TV, I soon got bored, it was a cooking programme and I didn’t really like that sort of thing. I went into my bedroom and realised that I was getting a little horny, I got out my laptop and set it down on my bed. I got up and closed the curtains, when they were closed I shut my door and started to take off my clothes. I looked at myself in the mirror as I slowly pulled off my shirt and unzipped my pants, I stood naked examining my body. I looked at my body from head to toe and picked out the things that I liked about myself; tall, dark hair, smooth toned body, hairy muscular legs and feet that are not to big and not to small. I then focused on my crotch; trimmed tidy pubic hair, loose scrotum and a four and a half inch flaccid penis. I loved the fact that I had a big penis and I knew that I was bigger than most of the guys in my class. When in the showers there was only one of the guys that was bigger than me, he was called Jamal. As far as I know his dad was black and his mother was white, fortunately he had been blessed with a big penis, he was at least five and a half inches long and he was a bit thicker than me too. This didn’t bother me though because I still had a big dick and all of the guys on my football team knew it. I was still looking in the mirror at my dick when I heard a knock on the door;

“Don’t come in, I’m getting changed, just speak to me while you’re out there I can still hear you.”


“Ok, I just wanted to ask you, did you have something to eat while you were out with your friends or do you want me to cook something for you now?” came my mothers reply.

“Oh, I had something when I was out, I hope you don’t mind?”

“That’s fine darling, if you get peckish later I’ll make you a sandwich ok?


“Yeah mum, that would be great, thanks”

“No problem”

Is it just me, or do parents always come up to your bedroom at the wrong time? Anyway, I walked over to my bed (still naked) and sat down in front of my laptop. I connected it to our wireless internet and went onto my favourite porn site, just like I normally do. The only thing that was different this time was, when I went into categories, instead of clicking on group, I clicked on the one just before it which read Gay. A buzz immediately ran through me as the thumbnails showed men sucking, fucking and cumming. I felt my cock stir and I knew that I liked it. The first video was called “Bareback dreaming.” I liked the sound of the title so I clicked on it, it started off with a man lying in his bed asleep, the camera then focused on the door and another guys came in, they were both gorgeous, I couldn’t wait to see what happened next. The guy that came through the door went over to the still sleeping guy and started to stroke his chest, he then pulled down the sheets and stroked what was hidden in the briefs. I grabbed my dick and started a nice steady rhythm, by now I was completely hard, my full nine inches felt good in my hand as I steadily pulled up and down. Meanwhile in the video the guy had woken up and was sucking the other guys dick, this was great, it was so much more exciting than straight porn. It was just getting into the bareback part and I knew I couldn’t hold off any longer, less than a minute later I started shooting my load, six hot jets of cum came rushing out of my big hard dick, it felt so good. I cleaned the cum off my bed and went to have my second shower of the night. When I was finished in the shower I went back into my bedroom and fell into a long deep sleep.


A few months went by and this routine carried on. I loved the porn at first but then it started to get boring. I didn’t tell my friends that I liked man on man action but I told them that I was bored of porn and asked them if they had any suggestions what I could do to get myself off instead. One of them told me I should try out c2c, at first I laughed and told him that wasn’t going to happen. I was told I could meet up with somebody or even get a girlfriend, I didn’t like any of these suggestions but when I got home I changed my mind. When I got home I sat with my parents for a while then went to my room. I remembered my friend telling me to do a c2c, when I started thinking about it I stated to think it was actually a good idea. The first thing I did was set up a fake Hotmail account it didn’t take long, just under five minutes. I then found a free gay chat room and sent a message to everybody in it

“19 year old guy here. I’m gay and have a nine inch cock anybody interested in c2c with me?” At first I didn’t get a reply but then I got a private message saying

“I’m a 39 year old man, I’m in good shape and have a 10 inch dick, are you interested?”


It didn’t sound very appealing, he was the same age as my dad! I sat there for about a minute then replied,

“Yes I am interested, here is my e-mail, add me” I sat for about five minutes and I got a little message saying that he had added me, did I want to accept? I clicked accept and opened a conversation. I started to talk to him;

“So, you’re 39?”


“Yes, and you’re 19?”

“Yeah, where are you from?”

“Newcastle, you?”



“Oh, so what’s your name then?” I already knew the answer to this because it said “Alan says:” but I was making conversation and I thought this was a good way to do it.

“Alan, and what’s your name?”



“So, what do you work as?”

“I’m a manager at a bank, and what about you?”


“Oh, I’m still at university, I’m studying to be a doctor.”

“Sounds nice, hope I’m not being to pushy but I’m really horny can I put my cam on?”

“Yeah, go ahead, I hope you don’t mind but this is my first time doing this so can I just watch for a while?”


“Yes, take all of the time you need.”


What I seen next almost gave me a heart attack, the camera finally connected and it was focused on the mans body, he was telling the truth he was in shape. He then moved the camera down to his crotch, he already had his cock out and it was growing, when it reached its full length it looked like it should have been in a porno. He wasn’t lying he really was 10 inches long and thick. He stood up and I saw my parents bedroom, it suddenly all added up, 38 years old, in Newcastle, a bank manager and the same bedroom as my parents. I was watching my father jerking? I felt sick at the thought and quickly turned the camera off. He sent me a message saying;


“What is wrong? Have you got cold feet?”

I didn’t know what to write, I turned my computer off and tried to get to sleep. It was almost impossible, I kept dreaming about him. I know this sounds wrong but I actually liked what I saw. I wanted to see it in real life but I couldn’t do that to my dad, it would kill him to know that it was me he was talking to. I decided I would spend some time alone with my dad and ask him a few questions.

The next day I told my friends that I wouldn’t be going out with them that night, when I got home I went straight into the kitchen where my dad was eating his dinner.



“Yes son.”

“Can I ask you a question?”


“Of course, you know you can ask me anything.”

“This is really hard for me to say this but, I’ve been having these feelings towards men and I was wondering whether or not you have ever had feelings towards men?”

“Oh god, I wondered if this day would come.”


“How could you possibly wonder if this day would ever come?”

“Because when I was your age I went through the same thing, what I am telling you now can never be repeated, am I understood?”



“Ok, like I said I had the same feelings when I was your age, but I decided to ignore them and live a normal life. I did think about being gay but your grandma and granddad always told me that they couldn’t wait to have grandchildren, I couldn’t let them down could I? That’s when I met your mother, at the time she was so beautiful, when we eventually got together I didn’t think about being gay again. When she gave birth to you I had done what my parents wanted of me so I started messing around with a few of my friends when we were drunk, we never got as far as sex but I’ve been told that I give a good hand job. Anyway, it’s funny you should ask this now, I just started thinking about it again the other day, that’s a bit weird don’t you think?

“Dad I have to tell you, I can’t do this to you, please don’t be upset, I didn’t know.”

“What is it son?”


“I’m really embarrassed talking about this but it has to be said, last night I know you were in a gay chat room, then you went on to do c2c with some guy.”

“How do you… It was you wasn’t it? It all fits 19, Newcastle and studying to be a doctor.”

“Yes dad, I had no idea until you stood up and I could see your room.”


“I’m so sorry son, if I knew I wouldn’t ever have done it. How could I ever make it up to you?”

At this point I noticed the bulge in his suit pants.

“You do know I can see that right?”


“Well there’s no point in hiding it is there? You’ve already seen it hard without clothes so it doesn’t really matter does it?”

“The weird thing is dad, I’m getting hard just looking at it.”

“Are you being serious or are you just messing me around?”


“No I’m being serious, I hate to ask you this but do you mind taking it out? Like you said, I’ve already seen it so what’s the harm?”

“I don’t know son… If I did it would make this whole situation illegal.”

“Yeah you’re right just forget it, we’ll pretend that we’ve never had this conversation.”


I picked up his empty plate and put it in the dishwasher, when I turned around my dad was stroking his hard cock through his pants.

“Who said I don’t like illegal?”

With that he unzipped his pants and let out his hard cock, it looked even better now than it did on the camera last night. He started stroking it, it’s funny he reminds me of an older me.


“So you like my dick?”

“No dad I think I love it”

“Well come on, this is the second time you have seen mine and I haven’t seen yours since you were a child”


“Are you sure we should do this?”

“Who’s going to find out Karl?”

I slowly unzipped my pants and my rock hard cock came out like a compressed spring. I looked at my dads dick then at mine, I only had a couple of years left for my dick to reach maximum length and I hoped mine would be the same size as his.


“Wow, you look just like I did when I was your age, I wonder if you feel the same.”

With that he reached out and grabbed my dick, he started stroking me and there’s no denying it, my father’s hand really felt good pumping my hard dick.

“Dad anybody could see us in here, mum doesn’t get in for another hour can we go to your room?”


“Yes son, that’s a good idea.”

When we got into my parents bedroom my dad took off his suit jacket, then his shirt and eventually his pants, I was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing any underwear, I decided to point this out.

“Dad you aren’t wearing underwear”


“Oh , I know, underwear doesn’t feel right to me, I’m not bragging here but my dicks that big when I get a hard on it feels like I’m being castrated.”

“Yeah, I’m not surprised, you’re huge!”

“You’ll be just like this one day son and it feels oh so good.”


“I bet it does, do you mind if I feel it?”

“Son, whatever you want, I’ve grabbed yours, feel free to suck it bite it, anything as long as it doesn’t hurt I don’t care”

I motioned for him to lie on the bed and I knelt down on the bed next to him. I slowly rubbed my hands on his smooth muscled pecks, they felt great they were so hard and wet from his sweat. I put my head next to his ear and whispered


“I love you dad.”

Before he could answer I swooped down and kissed him passionately, I had my tongue in his mouth and he put his in mine, I was in heaven. This was much better than porn. We put out arms around each other and kissed for another minute or so. I broke the kiss and went down to his big uncut cock, there was pre-cum drizzling out of the big bulbous head and it was dripping onto his lower chest. I first licked it of his chest, it tasted exactly like mine did warm and salty. I then went for his cock, I kissed his swollen head and then licked from the top to the bottom, he let out a long groan. I looked at his balls they were big and in the perfect proportion to his dick, I cupped them in my hand and they almost filled it completely, I began rolling the left one (his right) in my fingers and thumb. It felt really good rolling around in his loose scrotum. I done exactly the same to the other one then started sucking them, one at a time I sucked and rolled them around my mouth. He was groaning pretty loud now, I was surprised the neighbours weren’t knocking on our door. I grabbed his cock and rolled back his foreskin, I licked his purple head and squeezed for more pre-cum, sure enough, more came and I eagerly licked it off. Next I sucked his head into my mouth and drained him of any remaining juice, I was just about to go down when he thrust forward hard, I gagged a bit but we both ignored it. I could get about half of it in, when I tried more I gagged and stopped, my dad was pleased with what I was doing and offered to do the same for me, I accepted his offer and rolled onto my back. He knelt down beside me and did for me what I had done for him, he played with my balls and teased my head then started the sucking. He got bout two inches more of me in his mouth than I had with him, this was much better than any girl I had been with. I was going to cum I knew it but I didn’t want it to end;

“Dad I’m going to cum, stop.”


“Do you not want to cum yet?”

“No I want you inside of me first.”

“Are you sure about this? This is the first time you’ve done something like this, I tear your ass open”


“I have some lube in my bedroom can you go and get it it’s in my bottom drawer underneath my underwear.”

“Ok, just a sec.”

My dad returned with lube in one hand and his cock in another. I turned over for him and he lubed up one of his fingers, he slowly pushed into my ass, oh god I had wanted somebody’s finger in my ass for months. He told me he was going to put more fingers in one at a time to try and get me used to the size of his dick. When he had three fingers inside of me, I couldn’t wait any longer;


“Dad I’m ready”

“Ok son, it will hurt when the head goes in but after that it’s plain sailing.”

“Ok dad”


“I found condoms in your drawer with your lube do you want to use them?”

“Do you have any STIs or STDs?”



“Then there’s no need for condoms, as long as you go slow you can take me bare.”

“I will never hurt you son, I’ll stop if it does.”



With that said he lined his head up with my hole, he rubbed the head up and down then after five or six times he pushed at my entrance. I groaned with the pain but I think he done the best thing, the head was in now so there wasn’t as much pain after this. He pushed some more and the pain grew even more, I didn’t want to tell my dad, it was hurting but I could bear it. He kept pushing about an inch in then stopping. I knew it was all in when I felt his big balls resting against mine.

“you did it son, you took it all”

I was speechless, this felt so good, I couldn’t even reply I just groaned and groaned. He started fucking me slowly, in and out, I could feel his balls hitting mine and I loved it, he got to a point where he was comfortable and so was I then he moved in and out in a steady rhythm. When he had been going for about five minutes he started getting faster, not very fast, but fast enough. He pulled out and told me he wanted to see my expression, I rolled onto my back and lifted my legs up, again he climbed into me and did the same as last time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better he took my cock and started jerking me. After about a minute I was going to cum and I had to take his hand off my cock. If I came now I wouldn’t want to finish.


“Why did you take my hand away?”

“Because I nearly came.”

“That’s ok, we can cum together, I’ll still jerk you off and you tell me when you’re going to cum when you do I’ll get ready and we can cum at the same time ok?”



He reached down a took my cock into his hand again, two minutes later I was there just about to blow my load when I shouted;



He kept jerking me and I shot my load all over my chest. My dad shot deep inside of me, I felt his hot cock shoot 7 shots into my ass and the warming sensation felt great. My dad fell on top of me out of breath and sweaty. I put my arms around him and we kissed, I wanted this to last forever, I closed my eyes and felt myself fall, deeper and deeper I fell, my father did the same and we both kept falling. We had both fallen asleep and my mother was due in any minute…

To be continued…

If you want more speak to me xxx


Written by adam_dunley

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