Vice Ch. 01

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  • Vice Ch. 01

Vice 1 — Brian Grady

“Do you dare to jump in?” Uncle Ken asked me. He’d just opened the pool the week before and it was barely May. We all knew the water was freezing, had to be.

“I’ll do it if you do,” my cousin Lisa dared me with an evil smile. Dad gave me a wink and I shrugged, “Why not?”


“He brought his suit,” my dad volunteered.

“Go change, hon. Von’s getting ready for work but you can use Lisa’s room.” Aunt Paulette had just come from inside, carrying a tray of uncooked hamburgers to the grill.

“I’ll wait for you,” Lisa said and pulled off her tank top to reveal she was already wearing her bikini under it. I got up from the picnic table where I’d been sitting with Dad and Uncle Ken. I finished off the rare beer my dad had allowed me to have and headed for the back door, dropping the bottle in the recycle bin on my way.


I grabbed my bag off the couch and went upstairs. As I passed the bathroom I could hear the shower running and my cousin Von humming inside. He was three years older than me, twenty-one, and worked at the city jail. He was putting in his time until he could become a police officer like my dad.

I entered Lisa’s room and closed the door behind me, locking it out of habit. Even though Lisa was now fifteen the room still looked like it had since she was four. The walls were a bubblegum pink with rows of flowers painted along the bottom in bright pastels. It made my eyes hurt. I dug out my swimsuit and laid it on the bed then pulled off my shirt, followed by my shorts and boxers. I was just getting ready to step into the swim trunks when the door handle jiggled.

“I’ll be right out,” I called to whoever it was. The lock clicked and the door opened for my dad, holding a butter knife in his hand and, oddly, a big bottle of hand lotion in his other. The kind with a pump on top.


“Take ’em off,” he said before turning slightly to set the knife down on the desk by the door. “We don’t have much time so hurry.” My whole body tightened at his words. I hadn’t tied the drawstring on the board shorts so I shimmied a little and let them fall, kicking them off completely.

He was already unzipping as he walked over to me with a leer. My asshole clenched and released in anticipation. With one heavy hand on my shoulder he turned me around and pushed me close to the wall. I bent forward and put my hands on the sick pink surface. He moved in close and kicked my feet further apart with a soft growl.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that he already had his huge cock pulled out the fly of his jeans. He pumped some the lotion into his hand and threw the bottle onto the bed. Most of the white cream he smeared over his cock and the rest he slathered between my exposed ass cheeks.


“You gotta stay quiet, okay? We have to be quick and it’s gonna hurt. Can you keep it down?” He asked but he was already notching the big head up to my hole.

“Yeah,” I whispered back. I could only hope I was right. He’d just fucked me that morning and he’d been giving it to me steady for the last month but I knew it was going to be rough without any prep. The guy had a really big piece. I’d gotten better at taking it but it was still a trial.

One big hand held my waist as he shuffled his feet into the right position. His prick nudged at my hole and I couldn’t help shivering. He put the other hand on my hip, greasy with lotion, and held me tight as he began exerting pressure. I relaxed as much as I could, already biting my lip to keep a moan inside.


Dad pushed and the soft head began spreading me open. He pushed harder and the crown popped into me. It fucking hurt, burned through me and my thighs shook with the strain of taking him in. He inched in slowly and I held my breath, pushing out with my inner muscles to make things easier.

My skin felt superheated and I leaned forward to rest my forehead against the cool wall. I couldn’t be sure if I was seeing the pink through my closed eyelids or it was just a byproduct of the pain. Finally he pushed the last couple of inches into me and leaned against my back, his body burning into mine through his t-shirt.

“You alright?” he asked around his heavy breathing. I nodded my head against the wall. I groaned as he pushed closer and his jeans rubbed against my bare ass.


“Fuck… Dad,” I whispered, doing some heavy breathing of my own.

He swiveled his hips around a little, loosening me up, as he reached around and found my cock. I couldn’t believe I was hard. He gave me a couple strokes before his hand took my hip again. He eased out part way and thrust back in, knocking the air out of me. My fingers flexed against the wall and the pain started to ebb away, replaced by the thrill of him filling me past full.

He gave me a few more hard thrusts and I whimpered for more. The lotion didn’t feel as good as the lube we had at home but it did the job. He let go of my hip but didn’t reach around for my cock again. He pressed against my lower back and it bowed for him, sticking my ass out for a better target.


The first time we’d done this he’d threatened to throw me up against the wall and rape me, not meaning it literally, but I’d wanted it since he’d spoken the words. Now it was happening and I felt ready to come just from having my fantasy fulfilled.

“This is gonna be hard and nasty, son. Just hold tight,” he whispered against my ear. I turned my head and bent my neck back so he could kiss me. His tongue reached into my mouth well before his lips met mine and I sucked on it while running my own tongue along its length.

With both hands on my hips again he started fucking me like he’d just promised. His jeans masked the worst of the noise as he hammered his cock into my tight ass. I rose up onto my toes and bent my knees more, braced my hands more firmly against the wall so he wouldn’t fuck me through it. God, he was strong but I was too. I held on and let the plunging intruder have full access to my tight channel.


He was always intense during sex but this was even more so. I felt every inch of his cock as it pistoned through the sensitive muscles at my opening. I tried to clench down on each withdrawal but Dad was giving it to me too hard and fast. I could only hold on and let him use me.

“You’re so fucking hot and smooth inside,” he drawled into my ear, all gravelly and low.

“Fuck me,” I responded in the same tone. “Fuck me good, Dad.” It always made him hotter when I called him that during sex. This time was no exception as he impossibly upped the intensity. My orgasm built up quickly in my balls and ass, each lunge of his hips pushing me closer.


I shot all over the wall, biting down hard on my bottom lip to keep from screaming. Before I was done cumming I felt the wet heat of his sperm bathing my convulsing insides. It only added to my pleasure as I shot a few more times.

Dad fell against my back and braced his arms on the wall beside mine. We caught our breath as we came down together. After a few minutes he gently pulled his cock free of my ass. I whimpered a little when the crown snagged on my rim and slid out. I straightened up and unlocked my knees with a sigh. When I turned around Dad thrust my swim trunks into my hands. As I bent and pulled them on, my sore ass twitching, Dad used my t-shirt to wipe down the wall and the dribbles of my cum from the carpet.

His half-hard cock still hung out the fly of his jeans, shiny with lotion and his cum. He pushed the wadded up t-shirt into my bag and tucked himself away to zip up. Both of us dressed, he took my hand and pulled me close for one more kiss, giving me his tongue but not pushing it in. It was almost sweet.


He put my bag in my hands before retrieving the bottle of lotion and the butter knife. I peeked into the hall to be sure it was clear before stepping out, Dad right behind me. Von was still humming in the bathroom as we walked past. At the top of the stairs he stopped me and handed me the lotion and knife.

“Put these back in the kitchen.” I nodded and went to head down but stopped.

“Your… stuff’s leaking out.” I looked down the hall at the closed bathroom door. “I should clean up.” Dad smirked at me with heat in his eyes.


“My cum?” he asked, more stated, with emphasis on the last word. I nodded, yes. “It’ll wash off in the pool.” I shrugged and went down the stairs.

At the bottom I watched him slip out the front door then headed for the kitchen. I dropped my bag on the floor just inside the living room. On my way through I put the knife in the dishwasher and left the lotion by the sink. With every step I could feel the greasy lotion and Dad’s cum squishing messily between my ass cheeks.

In the backyard Uncle Ken was grilling the burgers and Aunt Paulette was setting the picnic table. Lisa waited by the pool. None of them looked oddly at me. The whole incident couldn’t have taken more than ten minutes. I walked over to the pool and stuck my foot in, purposely giving Lisa the chance to push me in. She did, with a shout and a laugh. The water was cold as fuck. I came up sputtering and grabbed her leg to pull her in with me. We tussled and I let her dunk me. When I came up I saw Dad coming around the corner of the house, through the gate, with his phone out.


“Sorry, it was a work thing,” he called out and waved the phone before tucking it into his pocket. He sauntered over to the picnic table and took a seat.

“Bad guys don’t take a break on the weekend, right?” Uncle Ken called out. Dad shook his head and popped a pickle chip into his mouth.

Lisa and I didn’t stay in for long. The water was too cold. We climbed out and Aunt Paulette brought us towels to dry off. We took seats at the table with my dad, both of us shivering. Uncle Ken served up the burgers and Von came out to join us. He was dressed in his uniform and looked good.


When I was younger I had idolized him. I used to spend summers there since my mom worked and Aunt Paulette didn’t. The summer I was thirteen and he was sixteen he started going around without a shirt. Of course I did the same thing even though I was just a skinny kid. Von, on the other hand, looked like a god to me. He had a really nice chest, mostly visible abs and big arms. I could cum three times just thinking about touching him.

I jerked off every night thinking about him, sometimes during the day if I could get a minute of privacy in Aunt Paulette’s bathroom. Too bad it was the last summer I spent there because by the next I was old enough to stay home alone and he’d gotten a job anyway. Not that it mattered in the long run because the summer I was sixteen my focus had changed completely. It all centered on my dad.

When I was sixteen three things happened, seemingly out of the blue. My parents got a divorce. One night I went to bed and everything was fine. The next day my dad was gone and my mom was explaining to me that we weren’t going to be a family anymore, not like we had been. They’d never fought, seemed happy together. It was a shock that left me reeling like one of them had died. We stayed at the house and Dad got an apartment nearby and a house a year later. I spent two nights a week at his place and every other weekend with him.


It was around that time I got a blowjob from Kim Wiedrich. She was my girlfriend at the time. Maybe she felt bad for me but one night I met her in the park by our school and I knew something was going to happen. It happened in the trees by the baseball diamond and it was a horrible disaster. I’d known I was gay my whole life but I figured it would feel good even from a girl. And it sort of did. We made out for a long time, which I liked doing with her. I put my hand on her boob, which was okay or whatever. Then she got on her knees and took my dick out. I could almost have cum just from the idea that someone else was touching my cock. Only I never even got close to cumming, almost lost my hard-on a few times. It was so embarrassing that when she choked and almost threw up I finished myself off with my hand. We broke up a week later and I had discovered that I was really, really gay.

The third thing, the circumstance that would eventually lead to me and my father having sex, was my dad got transferred. He’d been a detective in the Homicide department of the city police but he was moved to Vice. At the time I didn’t know what that meant. What I saw was that the buzz cut he’d had my whole life was gone. He grew his hair long. He stopped shaving, going days without and sometimes growing a full beard. The suits he always wore were out and he dressed almost entirely in jeans and t-shirts that were just tight enough to show off his chest and arms.

It was like he changed from Clark Kent, only not into Superman but into this bad-ass biker type. Before then I’d never really noticed my dad. He was just my dad, I loved him, but just like everyone else’s. The change was startling, especially since I wasn’t seeing him every day. His black hair reached his ears on top, longer on the sides. He must have started working out or something, too, because I’d never noticed how built he was. Or maybe it was hidden all that time under suits. I don’t know for sure. All of a sudden I couldn’t stop noticing him.


When he had the apartment it was even harder for me not to watch him. It was a small two bedroom and I saw a lot of him without a shirt. It could’ve been just me getting older but I couldn’t get his thick, hairy chest out of my head. All that dark fur covering the most perfect muscles. And big arms like I knew I wouldn’t be able to get both of my hands around them. He was thirty-nine at the time and he was the best looking guy I’d ever seen in real life. He became the star of most of my jack-off fantasies. Now, at forty-one, he was even sexier.

“Hey, Brian!” Von yelled out. I hadn’t seen him in a while, not since Christmas. He came over and slapped my back before sitting down next to me. “I heard about Colorado. Damn, kid, that’s some good work.” He was talking about my football scholarship to CSU.

“Yeah, thanks,” I shrugged it off. I had mixed feelings about that and didn’t want to talk about it.


We ate, talking and laughing together. Lisa and Von were more like my brother and sister than cousins and it was good to hang out with them. Eventually Von had to go to work. Lisa and I braved the pool one more time then Dad said it was time to go. We stayed long enough to have some of Aunt Paulette’s desert then I went inside and changed, this time without getting molested. I left the wadded up t-shirt that was stiff with my cum in the bag and went shirtless.

We went back to Dad’s house. I showered and changed into a pair of loose basketball shorts. Then Dad had a turn and changed into a tight, threadbare t-shirt and sweats. We settled onto the couch to watch a movie and took a nap. We had a late dinner, Dad made spaghetti. And the whole afternoon and evening he was checking me out. Of course I was doing the same thing. The tension kept ratcheting up between us.

Around ten Dad suggested we go to bed. I was right behind him on the way to his room. I’d stopped using mine since the first time we got together. It was crazy how much I loved having sex with him and how it kept getting better. I pushed off my shorts and jumped on the bed, already hard, and watched him undress. He climbed on with his big cock jutting out of his groin.


He got between my legs and fell atop me. We just kissed for a long time, which he was really good at. Better than any of the girls I’d done it with since Kim Wiedrich or before. He rubbed our cocks together while he showed me how far his tongue could reach. There wasn’t the usual rush and need we had together, maybe because we’d already fucked twice that day. Dad took it easy and set a slow pace. Before too long I wanted more and pushed him off of me.

I crawled between his legs and took hold of his cock, studying it. It hadn’t happened yet that I had an opportunity to actually study his impressive ass-splitter. I stroked it and rubbed my thumb around the wetness leaking from the tip. I moved closer and held mine against his. They were roughly the same size which made me proud. I’d known from the locker room that I had a big dick but this was more proof.

Afraid that I might cum too soon I let us go and bent over to practice sucking his cock. I took in the head and it tasted so good. Sweet and salty, mostly salty. I hadn’t had much experience with it so I took my time. Dad was never satisfied until he fucked me and in the last month we’d always been in such a hurry that we usually went straight to the fucking.


“That’s it, Brian, get it all wet and hard,” he rumbled from above me. I met his eyes and sucked hard on the part of his shaft between my lips, earning a deep groan. I knew since I’d measured myself and I was a little over eight inches that Dad had to be a little over nine, maybe close to ten. Slowly I experimented with taking more in.

My lacrosse coach had this thing, like a saying: Find your goal, assess the situation and make an objective. It was something I used a lot, not just on the field. My goal was to swallow my dad’s cock. I took in more until it hit the back of my mouth, making me gag. I pulled off and coughed a few times, assessing the situation. Now my objective was to not gag, to control that reaction.

I nuzzled my nose into his hairy balls, the place where he smelled best, and told myself to relax. I sucked one into my mouth and tongued it while I held the thick base of his cock and rubbed the shaft over my nose and forehead. I let the big orb go and took in the other, opening my eyes to watch my dad admire me. Ready for another try, I lifted off and took his cock back into my mouth. I bobbed a few times and took him deeper. I fought off the gag reflex until I was trying to squeeze his head into my throat and I had to pull off.


“Give me your hand,” Dad said. I splayed it out over his hard belly. He turned it over and poured some cool lube over the fingers and palm. “Finger yourself, Brian, while you suck me. Get yourself ready for your old man’s cock.”

His words turned me on incredibly and seemed to flip a switch inside me. I groaned around his cock. Reaching back I started rubbing over the knotted muscles of my hole. I pushed my finger in and went down on him at the same time. My throat seemed to relax just as my ass was and I found myself swallowing around his cock in my throat.

Dad said, “Fuck!” and fisted his hand in the short hair on top of my head. With his firm hand he pulled my face down onto his cock until my nose was pressed up against the dark pad of his cock hairs. I held him deep for a minute and gave myself another finger. Relaxed and easy, I swallowed around his embedded length until I had to pull up for air. I took a deep breath and went down again, finding it to be easier the second time. I twisted my fingers around in my chute and began giving him a real blowjob. I knew other guys had done this for him, especially Uncle Paul, and I wanted to be better than any of them.


Before too long he stopped using his grip in my hair to gently fuck my face and used it to pull me off. “Enough,” he groaned. “You’re gonna make me shoot and I’m not ready yet.”

Dad held my arm as he got onto his knees in front of me. My whole life he’d always seemed larger than life so it was still a little startling to realize I was actually a few inches taller. He brushed his hand over my cheek as we faced off on our knees in the middle of his big bed. His hand followed the length of my arm to the place where my fingers entered me. He rubbed the pad of a finger around the stretched rim and got a shivered groan out of me. He stared into my eyes while he pushed that thick digit in beside mine.

I put my other hand on his chest and let my fingers glide through the curling brown hair covering it before finding a nipple and pinching it. He groaned and bared his teeth at me then held my face as he swooped in and claimed my lips. I met his tongue and slid mine against it into his mouth.


“You ready for me, Son?” he asked as soon as our lips detached. I licked his bottom lip and bit into it gently while I pinched his nip hard. “Fuck,” he cried out, pulling his lip from between my teeth, and pushed his chest at me. I loved playing with his tits, getting such a strong reaction from him, ’cause mine are about as sensitive as my elbow.

“I’m ready for you, Dad.”

“You’re ready for me? Or you want me to fuck you?” He slid his one finger deeper between my own two fingers in my hole.


“I want you to fuck me,” I admitted with a clench around our embedded fingers. My body was on fire for it. I gave his nipple another good twist to emphasize my point.

Dad leaned back as he withdrew his finger. He leaned back until his ass rested on his heels and flipped his huge cock vertical with a casual flick of his thumb. I let my fingers fall out of my hungry hole and got onto my feet and planted them on either side of his folded legs. I put my arms around his thick neck. He steadied me with one hand on my hip and held his cock up with the other.

I felt for the wide head of his cock with my ass. When I felt it slip into position I slowly let my weight down and slid down his long pole. I took deep breaths and forced myself to take him. Our eyes connected and he watched me ride down his cock with a lustful sneer.


“That’s it, boy. You love your dad’s cock, don’t you?” His words made my cock bounce and throb in the space between our stomachs.

“Fuckin’ love it,” I whispered as my ass met his body and I pressed down to get the whole wide length as deep as possible.

I took a moment to let my body remember, to let my hole open up. His hands skimmed up and down my back and kneaded the globes of my ass. I leaned forward and pushed my tongue between his lips. He opened for me and sucked on it, making my toes curl. I pulled back and looked at him one more time.


“Now ride it, Brian.” He’d said exactly what I was thinking.

I clasped my hands together behind his neck for balance as I flexed my legs and rose up. Always before I’d been under him when we fucked: on my back, on my belly or all fours. I moved tentatively and got a feel for this new position. He went deeper like this but I had more control and gained confidence quickly. Within a few moves I was moving like I had springs in my legs. I bounced on his thick shaft and threw my head back.

By sucking in my belly and squeezing on his thick cock I could make it light up all those places in my ass chute that made getting fucked so wonderful. I was getting close to cumming when Dad held me by my hips and settled me against his lap.


“Slow down, Son, it’s not a race,” he murmured and leaned forward to kiss me. The rough stubble of his chin scraped over mine as we met open-mouthed and desperate. I wrapped my arms more tightly around his shoulders until we were pressed together and milked his big cock with my ass while he devoured my mouth. My cock felt like an iron bar where it was trapped between my stomach and his, the head leaking out onto his hairy chest. My thighs burned and I was thankful for the respite.

I pulled away and pressed my face into his neck. “God, Dad, it feels so good,” I said against his skin. I licked at his sweat and pulsed the muscles in my ass around him.

“Lean back, Bri, on your hands.” He took hold of my hips as I straightened then slowly arched backwards. I put my hands on the bed and got them square. He urged me with his hands to move so I tried it out, surprised to find how much easier it was. With part of my weight on my hands it was a lot less work to raise and lower my hips. It also pressed his cock harder against that spot inside and behind my balls that drove me wild.


Dad ran his hands over my sweaty abs and chest while my hips pumped up and down on him. I tried longer and longer strokes but making sure to not let his cock fall out of my ass. I watched him perving on my body.

“You’re a hot fucker, Son.”

“You, too,” I gasped in reply. He leaned back until his own hands rested on the bed behind him. As I moved on his cock he began thrusting up into me. His body was laid out before me like mine had been for him. I watched his big shoulders strain to support his body and his chest stretch, his abs were visible with each move. He looked so fucking hot like that. His face was screwed up in concentration as he jammed his fat cock up into my ass. It was tripping my trigger.


“I’m going to cum, Dad. Fuck, I’m going to cum.” I was really fucking myself on him.

“Do it, make yourself cum on my cock.” He was watching my swollen cock, red and so hard it hurt, where it jostled and bounced over my belly. I turned my eyes to it as well and watched it erupt. Long streams of white cum shooting all over me followed by opaque tracers. My asshole seized around his cock but I couldn’t stop bucking and ramming myself down onto his cock.

Dad scrambled up onto his knees and tipped me forward so I fell onto my back, my arms giving out. He threw my legs over his shoulders as he curled over me and pinned me to the bed. He’d barely gotten me where he wanted me before he started really pounding into me. Seconds later he was flooding my ass with a huge load.


I couldn’t figure if he gave me one really long orgasm or pushed me into a second one before the first had ended. He pushed in deep and fired off his seed into the depths of my ass while I twitched and groaned, calling out “God, oh God,” over and over. I couldn’t even move, he’d fucked me into some kind of paralysis.

We stayed like that for a long time while our breathing slowly returned to normal and our cocks softened. He pulled out and let my body sprawl out, my head facing the wrong end of the bed. Dad spread his hand over my stomach, right in the middle of the puddle I’d shot there. He rubbed it into my skin and smiled at me.

“Come on, Bri, let’s get in bed.” He got off the bed and pulled one side of the sheets and comforter down. I groaned and managed to work my body around and under the covers. “We should clean you up,” he observed.


“Nah, I wanna sleep with our cum all over me,” I told him. It was true but I was also too spent to move at that point. “Get in bed,” I finished.

Dad got in and pulled me close to his heated body. We reeked of sweat and sex. I put my arm over his chest and my leg over his so my head could rest on his shoulder. With my legs spread some of his cum leaked out of my loose hole but I couldn’t find it in me to care.

“You’re going to see your mom tomorrow?”


I nodded sleepily against his skin as he reached over to turn out the light.

“I think she’s starting to get suspicious that you’ve been spending so much time here. I’m glad you’re going.”

“She’s suspicious that you’re letting me stay out all night and getting girls pregnant,” I mumbled sleepily. He chuckled and put his arms around me.


“I love you, Son.”

“Love you, too.”

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