Naked Earnings Ch. 02

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Naked Earnings

I’m Dan, a 45 year old white guy, one of those guys who have been married to their job, mine is in silicon valley, I damn good programmer still employed, though now a freelancer. I’ve been separated from my wife and son for the last five years, she tragically died in a car accident a short while ago and so returned to my old home where my son, Tim, lives by himself now.

My son is taller than me, probably by 2 or 3 inches, has his mother’s blonde silky hair, He looks good, his body is swimmer trim and muscular and he’s completely hairless. Right now he is lying almost naked out in the sun. He is definitely comfortable and cocky even dressed in tiny thong. I can’t help notice my now adult man has inherited my manhood, he is definitely horse hung.

I set up to work in the dining room and begin working, when I realize I will need a printer. I step outside to ask my son if I could use his printer. I find him on his back, naked spread out on one of the beach towels; he is now completely naked and is applying sun tan lotion to his cock and balls.


I hesitate and he act like it’s no big deal me seeing his erect cock in his hand giving himself a greasy hand job, when I finally get my voice and ask him about the printer. He says of course and tells me it is a wireless one, and explains the code to get onto the Wi-Fi net he’s set up. I somehow notice that he has his lap top on and it shows a web cam window is open on the screen.

I get it and connect up to my son’s Wi-Fi network. Then out of curiosity I wonder if I could hack into his web cam. Since the network was just for him, he doesn’t really have any safe guards other than the initial password and he did make his web cam accessible to others on his network, I wonder why he is so lax about who has access? Whatever is the case, I can now continue to watch my son applying suntan lotion. He lavishes the lotion on his skin and eventually his cock stand straight up and a drop of pre-cum glistens as it drips off his cock head.

I hear a car approach and drive up our drive way and hear the passenger get out, but no one comes to our door. Then I see some guy walk up to my son who is kneeling as if he was expecting him. The man unzips his pants and pulls down his underwear to reveal his slightly erect 6 inch cock. I almost fall off my chair in shock and amazement as I watch my son take his cock, place it in his mouth, and begin to suck on it.


I watch totally fixated as my son gives the guy a blow job. In a few minute the guy pulls out and aims his cock at Tim’s open mouth. A spray of white creamy jizz flies out of his cock and some lands in my son’s mouth while most of it splatters on his chin. All of the cum oozes down onto Tim’s chest. The guy hands my some a wad of money and then gets dressed and leaves. Holy Shit!

As the sound of the first car drifts off it is in a short time replaced by another. This time two guys step out and they both have their hard dicks serviced by the expectant Tim. He takes one in his mouth while he works the other with his hand. I can’t look at this and frantically and guiltily slam off the screen. My heart his pounding and my face his flushed. I feel like I was caught doing something bad. I can’t understand all of this. It can’t be happening.

My son is taking money for sex! He’s doing men! He’s sucking cock for money! Oh my God! Oh my God!


This is terrible, completely horrible. It’s got to stop. I should stomp out there and throw those men with their dangling hard on pricks out my property! I’m so hot and angry, but then I spot my own body and my cock is hard as a rock and sticking out of my boxers. Oh my God, I feel so horny. This is horrible. My son is giving blow jobs just a few feet away and I’m sporting a hard on because I’m so turned on. I want his lips on my cock.


How could I think that! It’s incest that’s what it is, a horrible sin, I’m certain of it.


But my cock is so hard and filled with burning need.

I go back to my computer and check out the web cam. Then I realize it is not connected to a person? What? I open up a window and begin to frantically hack my son’s computer. Better to keep my hands occupied rather than do what my aching prick wants. I can’t do that! That’s got to be so bad.

After some work I realize he has another computer on his network. It must be acting as a server! Then I figure out that it is recording, storing and oh my God, uploading the images to the web.


I work out that he is uploading to his own web site. I get in with the same passcode and he has his own porn site. Filled with video of him giving blow jobs, showering with someone, giving hand jobs, oh God! No! This can’t be.

I watch one of Tim getting a blow job from a good looking black man. My son’s cock looks so much like my own hard dick, I realize that one of my hands has been tentatively fondling my dick and balls. I ache so.

I can’t help myself and I start to jack my aching cock as I watch the video of my son getting sucked off. I recall the blow jobs I’ve paid for in the past few years and imagine Tim’s mouth on my own cock as I masturbate. I frantically pull off my boxers to get to my cock and balls and just give into the lust.


I realize that the video has sound and hit the key on. My son’s moans come out of the speaker to match my own. The sounds of the blow job blends with my own sounds. Finally my son pulls out and I realize he will shoot his cum on the man’s face for the money shot. As he pumps out his spunk so do I and we both gush out strings of white cream that splatter all over. Oh fuck!!!!!!!

I’m panting but filled with that wonderful feeling of release. I stretch out my hand, slightly covered with my own jizz, and click off the connection to the web site. I just slump in the chair and try to recover.

I hear my son’s voice getting closer I hastily retreat to the bedroom, don’t want to get caught.


I manage to shut the door behind me as I hear my son walking in the kitchen. Oh shit. I left my boxers on the floor and all that cum splattered on the floor as well, maybe elsewhere, can’t think clearly at the moment. I’m feeling so ashamed and I don’t want to get caught, how can I explain what I did? I pray he doesn’t notice. He’s wandering around and I can’t be certain if he is just in the kitchen or if he has gone to check up on me in the dining room. I hear him moving but not certain as to where he is. Finally I hear him at the counters and then I hear the frig open and close. Then I hear the back sliding door open and close.

I wait a few more minutes to make sure the cost is clear. I step out of my bedroom naked and feeling really guilty and not wanting to be caught.

I quickly enter the kitchen and get some paper towels and clean up the dining room. I seem to have managed to get most of my cum onto my boxers so I just clean up whatever fell to the floor and pick up my boxers and head to the hamper to dump them off.


As I’m walking back from the laundry room I almost run into my son. Tim spots my prick and laughs and says now he knows where he got his package as he point to my own large member that is hanging out for him to see. Tim says it is a warm day and says he’s glad I’ve gotten comfortable while I do my work. I mutter something as I’m so embarrassed to be caught naked by them. I try to regain my composure and say I spilled on them and had to change.

He says, yes, he knows how those shorts get so stained you can have to just drop them in the hamper. I walk naked to get another pair of boxers.

I wonder how and when he cleaned himself up after sucking all those cocks and having all that cum on him? But he looks spotless. My internal mutterings is interrupted by Tim. My son asks if I want either hot dogs or hamburgers for lunch. I tell him I’ll take the hot dogs and he goes off to prepare them on the grill. When I realize the time, I figure out that they spend 3 or 4 hours sucking those guys who came to the house. I have no idea how many it is, but then I tell myself if I wanted to know I could log back into his web site and watch it all later.


Tim is now once again completely naked, he must have taken his thong off when he left the room, comes back with a towel for him and puts it on one of the kitchen table chairs. I watch as goes out with buns to put on the barbeque.

My now naked son comes in with the hot dogs and buns and he sits naked on his towel at the kitchen table to eat. It’s weird, being around my naked son. I notice that as he eats he reaches down and plays with his cock.

We all eat and he cleans up and head back out. As I return to my own work I can hear a truck pull up and I suspect he is beginning another round of giving blow jobs. I finally get focused and got lost in work. Before I know it is late and my son comes back in, naked and says he’s going to take a shower and then he’ll make dinner. I look up and as I look carefully I can see what I think I cum mixed with sun tan lotion on his face and chest.


I continue with my work, as he showers and gets cleaned up, he comes back in completely naked like it is no big deal and begins to make dinner. As I look at his naked ass as he is preparing dinner, I wonder if he really did spend the day giving blow jobs? I will have to check his web site after dinner. I ask if he needs any help cleaning up and he says no, so I retire to the bed room with my lap top. I close the door, strip off my boxers and sit on the bed and check out my suspicion. When I log on I see I was right. I sit there with my cock getting hard as I watch my son repeatedly giving blow jobs. I can’t help myself and begin to masturbate.

But then there is a control panel on his server, it controls cameras. It takes me a few minutes and then I find that he has cameras set up throughout the house. I’m not too familiar with the control panel but it looks like these are the on/off switches for the master bedroom.

I click them on to give them a test and sure enough I find that the room has four cameras to get varying angles of the room. I look at myself on the bed with my hard on and bare ass from the varying angles. I get up to get some lotion then I began to wonder and wander.


I wonder if my wife knew about these cameras in her bedroom? I will have to check the archive to see if there are any pictures or videos of her. I open the lower left hand dresser draw and find my wife’s secret stash. She use to keep some cash here, hidden from me, she thought. I wonder what else is here.

I find a rather large silk bag and take it out. It is scarlet red silk with a Asian patterns embroidered into it. I find inside to my surprise lotion and a vibrator! But an amazingly realistic one! It is shaped in the size of my own cock and balls with multiple settings.

I find myself aching to try it out. I take it and the lotion to the bed and apply some lotion to the silicon stiff shaft. Then I apply some lotion to my finger and reach behind myself to my ass. I swab my asshole with the lotion and add some more lotion. Finally I slip my finger into my asshole. Then I slip the head of the imitation cock head against to my asshole and force it in.


It’s not going in. I add some more lotion, I am overcome with lust and must get this into me. I apply more steady pressure and then the head begins to breach my hole. It begins to slide in. I give it more of a push and feel it fill my ass.

Wow, this is weird and yet kind of interesting. I reach and turn the first setting on it on. I hear it hum and feel it vibrating into my ass. Wow! My cock responds with a pulse. That is very interesting!

I watch the video of my son sucking on some black guys huge cock as I turn the vibrator to its next setting and resume masturbating. HMMMMMMM…this is nice…..


The more I watch him taking those hard dicks into his mouth, watching as he sucks and swallow loads of cum, or see his customers spray his face as they climax, the harder I get and the more lost I get into my own jacking.

It feels nice to have the dildo filling my ass and the vibration adds to my pleasure. Finally I just close my eyes as I am lost in that masturbating.

I vaguely think I hear something in the room, but I’m too gone and keep pounding my hard hot member. I switch it to its highest setting and just give out with a grunt.


Oh my God! I pound my hard slick cock I’m lost in the lust! I don’t know how long I am pounding myself, I don’t think I’m ever lasted this long. Oh my God…..Fuck! Fuck! I cry out that I’m cumming as I spurt myself with my spunk, I feel it splattering onto my bare skin.

I sit with closed eyes and enjoy the wonderful feeling of release.

Then I feel a string of hot cum land on my chest, followed by a grunt and then another load of cum splatters on me. I keep my eyes closed, I can’t believe what is happening.


What! Then it dawns on me. It’s Tim! Oh my God! He watched me masturbate as I was watching him!

Before I can say anything he speaks.

“Glad you enjoyed my show,” I hear my son calmly says. “I saw your show; you set the camera to live broadcast. I couldn’t keep away. So, I came in. Have a good night, Dad. We can talk tomorrow morning.”


With that said he leaves my room.

Written by tzael2003

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