The Vacation House Ch. 03

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How much I love the smell of Ivory Soap mixed with the musky scent of my dad. Takes the white bar from my dad’s outstretched hand, grasp it tightly, so afraid of dropping it, making him think that I’m trying to be some sort of shower stall cliche’. Problem is, this is exactly what’s going through my mind.

I want him, wish he would ravage me, take me in his arms, squeeze the breath out of me. I so long for his stroking hand once more upon my Crisco greased up butt and puckered hole. I want him to invade me, make me his personal puppet to do with as he wishes.

“Robbie, my back OK? Before the water pressure starts to run too low and we have to walk around smelling like some sort of wild animals all weekend.”


Wild animals? Damn, I only wish he and I were wild animals, out in the wilderness, doing what animals do without anyone passing judgement on them.The bar of soap begins to slides over dad’s broad shoulders. His skin is stretched taught over his muscles the soap glide with ease, a light lathering of residue left in its wake.

I explore more of his back with the bar of soap, rubbing his muscular form, well manscaped back. Moves in and up and down motion, between his shoulder blades, dad exhales a low moan of pleasure. I know I am doing something right, that I am bringing pleasure to the him. The water continues to cascade down dad’s front, small rivulets find their way over his shoulders, down his back. The soapy water mingles into the dark furrow that rises from between the cheeks of his buttocks. My eyes followed closely by my hand and soap to the area that juts towards me.

It seems that I am not the only one to have a great set of assets in our family. For his age, dad’s butt stands firm, high upon his lower back. The damned thing is thrust towards me with a beautiful arch to his back. I can’t help but allow my hands to roam down to them. It’s exciting, so tempting to just take a handful of them, give them a good smack just as he had done to me just a few minutes ago.


My butt begins to tingle with delightful discomfort, I’m aware of my own erection. It barely touches the top of Dad’s backside. My being taller than he, my pulsing member is cradled upon the curve between Dad’s haunches and the mounds of powerful muscled ass.

“Hmm, that’s a good boy. A little lower Robbie, I really need you to get me squeaky clean down there. Yes, right there, no a little lower, it’s OK, go ahead, don’t be afraid, go right between them, scrub me right to my balls.

My head drops back, my mouth opens up, gulping in a little bit of steam filled air, it fills my lungs. It’s heavy, I can taste the mixture of soap and dad on the tip of my tongue, it felt good, really good!


Using my left hand, I pull at his left butt cheek, slides the bar of soap deep in between the giant ass cheeks. Dad arches his back, his back-side pushes toward me the area between his mounds separate, reveal their hidden pearl treasure. Forces myself to stay calm, my head begins to go a little light, I lean my chest against Dad’s back to brace myself.

“You’re doing great Robbie, don’t stop, you’re doing just fine. Yeah, press a little harder right there, down, yes right there.”

Breathing heavier I, feel dad’s back heave. His head lowers forward, all I can see is the back of his neck, the hairs on the back of his head as well as his ears. Turns my head sideways, lays it along side his face, left cheek. Water pours over my short hair then down my neck, shoulders and back. The stubble that has grown in on dad’s face pushes into my smooth cheek. His scent rises hot, burns into my nostrils. It’s as intoxicating as any alcoholic drink that I had consumed during my freshman year at URI.


My soapy hand passes over the bud of dad’s hole, slips down the length of his taint. His long, stretched out ball sack meets the soap, I continue to stroke him from behind. My hand rounds under his balls, then upward, fingers meet his massive boner protruding from the dense forest of soapy pubic hairs. Dad let out a long moan, pushes his face against mine, rubs it back the way a cat rubs against something it loves.

Whiskers scrape my cheek and neck, a lightly pain but totally pleasurable sensation. Slowly, I move my hand up and down dad’s soapy lower back, then back to the top of his but cheeks. My low hanging balls slowly rub up and down the length of the crack between dad’s ass.I slide the bar of soap along the underside of Dad’s penis but he reached back and moved my arm from behind him and brought it around his waist. I drop the soap, it bounces on the fiberglass shower stall bottom. Dad forcefully takes my hand, places it on his huge dick. My head swirls with too many things, I can’t think any longer, only react.

Dad guides my open palm, curved fingers back and forth over the length of his erection. It seems to me that I simply never realized just how large a man he actually is. His hard dick is more than double the width of my hand, even though I try, there is just no way I can get my fingers to wrap all the way around his shaft.


Our hands continued to stroke back and forth, forces them against the base of his penis. We push into his pelvis only to be rudely withdrawn, then pulls all the way back to the very tip of the cloaked head of his penis. The hood of skin drapes over the angry head, a drip of soapy water falls from it.

I feel dad using the ends of his fingers clean between apple shaped dick head and the depths of the lining of his foreskin. He pinches the fleshy cloak, pulls as far as it will stretch. Taking this dare, I run two of my soapy fingers inside the fleshy tube, play with the angry head of his engorged penis. It is massive and burns with heat to the touch.

Quick as a flash, dad turns around, kneels before me, my penis, just an inch from his full Italian his lips. His eyes gaze up, water streams over his head, down his kneeling body.


“Ssh, just go with it.”

Those beautiful, full, Italian lips part, tongue slips out to flick the tip of my penis. He gently inhales half of me in one mind splitting moment.

His head moves slowly, back and forth, lips brush my groin. Just as my penis is nearly out of his mouth, carefully he nibbles the end of my foreskin. Shivers are sent through, goose bumps form all over body. Hairs on my head stand on end, I rise up on my tip-toes in an involuntary response.


Dad retrieves the Ivory soap without getting up from his knees, continues to suck my dick. He slides the soap up and down my leg, come to the underside of my rounded buttocks. Forces the soap between the crotch of my legs, caresses the underside of my balls and taint. Continuing, he presses the soap deeper between my butt cheeks, comes to a halt at my hole’s lips.

I hear the bar of soap bounce off the bottom of the shower. The pressure of dad’s index finger against my virgin bud becomes demanding. A little more effort, I feel it, it’s a terrible pain, the insertion of dad’s thick and calloused finger deep into my tight, invaded hole.

His eyes burn into mine, I give a reluctant nod of approval. I feel the entire length of his finger slide to the bottom knuckle, wiggles it deep inside of me. I’m seeing stars, lights before my eyes. The feeling of having to suddenly relieve myself builds deep within me.


Dad buries his face, full force down into my crotch. His nose mashes against the blond bush of pubic hair surrounding my penis. I feel the back of his throat convulse, a small choking sound escapes his lips. He opened up his mouth. I feel him force every last bit of me down his throat. The head of my penis hits the flesh of his gullet, as the shaft of my penis bends from the force.

I breath in deeply through my nose, his finger pulls out of my ass hole. Empty, sad at the sudden loss of pressure against my prostate, he’d found a spot inside of me that I never knew existed. It brought a painful pressure yet a surge of exquisite electricity throughout my insides.

My penis is still being ravaged by dad’s throat, I feel soapy pressure against my anus, the onslaught begins. I feel as if I’m being split wide open, the pain surges through my backside blinds me, I become very weak at the knees. I put my hand back to the object penetrating me. I wrap my fingers around his invading paw. find that he had forced three fingers into my hole. A cry escapes me, eyes closed tight, I can’t imagine what is being done on my ass. Full thrusts forward until I can feel his knuckles and hand pressing hard against my ass


“Fuck! Oh, FUCK.”

Curse words gush out of me. I not one to swear very much. I was brought up to resist the temptation to use that kind of language but it’s just so right at this moment.

Dad pulls his head back off of my penis, leaves the very tip of it between his lips. I feel light teething on the very end of my foreskin. He knows damned well that he’s bringing about feelings in me that I had never experienced before. His tongue flicks the tip of my slit, I feel it pressing into the very small opening causing it to stretch beyond my comprehension.


“POP!” he

Dad pulls his fingers out of my ass, shoves them back in just as quickly, even more forceful than he had done before. This assault is repeated upon my pained ass hole until I feel the pain begin to subside, it’s replaced by a burning need, desire for more in my hole.

Four, FOUR FINGERS! being forced inside of me. My hole gives a great deal of resistance but it’s no match for the power behind those four fingers being rammed into me.


I lay my head against the wall of the fiberglass shower place my hands on the glass wall, brace myself. I feel as if my strength has been diverted to my penis and the inside of my ass.


The feeling of being empty returns, the warmth of the inside of my Dad’s mouth is replaced by steamy wet air of the shower stall.


Dad tilts his head back. looks up into my eyes.

“Good boy Robbie, just go with it, don’t fight it cause I am gonna do this because we both know you want it.”

I snort, some water makes its way up into my nostrils, causes me to choke and gag.


Dad’s large hand reaches up, turns the metal handle to the off position. The warm cascading shower head goes dry, I’m suddenly enveloped in cooler air that comes in over the top of the glass shower enclosure.

The same hand that had shut the shower off is being roughly wrapped around the base of both my penis and my balls. Dad’s hand begins to twist my crotch around in a counter clockwise rotation. It hurts as he continues to twist and turn my privates. I looked down at myself, his hand firmly in charge of my penis and balls. They were a brilliant red color, the tip of my bulbous penis, dark as a ripe plum.

My penis and balls are twisted around so far that my balls face toward the ceiling and my penis has been manipulated to be in the opposite position. I feel dad’s free hand grabbing at the middle of my penis, his other hand continues to keep my parts in their reversed position.


I’m semi hard, caused by the pain to my groin area. Dad bends the shaft of my penis upward until I feel the very end of my dick touching the swollen lips of my ass-hole.

Using his middle finger, dad presses the head of my penis with all of his might. It feels bizarre, feels my ass hole again being invaded as the end of my own dick is pressed into my hole. Dad pulls my penis, it moves closer to where my ass hole is. He uses his index finger to force the head of my 7 inch penis up my ass, thank god I’m not better hung, I don’t think I could take any more.

I have a ripping feeling in my ass, a thick object being forcefully pushed inside of my virgin ass hole, This is the most intense sensation, I have lost my virginity to the very same person.. Damn it, it’s ME!


Dad continues to press the head of my dick up my ass, releases it a little, then presses in again. He’s making me fuck myself, continues for what seems an eternity. He takes my tortured balls into his mouth, sucks them to their bursting point. The pain in my balls mingles with the burning pain in my ass.

More pressure at the entrance to my ass hole, I look into dad’s eyes, what meets me is the look of a wild animal. He was forces a finger along side my dick as he continues to force me to fuck myself. The stretch is more than I could bare, the size, the pressure in my penis, it has all built to the point I believe I will actually split in half. It happens, I explode into my own ass, shot after shot pulse deep into my bowels.

Dad continues to pull on my balls, my penis begins soften, excruciatingly sensitive, it is allowed to slide out of my ass with a very loud “POP” followed by a release of gas.


I’m so embarrassed by the sound that escaped me, it was quickly put out of my thoughts when dad rammed two of his fingers deep into my ass-hole. He releases my twisted balls and penis to only engulf my half hard prick into his warm mouth. Forcing in and out for several more minutes, I’m brought back to a fully erect state, soon enough shooting another load.

Dad’s fingers are rammed to their hilt, stays motionless, buried deep. He sucks my penis until it had once again lost it’s full erection. The fingers slide out of my ass, dad stand up, his hand goes back to the shiny shower handle. Water pours down, I look down, located and retrieve the bar of Ivory soap.

I soap dad’s protruding, unattended penis, his hand grasps mine, slowly pulls it away.


“It’s OK Robbie, we don’t have much water left, we really do have to get to work. That sheet rock is not going to hang itself you know..”

Dumbfounded, I stare at him as he reaches for the Edge shave gel. He pressed the top until a small amount of blue is in his palm, then it turns to a white lather as it’s spread across his rough whiskers.

He takes his razor and hand mirror, turns his back to me. I’m stunned, absolutely floored. All I could think of is, what about Dad? What about him? He did this all for me but not for himself.



I feel the large rough lather covered hand spank my already sore ass cheeks.

“Come on kiddo, get that soap working, get yourself clean. I can already feel the water pressure starting to get weaker.”


Rubs the bar of soap all over my body, paying extra special attention to the backside of me because that shortening takes more effort to remove. Steps out of the shower stall, dry’s off my hair and body with one of the two large white terry cloth towels that hang on the metal rod. While bending over, toweling my legs, I feel dad’s small pat to my upturned backside.

“Hope you liked that Robbie cause it is gonna have to last you for a while, you know.”

Stands up, turns toward him.


“Dad, but what about you? Why didn’t you let me take care of you? Why didn’t you just put it in me instead of putting your fingers back in after I had cum?”

He purses his lips, turns toward the mirror hanging above the vanity. Towel his hair dry, raises one of his legs, leans against the vanity for balance, finally looks up at me.

“Robbie, well you see, I don’t think either of us is ready for that. I honestly don’t believe either of us could have handled it,, well maybe.”


I’m so confused, dad’s standing there drying himself off, his penis still near to it’s maximum erection. Damn that thing is even more impressive when you stand back and look at it away from the moment of excitement. It has to be damned near 10 inches, thick is not the word for it. I guess that is why they call it having wood, cause that darned thing is as thick as a tree branch.

“Get going Robbie, get yourself dressed and get my coffee poured, OK?”

I throw the damp towel on the wrinkled bag in the bedroom, pull a pair of black basketball shorts on over my gray boxer briefs, a clean Yankees baseball team T-shirt is pulled over my head. I jam my feet into my boots, rush out into the hall leading toward the kitchen. Coffee, donuts, everything seems normal yet so foreign now. I just feel as if I am having an out of body experience.


Dad comes sauntering in, his Bermuda shorts still bulging at the front from the hardness beneath their fabric. He settles down at the end of the scrubbed table, picks up and opens the newspaper. His hand reaches out blindly, grasps his steaming hot mug of coffee. It disappears behind his paper only to be returned, then replaced by his glazed donuts.

I sit down very gently on the bench next to dad. My back side so very sore that I have to sit on the side of my butt. It is still uncomfortable at best, but halfway through my coffee, I find myself sprouting yet another hard-on.

It’s a very busy day, we did finally get the front bedroom and the hallway completely sheet rocked. The ceiling taping is completed shortly before we turn in for a short nap. The ride home is uneventful if you don’t think about how I had to keep shifting from side to side due to the discomfort in my backside. I had to constantly adjust my hard on, it seems to not want to go away. Even after I dozed off and found myself being awakened to go into my own to bed.


As the week passed and Friday approaches, so does the anticipation, the constant hiding of my insistent hard on. That damned thing was getting me some really odd looks from just about everyone, all week. Even an old lady that dropped off her grandson for hockey practice took to staring at me, shooting me a very disproving glare.

Friday, five twenty five, I’m rushing around trying to remember everything. I put the pony beers into the cooler chest, grab myself a couple of iced teas. The familiar crunch of the pick-ups tires on the gravel drive caused my stomach to do flip flops. I reach for the recycled wrinkled bag of cloths, gives mom a quick peck on the cheek and out the door I run.

Written by 1Puck1

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