Dad is a Body Builder

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“Ugh,” Doug Frasier grunted to himself as he placed the weight bar on stand above his head. “Whew, that last set just about did me in.”

“That was nearly 250 pounds, Dad; that’ll add some more definition to your pecs,” said his son Mark, who was standing behind the weights with his legs straddling both the bench and his father’s head.

The older man looked upward from his prone position staring directly at his son’s crotch which bulged against gray workout shorts. Doug considered the tube-shaped mold of the young man’s cock, mentally comparing it with his own, before rising from the bench. “Well that does it for me today,” he said. With the first movement from his father, the younger man moved his straddling leg to stand aside.


Doug retrieved a towel from the foot of the bench to begin wiping his naked muscular body, now covered in sweat from the workout. Wearing only a thin, ragged jock strap, the round shape of his balls and the prominent bulge of his cock were loosely confined within the pouch. Wiry brown pubic hairs peeked from the edges of the old jock, its shape stretched from years of washing and wearing. Turning to face his son he said, “Have you finished too?”

“Yeah, Dad, I’ve done enough for today.” Mark Frasier, who at eighteen was Doug’s only child, had begun retrieving several items left about the floor and returning them to their proper place in the small home gym. Wearing sweat stained gray gym shorts and a white t-shirt, Mark was clad more modestly than his father. Unlike his father, he wore no confining support underneath his shorts; therefore dark sweat spots only emphasized the prominent bulge along his leg.

On his way out of the room, the eldest of the pair paused to inspect himself in a full-length wall mirror. After some observation he began performing the well-practiced flexes and poses of body building competition. Like the competitor that he was, Doug’s interest in his own body and its muscle groups was nearly obsessive.


Mark paused from his clean-up to watch as his father flexed his biceps and chest while he posed before the mirror. For reasons that he kept to himself, he secretly got pleasure from watching his father in moments like these.

Eventually Doug left the mirror and continued across the room to an adjoining bathroom with a washing machine and drier at one end and at the other an open shower. Stopping in the doorway, he watched as his son continued to move about the room. At eighteen the teenager was taller and leaner than his father.

Doug’s attention was on the developing muscles of his son’s body. He watched with a critical eye so that, even though he felt pride in his son, he still felt a flicker of envy at the boy’s flesh and its unmistakable sheen of youth. After a minute, he turned from the doorway to strip off his jock strap and toss it into a hamper beside the washing machine. The gesture was finalized with a few tugs to loosen his ball sack and stretch his sizeable penis.


“Do you have school work tonight, Mark?” he asked, returning to stand in the doorway while unconsciously pulling on his foreskin, an old habit of his.

The younger man, long accustomed to seeing his father nude about their house, including seeing his penis in various states, turned and replied, “No Dad, I got everything finished in last period study hall.” Mark was ending his last year of high school.

“Good,” replied his dad, “How about dinner at Frank’s Pizza tonight?”


“Sounds good to me,” the boy turned to respond in time to see his father turn to step out of the doorway toward the shower. Very shortly he heard the sound of running water spraying against his father’s body.

Finished restoring order to the room, Mark stepped into the bath room and began stripping from his own clothes, tossing each piece in the washing machine. Once naked, he reached down to retrieve what clothes were in the hamper, including his father’s sweaty jockey strap. He threw them all into the machine before adding soap and starting the wash cycle.

His father spoke to him, “Henry Davis mentioned at the gym the other day that he was impressed with your muscle development. He wanted to know if you were going to be entering junior competition soon.” Doug owned and managed a local gym and was a well-known area body builder.


Mark stood watching his father shower while he pondered the question. He was not sure that he would be comfortable with a room full of men and women, including Henry Adams, staring at him while he strutted about wearing only a skimpy posing brief. This was the kind of public attention that his dad relished in, but not him.

While thinking of this prospect, he watched while the older man lathered soap over his broad chest before lowering his motions to bathe the firm and ripped abdominals. He watched as his dad concentrated his soaping on his six-pack then moved his hands to begin vigorously lathering his gentiles. In full view of his son, the older man stripped back the foreskin of his penis, cupped his hand around the shaft and soaped the head. Afterward he turned to allow water to stream over his body, washing the lather from his front-side.

Relishing in the sight and proud of his ruggedly handsome father, the younger man mentally compared his own slender build against his father’s. Eventually he responded to the idea of his entering competition, “I think that I need to put on a lot more muscle before I start that.”


“That’s your opinion,” replied his father, while the shower sprayed over his back, “at your age definition is more important than bulk, and you’ve definitely got that.”

Ignoring the comment, the Mark stepped toward the shower, extended his hand and asked, “Do you want me to wash your back?”

With a grunt for a reply, the older man passed the soap to his son and turned toward the spray, exposing his naked back. Mark soaped his hands then began slowly rubbing both palms over his father’s wide muscular shoulders before moving across his lats and sides then down to the narrow waist.


“What do you think of that new guy that I hired at the gym?” his dad changed the subject while his back was being soaped. He bent slightly at the waist exposing his butt to his son’s soapy ministrations.

“Tony?” Mark replied, leaning forward slightly as his hands rubbed over his dad’s firm, round buttocks, first one then another. The young man felt a slight thrill when, with his fingers, he massaged each muscle. “Your glutes have gotten a lot firmer since you increased your squats, Dad,” he said.

“Yeah, I can tell,” Doug replied. Then he returned to the subject of the new man. “Do you like him?”


“What do you mean by ‘like him’?” Mark answered as he began brushing shower water over his dad’s shoulders and down his back side, sweeping away the soap. “Does it matter whether I like him or not, you hired him not me;” the son replied then added, “If he’s doing his job I guess he’s okay.” Mark hadn’t warmed to the young man the few times they had worked a shift together. For reasons unknown to the teen, he found him annoying.

Dropping the subject of the new employee, his father said, “Turn around and I’ll do your back now.”

Mark began to feel the firm rub of his dad’s hands gently squeezing the muscle over his shoulders and then down his back. As he enjoyed his father’s firm touch, he had to consciously resist the sensual reactions his body was having. Despite his efforts, his cock became slightly swollen.


“I think what I’m asking,” Doug said as he finished soaping his son’s backside, “I’m asking if you think the guy is gay, and if you like him, you know,” he paused when he finished washing son’s back, “that way.” As he stepped from the shower to fetch a towel for himself, Doug glanced to notice his son’s enlarged penis.

“Oh,” Mark replied, while spreading shampoo into his hair, “by ‘that way’ you mean do I want to suck his dick?” He paused while waiting for his father to react to the frank comment.

“Now Mark,” Doug replied, spreading his legs to pat the towel around his genitals, “I don’t care what you do with another guy, you know that. I was just curious if you found him attractive,” he paused before continuing, “you know, in a sexual way. But mainly I am just curious if you think he’s gay.”


While Mark leaned backward to rinse soap from his hair, he intentionally thrust his hips forward so that his cock and balls were pushed outward from his body towards his father. “Well,” he continued, “if you mean do I think he’s hot, the answer is ‘yes’. If you mean, do I think he’s son-in-law material for you, probably not. After all, you always told me not to marry the help. ‘Fuck ’em, but don’t marry ’em’, you always say,” he joked while dancing to avoid the towel his father swiftly snapped toward his naked legs.

Doug and his son had no reservations over practicing nudity when together in their home. They told themselves that the fact that they often showered together after joint work outs was just another aspect of the comfort they felt around each other.

Over the years, Doug had encouraged what he considered age-appropriate frankness on the subject of sex. Therefore, when his son began exhibiting a complete lack of interest in women, and more than common interest toward men, it was the father who introduced the subject of his son’s possible homosexuality.


At first unsure and shy about the subject, Mark eventually became comfortable with openly discussing his developing sexuality with his dad. Growing up with a father who was an avid competitive body builder had exposed him to the subject of men’s bodies. It had been an interest in physical development that had segued into the son’s first arousals toward other men.

However, it still took the recent interest of one of his dad’s body building students to introduce Mark to the adult world of sex.

Written by cburton

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