Father and Son

This is a gay male story, but as the self-explanatory title implies it involves homosexual activity of an incestuous nature.


I woke up and saw that the kitchen light was still on, and when I went out to investigate I saw pretty much what I expected. Dad was asleep, or passed out, in the kitchen chair. The half empty bottle of Jack Daniels and an empty glass were in front of my father, who had his head on the table and was out cold.


My father wasn’t a drunk, or at least I didn’t think he was. He didn’t drink too often, and usually just on special occasions, like today. Today is my Mom’s birthday, and it’s days like this that he breaks out the Jack. Their wedding anniversary is a cause for drinking too, and just about anything else that reminds him of her.

Mom died a few years back, and while we both miss her, I think Dad misses her even more that I do. That’s why he breaks out the bottle, and it’s also why I don’t think any less of him for it. In the morning, he’ll go to work and be fine.

“C’mon Dad,” I said, trying to help him up to his feet.


He’s about a head taller than I am, but I outweigh him so I manage to get him up on his feet thanks to my strength. Dad is long and lean, in direct contrast to my short and stout build, but thankfully he’s able to move a little because getting him to his bedroom would have been tough without his help.

I let Dad rest his hand on my shoulder as I help him get his clothes off, trying to make sure he doesn’t fall, and finally get him onto the bed to finish the job.

Dad is in pretty good shape for a 54 year old guy, his slim body is toned and very trim. The hair on his chest is now salt and pepper in color, the one tell-tale sign of his age. I unbuckle his belt and coax his pants down his pale and hairless legs, and as I do, my eyes go to his boxer shorts.


I had gotten a glimpse of my father naked years ago, but had never really gotten a good look at him, and for some reason I found my hands going up to the elastic of his boxer shorts as he laid back on the bed with his legs hanging over the side.

“This is sick,” I remember whispering to myself as I slowly pulled down the striped briefs, exposing first the wild spray of pubic hair and then the shaft of his cock.

I exhaled loudly as more and more of the flaccid beige tube was exposed as I tugged the briefs down, shuddering when I saw my Dad’s manhood up close for the first time.


No big deal, I recall thinking as I got the underwear off and pulled his legs up onto the bed. Just a six inch cock, just like mine. The only difference was that mine was six inches hard, while Dad’s was as limp as a dish rag.

My Dad has a huge cock. That thought which came to me at that moment seemed so weird to be thinking, but then again there I was staring at him as he dozed away on the bed, his cock dangling on his side like an elephants trunk. Dad wasn’t circumcised, and only the tip of the rose hued glans was peeking out from behind the shroud, while below his golf ball-sized nuts hung down to the sheet in their long wrinkled pouch.

It was then that I realized that not only was my cock hard, I was stroking myself, my hand busy under my pajamas. Jerking off while staring at my old man’s cock was sick even for me, but there I was. It was all I could do to keep myself from reaching down and touching his cock, so badly did I want to see him hard – to see how big he really would get.


My knees almost gave out as I came, coating the inside of my pajamas with what seemed like a copious loud of semen. Dad mumbled something just after I finished cumming, so I quickly pulled up the sheet over him and exited the room, practically crying when I thought about what I had done.


The next morning I had trouble looking at my Dad, and not only because I was so ashamed of myself either. The thought of that big cock swaying around under those baggy slacks made my dick tingle just thinking about it, and by the time I ran out to catch my school bus I was sporting a boner.


School was tough these days, because I had 2 classes with Jeff Proctor, and just looking at him hurt, knowing he was seeing somebody else. Jeff was my first boyfriend, and after we had a fight and broke up I swore there would never be anybody else. I might have only been 18, but I felt like my life was over.

All day though, my thoughts kept drifting away from Jeff and to somebody else. Dad. I almost wanted to go and talk with my guidance counselor about it, but could imagine how that would go.

“Say, Mr. Allen, last night I got my father naked and can’t get the vision of his cock out of my head,” I imagined saying to the old coot. “Is it weird to want to suck your old man’s cock?”


No, that wouldn’t do at all.


I went to our school’s basketball game that night, just so I wouldn’t be home around my father all night, but watching a bunch of athletic guys running around in shorts didn’t do much to keep my mind off of things. The only thing worse would have been to go to the wrestling tournament. That would have been worse not only for the obvious reasons, but also because Jeff was on the team.


We lost, as usual, and after the game I took my time going home. I stopped at the little pocket park where a bunch of guys from school were drinking beer. I bought a couple off of one of my classmates and after belting them down began to trudge home.

Most of the lights were out when I got home, which I was happy for, and when I went into the kitchen I saw that the bottle of Jack Daniels was at the same level it had been last night, which meant that Dad was probably okay. As I was holding the bottle of hear a noise behind me, which almost made me drop the thing.

“Go ahead, Steven,” my Dad said.


“Uh – no, I was just looking at it,” I mumbled.

“It’s okay,” Dad said. “Heck, let’s have a drink together. You wouldn’t mind having a drink with your old man, would you? Smells like you have a head start on me.”

“Had a few beers after the game,” I admitted.


My father was already getting out a couple of rocks glasses and before I could refuse he already had them filled.

“Cheers,” Dad said, and after we clinked glasses I forced some of the liquor down.

“You okay, Steven?” Dad asked, and when I nodded I got an idea.


Actually, it was just before that when my mind started working. Dad was wearing pajamas, and when my eyes traveled down his body I couldn’t help but see the outline of his cock as it snaked down the inside of his right thigh.

“Maybe I had a beer too many,” I slurred, wincing as I drained the glass and asked for a refill.

“I know the feeling,” Dad said. “Last night I – well, you know. After all, you were the one that made sure that I got into bed okay, right?”


I nodded, trying to make out like I was under the influence without overdoing the acting.

“Mom would have been 52 yesterday,” Dad said.

“I know,” I mumbled, and as sick as it sounds, when I thought of Mom I now thought of the tiny little woman getting impaled by my father’s monster cock, and wondered how such a petite woman could have taken it.


“Guess we’re kinda in the same boat, I suspect,” Dad said, looking over his glass at me while he sipped his Jack. “I miss your mother and you miss Jeff.”

“Huh?” I said

“Jeff,” Dad repeated. “I haven’t seen him around lately, and you had been acting a bit down recently.”


“You know?” I asked, and my feet got tangled up and I almost fell down, accidentally adding to the act I was performing.

Dad knew I was gay. I felt ashamed of myself, not wanting him to know that while I liked girls and all, Jeff was something different altogether.

“It’s alright,” Dad said, helping me regain my balance. Heck, I was young once too. I experimented quite a bit when I was your age.”


“You mean you were with…”

“Other guys? Oh yes,” Dad confessed. “Before I met your Mom I had several male lovers. Here, why don’t we get you to bed before you fall down.”



I let my father take the glass from my hand and lead me down the hall. My heart was racing and my head was spinning with all that I had learned over the last couple of minutes. Dad knew about me and Jeff, and not only wasn’t he mad or anything, he thought it was okay. Better yet, he had been with guys too.

I bumped off of the wall on the way down the hall, and let out an embarrassed chuckle as I did. Prepared to have Dad bring me to my room, I lost my balance again when he guided me unexpectedly in another direction. His bedroom.

“You know, the one thing I can say about my youthful – shall we say indiscretions?” Dad said, leading me to the side of his bed, the old king-sized bed that he and Mom had shared all those years.


“No,” I slurred into many syllables as Dad pulled my shirt up over my head.

“It’s that I don’t regret a minute of any of it,” Dad said, kneeling down and undoing my belt.

My jeans were coming down, and as I put my hand on my father’s bony shoulder I realized that my pouch was just inches away from his face. How I wished that the bulge was bigger, and just as I made another wish, it came true.


Dad was tugging my underwear down, and then I was naked and being eased into the sheets. Dad was standing next to the bed, looking at my body in the dim light as he unbuttoned his pajama top, and after he tossed it aside his fingers undid the bottoms.


My body was trembling as my father climbed into bed next to me, and when he reached over and took me in his arms I did not resist. On our sides facing each other, he pressed our bodies together, and as he did I felt my cock get hard.


“Last night,” Dad whispered in my ear. “When you stood next to the bed – how I wanted for you to climb in bed with me.”

“You saw?” I asked.

“Yes,” Dad said. “When I saw what you were doing it aroused me to think that you found me attractive. I should have reached out to you last night.”


I gasped when I felt my father’s hand wrap around my stiff cock, bringing it to a whole different level of hardness. I felt like blue steel in his tight grip, and when he gave my cock a gentle pull I groaned.

“Here,” Dad said, taking my hand with his free one and bringing it under the sheet.

“Oh!” I moaned as my father put my hand on his cock, a cock that was not limp and squishy like it seemed to be last night but long and pretty hard.


I let my hand slide up the shaft, which seemed to not have an end to it, and when my hand slid down to the base of it we both let out a sigh.

“Can’t believe you big yours is,” I said softly, while pulling on the prong whose tip rested against my stomach.

“You’re so hard,” Dad whispered as his hand spun around the shaft. “I have to…”



My father slid down the bed, taking the sheet along with him, and as I looked down into the semi-darkness, I saw my cock being caressed lovingly and then disappearing into his mouth. His lips slid right down to the base of my tool effortlessly and then made the same trip back up to the head, which he swabbed with his swirling tongue before going right down to the base of my tool.

It was amazing how much different getting my dick sucked by my father was than when Jeff did it. Since those were the only two people who had ever touched me, I didn’t have a whole lot of experience, but Dad was so much more passionate, treating my dick like he was lavishing love on it, whereas Jeff and I merely gobbled each other’s dicks in a frenzy, too horny and anxious to get each other off to bother with much foreplay.


Dad was totally the opposite, and that was why I hadn’t cum seconds after he touched me. He brought me to the brink of orgasm several times, only to back off and play around with my balls, licking and sucking on them before going back to my cock, which remained arched back onto my stomach pointing at me.

My eyes were adjusting to the dimness of the room, so I could see Dad’s tongue sliding along the underside of my cock before he took it all in again, taking the 6″ inches of throbbing flesh into his mouth and beyond effortlessly.

I wanted to touch him so badly, but he stayed down at the foot of the bed and out of reach, with only the top of his head visible and he brought me back to the brink of orgasm again, but this time he kept going.


My legs were churning as I felt my entire lower torso begin to tingle, much like getting a mild electric jolt, and then I erupted in my father’s mouth, sending what felt like a gusher of semen down his throat in a series of spurts that seemed to continue for an absurd length of time before ending.

Dad was kneeling at the foot of the bed, looking at me for my reaction before walking up to the headboard on his knees. His cock swung lazily between his thighs as he did, looking even longer than before, and when he got up to my side I reached out to it.

“You don’t have to,” my father said, but that wasn’t really true.


I did have to, and when I grabbed his cock I heard the loud intake of breath that came out of him. I could see the outline of the head of his cock under the foreskin of his monstrous organ as I gave the shaft a tug.

“Only did this to one guy before,” I apologized in advance.

“You’ll do fine, son. Here.”


Dad moved up so that he was up even with my head, and his cock dangled down in my face. I opened my mouth as far as I could while Dad dropped the tip of his cock into my mouth. I reached up and grabbed his low-hanging sac, rolling his balls in my palm as my lips experienced their first foreskin.

Not sure what to do with it, I tired to just move my mouth up as far as I could, while my father kept assuring me that I was doing fine.

“Here you go,” Dad said, retracting the foreskin and exposing the plum-sized glans of his monster cock, which was pinkish in hue, a sharp contrast to the more bronze color of the rest of his manhood.


Now I was just laying there with my mouth open as my father fed his cock into my mouth like a fishing line into a pond. Before I opened my eyes I imagined that I was sucking at least half of his cock – maybe 3/4’s of it, but when I looked up I saw that I was way off.

Dad didn’t seem to mind, because I could feel him getting harder and longer, until his cock was starting to point in a direction that made this erotic position impossible. Dad moved from his position of nearly straddling me, and I watched in disbelief as I saw what I had created.

His cock wasn’t fully erect, but the length of his manhood was not to be believed. As I would find out soon enough, this was as long as it would get, but now I wanted him to stand up. He got off the bed and I went down to my knees in front of him.


It was a position that I felt he deserved, with me at his feet almost worshipping his prodigious organ. This was also the position I had been the first time I had gone down on Jeff, so I felt comfortable there even though what I was facing was nothing like Jeff.

I wrapped my hands around the shaft of my father’s cock, retracting the foreskin myself this time, and proceeded to give myself to him. My lips went down as far as they could – right down to where my fists were pumping and churning the rest of his cock, and I moved my head as fast as I could while Dad ran his fingers through my hair.

“That’s good, son. So good,” he kept telling me, while I tried to get his cock fully erect.


I couldn’t, although it got pretty hard. After a few minutes I sensed he was getting tired of standing so I moved him down to the bed and knelt beside him.

“You’re doing great, Steven,” Dad assured me when I started to apologize again. “Keep doing what you’re doing.”

So I did. My jaws were aching as I forced as much of the fleshy monolith down my throat as I could without gagging, pulling and yanking on the shaft as I did. I could feel my father’s hand on the back of my thigh, and I slid a little closer, allowing him access to my balls, which he kneaded hard.


Dad started making little noises, and then I felt his hand clamp down on my sac just as his cum spurted into my mouth. I fought to keep from gagging as he shot some down my throat before he began to go limp in my grasp.

Then he was reaching up and bringing me down next to him, hugging me and telling me how much he loved me while we embraced.



“That’s about as hard as I can get these days,” Dad explained as we relaxed in bed. “Matter-of-fact, even when I was young I could never get really stiff. Not like you, that’s for sure.”

“So think about that whenever you start to think how much better it would be to have something like this,” Dad concluded as he wiggled his drooping cock at me. “What I wouldn’t give to feel some-one’s lips around the base of my cock just once. Your mother – how she tried…”

I reached over and hugged my father as he let out a couple of gentle sobs, and as we held each other I felt our cocks rubbing together, his limp and mine, which was limp but now was getting hard.


“I don’t want to be nosy, son,” Dad said after he regained his composure. “But did you and Jeff ever do anything besides – you know – what we just did?”

“You mean anal?” I asked. “No. We were going to one time but Jeff chickened out at the last minute. Why?”

“Just curious. That’s something that I always wanted to try but never did,” Dad confessed.


I shivered when I thought almost my father trying to stick that enormous weapon into my anus. Jeff’s finger got my attention that one time. What would it be like to have something like that inside me?”

“You can, if you want,” I finally blurted out.



“If you want to put your cock in my ass, you can,” I told him, wanting him to know how much I loved him. “I mean, I’ll try.”

“No no no,” Dad said, giving me a squeeze. “Even if I could, I wouldn’t. I was thinking more about you.”



Dad was on his knees before me, with his face buried in the pillow. Before me, his buttocks were spread apart, and his brown puckered ring was glistening with the lubricant I had liberally applied.

I had it all over my cock too, so much of it that I used it on my father’s cock and balls, which hung down from between his legs fully exposed and vulnerable.

My greased hands on his stuff felt really good, and made my cock even harder as I crept up to him. Pressing the tip of my dick squarely in the center of his anus I eased forward and slid in slowly.


I could hear my father groaning as I moved a little bit of my dick in and out of him, and when he started pushing back against me I began to move harder and put more of my dick in him until I was buried to the hilt, all six inches deep into his rectum.

His warm cavity felt so tight and good that I knew I wouldn’t last long, so I crouched over him and reached around, grabbing his flaccid cock and yanking on it hard as I pounded as hard as I could.

“Cumming,” I groaned, and I felt Dad’s body shudder as I sent volleys of my seed into his bowels, making his warm cavity even warmer.


I stayed inside of him as long as I could, until my limp dick oozed out, and then we went down into the bedding with me spooning behind him.

“You okay?” I asked.

“I’m great,” he said. “It was fantastic. How about you?”


“It was great,” I said. “You felt so tight and warm. I wish you could experience it too.”

“I’m happy as it is now,” Dad told me, but my mind was already working.



“Just one more night,” I said the next morning, when my father felt remorse about what he had done.

“You should be out looking for someone like Jeff,” he said.

“And you should be out looking for somebody like Mom – or somebody like yourself,” I added. “And we will, but give me one more night with you. Friday night. After that, it will be like nothing even happened.”


Dad agreed, so I went to work. I went to an adult book store and bought a few things for that special night. When Friday night arrived, we had a cocktail in the kitchen while dressed in our pajamas.

“You look like you’re in pain?” Do you have indigestion or something?” Dad asked me.

“No,” I said. “I’ve never been better.”


“Actually, I was in some discomfort, and my father would soon find out why.

“What’s all this?” Dad said as we went to his bedroom, where I had dumped the bag of stuff I had bought.

“Well, you know what this is,” I said, holding up the large bottle of lube that I bought.


Dad chuckled when he held up the device I had bought for him, the Iron Man 3000, which according to the package would make you as hard as the name implied.

“Why did you waste your money on this?” he asked. “These things don’t work.”

“If it doesn’t, no harm done. Think of it as a Father’s Day gift.”


“What’s this?” Dad said, a puzzled look on his face as he held up the empty plastic sleeve that held what it claimed was an 8″ dong.

I dropped my pajamas and turned around while bending over.

“Good grief,” I heard Dad exclaim. “How long have you been walking around with that inside of you?”


“A while,” I admitted.


“Wanted to get ready for you,” I said, and when he started to protest I cut him off.


“Please Dad,” I said. “It’s just tonight – our last night. Please don’t say no. You want it, and you deserve it. We both deserve it.”

“But what if this thing doesn’t…”

“It will,” I assured him, reaching over and unsnapping his pajamas and grabbing his dangling cock before they hit the floor. “You’re going to get hard. Really hard like you did when you were my age, and then you’re going to put that incredible cock of yours into my ass, and you’re going to take me just like I took you.”



For once in my life, I made the right decision when I bought something. I had almost opted to get a cheaper model of vacuum pump, but I was afraid that the size of the plastic vessel on the cheaper ones wouldn’t be big enough. For me it would have been fine but for Dad?

Now, after lubricating my father’s cock and stuffing it into the chamber, I was confident even though Dad was nervous and much less confident than me.


“Here goes,” I said while making the seal as tight as I could before pumping the trigger on the handle.

“Ooh!” Dad exclaimed when he felt the suction around his cock, and although I didn’t see much change after a minute or so, I remained confident.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” I asked. “Why don’t you work that thing around inside of me. It’s slipping out a little.


I swiveled a little, allowing my father to reach the dildo was was still in my ass, and as he grabbed it, he pulled it out before sliding it back into my lubricated opening.

“Good grief! This thing is enormous!” Dad exclaimed before slowly sliding it all the way back in, and when he saw I could take it with a minimum of strain, he seemed to enjoy sliding it in and out of me.

“That’s nice, Dad,” I said. “And in a couple of minutes, you’re going to take it’s place. It’s working.”


“I know,” Dad said, his voice cracking either through emotion of strain. “I can feel it.”

I kept squeezing the trigger just like the directions said, and kept watching as my father’s cock kept getting bigger and bigger, until it nearly filled the over-sized vessel to capacity.”

“Look, daddy!” I almost shouted. “Look at your cock!”


He looked down at the swollen member that looked distorted against the plastic and laughed as he pulled the dildo out of my ass.

“Don’t hold back, Daddy,” I implored him as I let go of the valve and released the vacuum before pulling his fully engorged manhood from the device and scrambled onto all fours. “I want it all.”



Dad was bigger than the dong that had been conditioning my anus all this time, but even though he was rock hard, his flesh was more gentle than the hard plastic had been. My anus felt like it was still wide open as Dad moved into next to me.

That being said, when I felt the head of my father’s cock begin to penetrate my anus, I experienced more pain than I was expecting. I bit into the pillow, determined to not let him know how excruciating this really was, and even managed to tell him I was okay when he asked.

Finally, I felt the ridge of his glans pop inside of me, and when that did he lurched a little forward, filling more of me with his cock, and as he did the pain changed. It still hurt, but I wanted more, and as I got used to it I began to urge him on.


“That’s it!” I yelped. “Fuck me hard, Dad.”

His left hand were on my hip and I think his right hand was wrapped around the base of his shaft as he began to thrust harder and deeper.

“Harder!” I cried, dizzy and delirious as I clawed at the bedding while my father really got into it. “I want all of you cock in me.”


He didn’t, of course, and probably didn’t come close to fully impaling me, but what he gave me was plenty, and it was plenty good for both of us.

“So tight, so good,” Dad said, and I don’t know if he was crying or laughing as it said it, and when he told me he was cumming I was wishing it would never end.

Dad’s sweaty body wrapped around mine, I felt his cock lurch inside of me, and then the warmth began to spread all over my insides as his cock twitched away deep in my rectum.


“Son?” Dad asked me as he remained hunched over me while I felt his long serpent-like penis begin to wind its way out of my bowels.

“I loved it,” I said without hesitation. “I loved it and I love you.”

“Thank you for your gifts,” Dad said as we collapsed on the bedding. “Especially the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.”



Another Friday night, but a couple of moths in the future, and I was looking forward to a fun-filled night with what I hoped would include a lot of sex.

“You and Andrew really seem to be hitting it off,” my father said as he watched me prepare to visit my new boyfriend, a cute Asian-American guy in my Psych class at college. “Spending the night, you said?”


“Yes,” I said. “What are your plans?”

“Uh – well,” my father said just as the doorbell rang, and since I was right next to the door I swung it open.

“Mr. Peters?” I asked when I recognized the man at the door.


Mr. Peters was a gym teacher back in my old high school, but I was never in his classes and had no idea why he was here anyway.

“Ralph!” I heard mt Dad say as he opened the door wide to let the muscular man inside.

“Hello Steven,” Mr. Peters said, clapping me on the shoulder a before giving my Dad a hug.


“Guess I’ll get going,” I said, my head spinning as I realized what was going on.

“See you tomorrow, Steven,” Dad said as he ushered me out the door.

“Oh, and thanks again for that gift,” Dad whispered in my ear.


“You mean you’re going to use…”

“We already did,” Dad confessed. “The other afternoon. It worked great – for both of us.”



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