I Love My Son Even More

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series I Love My Son

The Present:

Very reluctantly I returned home, after a week spent with my son in New York. It was truly the most wonderful, loving sexy week of my entire life. Things had escalated far beyond anything I would have ever even dreamed, but into a realm that drove me deeply into ecstasy again and again.

Our last night together was as passionate as it was heart-rending. My plane was to leave at 10:00 AM the next morning and Jack absolutely had to go to work. He had taken the rest of that magical week off of work to spend every minute with me. We had seen everything in the city worth seeing, made out passionately in Central Park, made love outdoors on Ellis Island, between ferries, and had some of the best food the city could offer. Every night was a sensual exploration of both of our bodies and souls, more intimate than two humans ever shared.


I was in tears in the cab to the airport. My nipples ached from our last night together, as much as the ached for Jack’s touch, a touch that we had agreed could never happen again. It had been the ultimate sin against nature to be intimate that way, and as much as we adored making love together, we both agreed that it could not continue. We lived in the world, the world was thus, and would never understand or accept our fucking each other; such a crying shame!!

The flight home to Colorado was filled with thoughts of what we had done to and with each other. I was now filled with a confused sense of shame; shame that I had made love to my son and shame that I had loved it so much. Even now my pussy throbbed at the recollection of his cock in me. So perfect, so long and thick. I continually forced myself to stop thinking of how it felt. I wanted somehow to feel terrible about it. That would ease the guilt and hopefully this hint of longing.

I was flying home to my own life and a lover of some 9 months now.


9 Months Earlier:

I met my lover Eric the previous autumn in one of those typical romantic-comedy moments when had been sitting on a barstool right behind me at the ski resort near my home. I was close friends with Hans the General Manager of the resort and we had been hiking up to the summit of the runs to check out the completion work on his latest ski lift, a nice speedy quad to the summit. The view was great and we shared a schnapps out of his moth-eaten bota bag. I promised to get him anew one for Christmas. Back down at the lodge we had a drink at the bar and a very noisy group sat right behind us. During the off season, no one wants to shoo away any business so Hans and I left them alone.

I was annoyed though by the constant jostling by the person right behind me. Finally I turned to ask, “I’m sorry, but do you mind?” The whole group silenced as he turned to face me.


“I’m sorry”. He replied, “But, I’m Eric”.

“You’re sorry that you’re Eric?” I asked, smiling. The group laughed.

“No, that wasn’t quite right”, he countered. One of the girls leaned forward.


“Want he means is, that because ‘He’s Eric’ he can’t help being a boor”. Everyone laughed. The girl had a thick English accent. More laughter from the group. It appeared that Eric was the leader of this motley crew of foreigners, even though he sounded like he was from California.

Hans chimed in, “Well, I have to get on. Eric, this is Marilyn. Marilyn, this ‘boor’ is Eric Hansen.” Hans gave me a look that said, ‘you know Eric Hansen?’. I didn’t know Eric Hansen. I felt as though I had just met Brad Pitt, and hadn’t a cue who that was. More laughter, as my face reddened. Hans left me with these strangers and I joined their party.

I came to understand that Eric Hansen was quite famous in some circles as the developer of some kind of computer thingy and had a huge worldwide business, that I knew nothing about. Eric seemed to like me, which made the other women in the group, (groupies, I think), incensed that their attentions were less interesting. Regardless, his attentions rained down over me for the next hours or so.


“I’m in town for business but love it here. I would love to buy a place here. Say, can you recommend a good real estate agent?” I smiled.

“A good real estate agent other than me, you mean?” His smile broadened widely. I was drawn in a bit more and felt it happening. “What are you in the mood for?” I asked, then immediately corrected, “I mean … what are you in the market for?” His eyes were really very attractive.

Our conversation moved away from the others as he described his ideal house here, Very large, great for parties, lots of storage, right against the mountain, no one else close by, indoor Jacuzzi in a room with a view of town and the mountains. Rather a tall order if this wasn’t the Aspen area, where such houses exist in abundance. We agreed to meet in the morning so that I could show him a listing that had been on the market for months with no action; too expensive!


Long story short, Eric bought the house, paid me a ransom in fees, hired my girlfriend and I to furnish it tastefully, seduced me into the Jacuzzi after the raging house warming party, and fucked me beautifully in his giant new master bed. Eric was too perfect. You know the saying, “too perfect”. He had a spectacularly quick mind and wit, loved the outdoors, his body was a delight, and in bed he was an incredible fuck!

He made me keep a key to the house, as he was constantly travelling, but would alight into town at the drop of a hat, sweep me away for hikes out into the Maroon Lake area and make love to me in the woods up there. To get an idea of just how spectacular that is, Google images of “Maroon Lake in autumn” and you’ll get the idea. The lake is not far from my cabin.

Things took a decidedly different turn some months later when Eric arrived just after Christmas. He called from his plane and I went shopping for us. I arrived at the house, parked in the drive, skipped up the front steps unlocked the front door and opened it onto a scene I’ll never forget. I was face to face with a beautiful young man of slender build, soft long blond hair, small round glasses, and the most tender, beautiful mouth, while Eric and a tall blond supermodel-type kissed passionately right behind him.


The young man simply stared at this new intruder, while Eric and his woman turned slowly to face me. All were shocked and confused at my appearance before them. The boy and the woman looked scared and perplexed, Eric simply looked terrified at being caught. ‘His wife and kid’, I quickly thought, ‘Ooooh shit!!’

“Hi there”, I offered brightly. “I’m Marilyn.” Long pause. “The realtor”. Nothing. “Eric’s assistant called and asked me to bring some things out before you all got here. You’re early”, I made up. The tension eased just a bit. The wife’s eyes narrowed a bit. “I didn’t expect anyone to be here”, I stammered.

“His assistant Lori?” the wife asked with a clear look of entrapment on her face. I flicked a glance to Eric, whose face was unreadable.


“You know, I don’t know. They just said that they were ‘Eric’s assistant’, I didn’t ask.” The wife seemed satisfied, but only sort of. “Shall I put these in the kitchen?”.

“When did Eric’s Assistant happen to call you?” the wife asked again. More panic. Thinking quickly, between Eric’s call from the plane this moment, I assumed that their appearance was a surprise visit.

“I don’t know. Just a little bit ago?” I offered, waiting for the explosion. None came. She waved me away dismissively, and went back to Eric’s lips. I took one more look at the boy’s gorgeous, almost effeminate face and dragged the stuff to the kitchen.


“Have fun” I said as I slipped out the door.

I was surprised when tears came on the way home. How could I have been so … what? Stupid? Blind? Had I ever asked? Of course, Eric never said anything, but then why would he? He had everything the world had to offer. Girls like me must come and go all the time. I cried when I got home. It was over. It had to be. I wasn’t the type to be kept on the side, secret from his wife, his real love, his real life. I finally admitted to myself that I had been thinking about being his … wife? Really? Yes, I guess so. I had fallen into a lifestyle of sharing his wealthy lifestyle, fun and food and play without a thought for the rest of the world. When we were together, nothing else existed for us.

Now the reality came crashing in. He had a life other than me, maybe several. A wife. A kid!! A week flashed by before Eric called me. He was going to be back in town and would I see him. No! I had stated firmly, only to be lulled into a quiet OK. He came to my office, a small storefront right in town. The scene came from the same romantic-comedy as the night I first met him. He was married, but didn’t really burn for her. Their kid was a quiet, bookish loner who Eric thought might be gay, his life was filled with pressures that I couldn’t imagine. I was the only one who truly gave him peace of mind. Our time together made the rest of his life bearable. He wanted me, would do anything to keep me.


The truth was that I never really thought of possessing him, being his wife, living in that huge house. Being his lover had always been enough, as I had never thought much past that. I had my own little life and was happy in it. He was just a wonderful fling. I just felt now that being the ‘other woman’ was not a role that I wanted to play.

He had come through for just one night, specifically to visit me. Would I join him for dinner? I don’t think so, I told him. Later that night however, I went to the huge house, let myself in, found him on the couch, pulled him to the Jacuzzi, stripped for him, sucked his gorgeous cock, fed him my nipples and pussy and let him fuck me in his bed in every conceivable position. I woke him at 4:00 AM to give me one more hard fucking face to face, before we both had to get up; me to go home and shower for work, him to get to his jet for France.

The passion of his deep French kisses, as his cock hammered my tight pussy, proved his feelings for me, though not his love. I thought of the huge house around us, the snow outside, his jet, his wife, his beautiful naïf-like son, his cock. His glorious hard cock, giving me such pleasure. I spread my legs wide open for him, because I knew that he loved the way I looked like that. I took full hold of my breasts, milking them to the tips and drawing out my nipples for him to watch. He loved that too. “Fuck me sweetie!” I growled at him and he responded, pounding my puss mercilessly. His thighs were slapping my bottom. “Yeah, baby! Fuck my pussy, I love your cock!!”


“Yeah?” he asked between gasps. “You like this big hard cock?” I told him that I did, more than anything. “Take it baby! Take that fucking cock! God, I love fucking you Mare!!”

“Come for me Eric! Come on me. Come all over these pretty tits!” He went crazy, fucking me like a madman and then pulled his beautiful penis out of my soaked puss and exploded all over me, my cheeks, my tits, my tummy. It was thrilling to watch it gush out over me. His cum was sweet on my tongue. We showered, dressed, kissed and then parted. I went home and called New York, my son, waking him at 5:30 AM.

Jack answered in a daze and was immediately concerned as I sounded on the verge of tears; I was. “How could I be so stupid?” I asked him. “I never even asked if he was married, worse had a kid … ” Jack was very supportive even though I felt out of place discussing my very private life with my son.


“Come on Mom. Don’t get down on yourself. You said yourself it was just a fling.” Jack soothed me over the phone. “Is it more than just a fling?” I confessed that having thought about it, maybe it was, at least for me. “Well he’s extraordinarily lucky to have you. Any guy would die to be with you. You’re heavenly”

“At least the guys who are willing to cheat on their wives.” I countered. Jack’s father had; why he was no longer involved in either of our lives anymore. Now here I was, the ‘other woman’. I felt like such a shit.

“Listen Mom, if he has made the decision to cheat on his wife, than that’s his choice. If you enjoy his company, and he’s willing to carve out a secret place for just you two and there’s no involvement with his ‘other life’ … and if, and only if, it fills a need in your life without getting too involved, then what’s the harm?” Jack offered. “I mean, his life away from you has no bearing on yours at all. When he’s in town he’s with you, only. When he’s away, you have your complete freedom.” He trailed off. “I don’t know … maybe that could work for you. I don’t care about him! I just want you to be happy. If having a lover that you see when it’s convenient is good for you, then so be it. I’m just happy you’re getting some.”


“Jackey!” I chided. “You shouldn’t talk that way about your mother.” I hadn’t called him Jackey since he was little. “The fact that I’m … getting some shouldn’t be something that you and I discuss.”

“Hey lady, you called me, don’t forget.” He chuckled from his end. I did as well. “I like knowing that you’re getting some and that it makes you happy. It must or you wouldn’t be this upset about it. Sex is normal and natural, you taught me that. It’s as normal for you as it is for me.” There was a long pause. “So, … how is it? Is he good in bed?”

“Jack! I’m going to hang up on you!” I chided, half-heartedly.


“I know. I’m sorry. It’s just that … well … I’m not getting much myself.” He admitted. “None in fact.”

He had only been in New York for a few weeks. His wife and he had finally split after a rocky start to a short marriage. He admitted to not really being in the mood, and that he thought she had ruined him regarding women. I felt terrible that he was so supportive and that here I was calling about my troubles, which were small in comparison. We chatted a bit more and at the end of which he admitted to being intensely horny.

“It’s weird, I don’t really want to go out with any women that I’ve met here, but am so horny all the time.” I refrained from scolding him. After a pause he admitted, “I masturbate more now than I ever did before.” Again I remained oddly silent. Ordinarily I would never have stood for this kind of talk from him. Now it felt like he just needed a friend, not a Mom.


“Which was pretty often, as I recall.” I blurted, not thinking.

“What?” came his instant reply. “How would you know?” his voice deeply concerned.

“Jack, remember our house on Tudor Street? Not very big? Our beds back to back on one wall? Walls like paper?” Silence from his end. “It’s no big deal baby, everyone does.”


“Did you?” Long pause.

“Of course.” Another long pause. “Sorry, I bet that’s weird to think of your mother that way.”

“Not at all.” He replied. “That’s hot. I’m glad you did.” My mind turned that comment over slowly. “Well,” he sighed, “I’m going to go and masturbate now.” I laughed out loud. “You think I’m kidding? I’m not. Don’t know why, but I’m in the mood right now.”


He told me that he loved me and that whatever I decided regarding Eric, he was behind me 100%. I noted that his voice sounded as if he had started masturbating already; kind of shaky. “Go enjoy yourself sweetie. Love you. Bye” I sat there with the phone in my hand, imagining Jack with his cock in his hand at this very moment. My nipples ached. ‘That was weird’ I thought and dressed for work.

Over the course of the next 6 months my telephonic relationship with Jack evolved slowly into one of a much more confidential nature. He related certain details of his failed marriage, including some very intimate, sexual details that a mother didn’t ordinarily share with a son. I think it stemmed from not having anyone, male or female to confide in. He was still new in town, working extraordinarily hard at work, and continued with the sense that dating women seemed pointless and stupid. We had successfully avoided the masturbation topic until one night late in the spring.

Jack had called me late one night on my mobile. He got me as I was literally just stepping into Eric’s indoor Jacuzzi. “Jack, sweetie. Let me call you right back from the house phone.” Eric had a phone system built into the bath that was hands-free so he could chat while in the tub. I settled into the gloriously hot water and rang Jack back. When he asked what I was doing I told him.


“You’re all alone?” He asked. “In the tub?” I was. I went on to describe the view out the window, the magic hour light in the sky barely showing the contours of the mountains, the lights of the town below. “I bet that’s so beautiful.” He whispered. His voice was somehow more soothing, as it floated to me out of nowhere. The phone speakers were routed through the stereo speakers, making the other person sound like they were somewhere behind you, in the room.

“God, what an image. You in that tub, … in that window, … in that place. Are the bubbles on?” I told him no that the water was very hot and very still. “You’re nude?”

“Jack!” I scolded. “Well, of course. I’m in the tub, hello.” After a long pause he admitted to picturing the scene. “Picturing the scene?” I blurted. He just moaned quietly. My stomach fluttered a bit. “How do I look?” I purred, completely jokingly.


“God, Mom. I bet you look so good there.” Somewhat abashed, I could think of nothing to say. Jack continued in a whisper so low I almost couldn’t hear him, but did. “I bet you are so gorgeous, in the nude, in that tub.” My heart began to race a bit. “Head laid back, beautiful body, floating a bit … so warm … ” Long silence. “So wet.” I realized that I was.

There was a bit of rustling from his end. “There that’s better.” I guessed but didn’t ask; I didn’t have to. “I’m nude too, now” Jack whispered really low. I decided that I would pretend that I didn’t hear. ‘Why pretend?’ I wondered. Did I want to hear? My heart was pounding now. The whispering continued. “Gorgeous nipples … perfect hips … wondrous legs … I wish I could see you.” I made no sound. “So hard … Mmmmm … I’m so hard.” I was entranced, totally turned on. “Oooooh, this feels so good! Mmmmmm …. I wish you could see me. Mmmmm smooth. Shortly there followed the unmistakable heavy breathing of someone masturbating. What should I do I wondered.

My cell phone rang.


“Oh, sorry sweetie. I have to get that. Good to chat with you. Love you. Have fun. Bye.” I pushed the hang-up button and sat for a moment while my cell chimed.

“Hello?” It was Eric. I related to him where I was, what I was doing, and that I had just gotten off the phone with my son in New York. I left out much of the details. Eric immediately keyed in on the fact that I was nude in his tub and we proceeded to have passionate phone sex for the next 15 minutes. I came as I hadn’t made myself, perhaps ever. My mental images bouncing back and forth between my body under the water, Eric’s lovely cock in Geneva, (where he was calling from), and Jack masturbating in New York. Eric was thrilled with how noisy my orgasm was.

Jack and I didn’t share the same intimacy over the phone again. We didn’t discuss anything sexual…


until I went to visit.

The Present:

On the plane home, we made the familiar approach into the mountainous bowl that cradles the Aspen Airport. It was late summer and the trees had not yet begun to turn that incredible yellow, but it was so good to be back in my little town. Aspen is anything but little anymore, but in the offseason, you can picture what it must have been like 30 years ago.


I got my car from the lot and headed for home. I live a short way out of town in the valley between Snowmass and Maroon Creek, on a road that you can’t find, even if you’ve been there before. I love it in the woods. The house was freezing by the time I arrived, to find a note from Eric on the counter. He’d been there a few days before, spent a while sitting on my porch dreaming of making slow, deep love to me in my own bed, and then put some wildflowers in a vase on the kitchen table. They were still standing proudly; beautiful. “What a guy.” I said aloud and then hauled my luggage into the bedroom.

Unpacking brought back a wash of memories. Some of the candy that Jack gave me; the pressed roses that had come with the candy; Jack’s dress shirt that I had so successfully used to seduce him one night; the fishnet bodysuit that he got for me and had me wear to the club another night when we went out; the camisole and panties that I had worn to bed the first time I sucked his spectacular cock. My sodden panties became more so now.

I stripped nude and put on Jack’s shirt and went to look at myself in the bathroom mirror. “Not bad.” I said aloud to no one. I slowly parted it in front to show my cleavage. The swell of both breasts, exposed in the middle, erect nipples pushing out the material on either side … my newly shaven pussy totally showing at the bottom. It tingled a bit with recognition. Jack had done that …


On my third night in New York with Jack, we had ordered Chinese take out, and ate in front of the TV. I was dressed in the very shirt that I wore now, braless and in the tiniest pair of panties, (if you can even call them that), that I have ever worn. He’d gotten them at the same time as the bodysuit. Jack thrilled, (as did I), in reaching over and lifting the edge on the shirt to peer at my bare breasts inside. “Can’t you get enough of that?” I asked him.

He admitted that, “No. I really don’t think that I will ever get over the thrill of being to do this with you. I love it!! And you!” We kissed as his fingertips stroked my breast, my tummy, and down over my barely-covered puss. “You do need a bit of a trim though.” He joked. We both looked down to find wisps of my hair peeking around the ridiculously small patch of cloth that covered my pussy. Not that I have a large bush, by no means, I keep it closely cropped always, but this particular pair of undies didn’t cover anything.

“Jack, I would have to be completely shaved for you not to see any hair with these little things.” I offered.


He agreed and we began the long negotiation that led to me lying back in the tub, with my pussy raised up out of the water, so that Jack could shave my pussy bare. I had extracted a great many promises from my sexy son in order to allow him this once-in-a-lifetime privilege. Once complete however, I had to agree that, yes my pussy was quite beautiful, very swollen, and very wet. He went down on me with a renewed passion and fucked me so hard for an hour and a half, that we were both ready for another shower in the end.

My fingers were gently stroking over my beautiful bare lips, as I stood in my bathroom, replaying the feel of Jack’s sexy tongue teasing me there. My other fingers found my erect nipple, still so sore from his chewing on it just this morning …

My cell phone rang. I grabbed it up, not a small bit irritated at the interruption, and noticed Eric’s name on the screen. “Hey sexy. I’m here.” He said after my greeting. He wanted to see me, at his house, he was making dinner, for us. Eric told me that he had rented “Sleepless…” which I admit to being one of my favorite films. I told him that I would see him in 2 hours.


I stripped off Jack’s shirt and hung it carefully in the closet and went back into the bathroom to get my shower and noticed, horrified that I was a mess. There was quite a hickey on my neck, Jack had bit my left nipple so hard that the areola was bruised, and my knees looked like I had crawled a mile through broken glass. “Shit!” I said aloud. There was the very real likelihood that Eric was about to run across all of these blemishes and wonder how I got them. That, and the fact that my puss was now completely shaved, which would be rather obvious. Panic set in.

It wasn’t until I was halfway through my shower, that I realized that, ‘Hey, I’m all worked up about being discovered as unfaithful to a man whose entire relationship with me was based on being unfaithful. I began to resent feeling guilty about it. In fact, I started feeling good about giving him a taste of what he gave his family every time he came to town.

By the time I got out of the shower though, I was feeling less put upon. I had long since agreed to continue to have ‘an affair’ with a married man who had no plans whatsoever of leaving his wife for me, nor did I want him to. I didn’t want him for myself, beyond the fun that we had currently. In fact he was better for me as the married man. I would simply tell him that I slept with someone else, that it was no big deal, that things between us were just the same, that we’d never agreed to be ‘faithful’ or ‘exclusive’ to each other.


I wore the postage stamp panties under the obscenely sexy dress that Jack bought for me at Caroline’s on 5th avenue. Eric was thrilled to see me and swept me into his arms 2 steps in the door. He noticed the hickey immediately, gave me a sidelong glance and a wink and said nothing. Dinner was great, in front of the movie. After, I went to the bathroom while he got into the Jacuzzi. He sat across from me as I stood and slowly stripped for him. I peeled the dress like a second skin, teasing him with my bare breasts, and then the diminutive panties. He motioned for me to turn in the panties, which I did, slowly, dancing. I peeled them off with my back to him, bending fully to show him everything from behind; not a hair in sight.

“Whoever he was, he got the thrill of a lifetime I’m sure.” He said. I had a flash of guilt wash over me until I saw the wide grin on Eric’s handsome face. I turned and showed him my bare pussy from the front. “Fuck!” he said simply. “That is so beautiful!” He swept through he water towards me and ate my pussy as I sat on the edge. He sucked my entire swollen, sore clit into his mouth and jammed a finger into my puss. Even sore as it was, I loved it.

“Ooooh baby, yeah!” I moaned loudly. “Fuck my pussy!” He did, roughly, but I loved it. I was on fire and ready to cum immediately. “My ass, baby” I hissed, half out of my mind. “Fuck my ass too!” Eric moved up.


“Wow, baby! This guy must have lit you up.”

I flashed for a moment on Jack, who had taught me how much I enjoyed a finger in my pussy and one in my ass at the same time; just this morning as a matter of fact. A bit of panic washed over me again. All I could think of was to moan loudly. Eric’s fingers did just what I asked and I had a very noisy, active orgasm less than a minute later. Eric picked me up turned me over and jammed his incredibly hard cock into me without any prelude. I was sore as hell but it felt so good. “Oh yeah, baby! That’s it sweetie. Fuck my pussy with that gorgeous cock. Oh baby! I love your fucking cock!! Fuck me hard!” He did; with everything he had. He held my hips so tight, he left bruises there too, but hammered my pussy perfectly, until he pulled out and splashed his warm cream all over my back and butt. We collapsed into each other’s arms in the water.

Eric woke me with coffee in the morning. “Morning baby. I have to run, I’m sorry. Things have fallen apart in London and I have to fly there just now.” He kissed me awake and told me, “I’ll be back in a few days and want to hear all about this tryst you had in New York”. I lay in Eric’s bed for another hour, feeling completely fucked out. My pussy was absolutely raw.


It was a week and a half before Eric returned and this time for only an evening. I met him at the airport and he seemed harried and distracted. What he wanted was to take me home and fuck me before he had to get back on the plane. I was not in the mood for a quick fuck and drop off, so I suggested that we got out and eat. He grudgingly agreed, so I took him to a little steak joint that I love, with a quiet little table in back. I was really pissed that he figured he could just use me for the evening and take off. This was not developing into the kind of relationship that I wanted.

We spent most of the meal talking about my trip to New York, where I went, what I did, what I saw. Eric knew that I had primarily gone to consol Jack, and was wondering when I had time to meet and screw whoever it was that I did. I was blending truth and some lies about where and when I screwed this ‘person’. I described him in detail, that matched Jack; younger, good looking, dark hair, firmly built, nice big cock, with a cute tattoo of a kangaroo on his butt. This was true of Jack; he’d gotten it on a trip to Australia, some years before. I had examined it closely in New York as I scratched his back, (and his adorable bottom).

Eric asked some probing questions about our sexual activities and I figured I would tease him, (or punish his taking me for granted), and described some of the things that we did together. I told him about this wild party that we had attended on a Saturday night. I told him that ‘my lover’ had bought me a sexy fishnet body suit that I wore to this club. I wound up dancing in nothing but the fishnet, Later we were so worked up we had to leave and head home to fuck. Eric’s face was unreadable. Maybe I had gone too far.


Eric asked some questions about the club, including the kind of music that they played. I told him that Techno and Trance was the music of choice there, not really my thing but the groove was definitely on.

“So you were dancing just in the fishnet body suit and nothing else?” I said I was. “Is it very sheer? I mean can you see through it?”

“Oh, totally! My pussy and nipples. Completely see-through.”


“Totally turned your lover on, I bet.” I said it had.

Eric looked thoughtful. “Saturday night?” I nodded, feeling a bit anxious with the questions. Eric’s brain was turning, I could see. “This was the club you were at when I called you from L.A.?” My anxiety level rose, but I nodded. “You were drunk and put me on the phone with your son.” My mind was blank. “You dress like that in front of your son?” He seemed intrigued.

“Well.” I started. “It’s not like that at all.” ‘Not like what?’ I wondered. Eric probably did too.


I told Eric that Jack and I had a very close relationship, after Jack’s dad split. Money was tight and we had lived in a tiny place, which brought our relationship very close together. I told Eric that we had gone skinny-dipping together in the Jacuzzi on a ski trip one time, perfectly innocently and that Jack and I once went to a nude beach, in California. Eric asked which beach.

“It was between Ventura and Santa Barbara, Bates Road Beach, I think. Really a pretty place.” Eric thought that it was cool that we could be so relaxed around each other, and I began to relax a bit.

“What did Jack think of your lover?” he asked.


“He liked him.” I lied. I began to blush, as I’m a terrible liar. “Thought he was cool.”

“Spent the whole time talking about Australia?”

“I’m sorry?” I asked, lost.


“They both spent time in Australia, right?.” Eric said. “You said this guy had a ‘roo’ tattoo on his ass. Didn’t your son go there for a couple of months some years ago?”

This was getting bad. One little lie and it starts turning into a nightmare. “Yeah … well … I don’t remember them talking about it.”

“Well your son sounds cool about letting you cut loose with this guy, during such a short trip. I mean Jack really sounded like he needed his family, well you, ’cause he was so down. But … you know … we take love where and when we find it. Right?”


I was sounding like a complete shit heel. My son needs me, so I fly to New York to consol him, only to romp off with some dude I just met. This was not the conversation I had started out. We finished our dinner and I dropped Eric back at his plane. He kissed me deeply and told me that he would see me soon. I replayed our conversation twice on the drive home. Had I let slip too much about Jack, and this fucking ‘lover’ guy that was exactly like Jack. My hope was that Eric would forget all about the entire discussion.

The topic never came up again, throughout the fall and into the winter. Things were settling down, but tiny alarm bells rang a bit when Jack called mid November saying that he was coming home for Christmas. I was thrilled at seeing my son, but apprehensive about our agreement, made in the wee hours of my final morning there, that our sexual relationship could not continue beyond that one special week. Also, I resolved not to get Jack and Eric together, as being too fraught with possible exposure. Eric had told me that his family would be in town for the holiday, which would prevent our seeing one another. I told him that I understood completely, which I did. This was the bargain that we tacitly made when we first started seeing each other.

Eric and I saw each other a fair amount in November and early December, preparing for the forced respite from each other over Christmas. My little house in the woods was dressed and decorated for the holidays, like I hadn’t done in years. Jack was coming and I wanted it to be like it was when he was little; magical! I would set him up in my office, which had a futon in it. My place wasn’t big, but neither were any of the places we lived in when he was younger. It would be like old times.


December 18 dawned clear and cold. It had snowed overnight, adding to the coverage that had blanketed my yard for 2 weeks already. Jack’s plane was due at 2:30 and I couldn’t wait to get him home. I had planned a pretty full itinerary for the first few days; movies to see; dinners out; shopping in town. I got up showered and was getting dressed, when I opened my panty drawer and ran across both the tiny panties and the fishnet bodysuit. My heart jumped at the flood of memories that washed over me and I slammed the drawer shut. ‘Why did I keep these in this drawer’ I wondered. That cannot happen again, I rehearsed. An insistent image of Jack’s perfect cock, erect and ready, rose up in my mind. I tried to wrench my thought away. The memory of the feel of his firm thickness deep in my mouth rose up in its place. I held the dresser for balance as I looked to the ceiling for help. That gorgeous cock, ‘my cock’, will be sleeping right next door to me.

“Oh for heavens sake girl.” I shouted out loud. “Get a fucking grip!” I tossed the panties and bodysuit onto the floor and kicked them under my bed. I threw on a pair of cute but more modest cotton undies and finished dressing. Got to get to the airport.

The drive was surprisingly quick and then suddenly there he was. I saw him at quite a distance as he came off the plane. He was laden with luggage and bags but shot me the warmest, most heart-melting smile. I imagined a soldier home from the war, coming home to his girl. “No. No! No!!’ I thought. He’s your son, woman. Treat him like a son. Hands off. Peck on the cheek. Jack’s warm smile kept melting the resolve as soon as I built it. He walked closer and closer, his smile bigger and brighter.


“Mom” was all he said before dropping everything and sweeping me into his arms and kissing me hard on the mouth. My feet were off the floor, his arms tight around me. Then his soft , beautiful, sexy lips were touching my ear. “Oh, I’ve missed you so much. I’m so happy to be here.” Another kiss, a long deep gaze, enormous smile and we were off home. He sat far away in the car, but totally turned towards me. His eyes never left me as I drove back to the house. It was difficult to maintain my watch of the road with him staring so intently.

“So,” I asked him, “what do you want to do first?” I swear even without actually seeing him, I felt the incredibly sexy look he gave me.

“Hot bath.” was his reply. “I have been dreaming of that tub all the way from Kennedy.” I have an enormous copper French bathtub, that holds an incredible amount of water. I have taken it with me through 3 different moves. As we left the main road and headed up the drive, Jack finally looked away to take in how much snow had fallen already. “God, it’s beautiful here.” Turning to me, “So beautiful!”


We got his stuff into the house and I heard the water start filling the tub. He wasn’t kidding. I had made us eggnogs with Grand Marnier and entered the bathroom to find him already halfway undressed. He turned to me dressed just in jeans, unbuttoned all the way, showing his black underwear underneath. I began to apologize for not knocking, but before I could get the words out the jeans fell, revealing how tiny his briefs were. Oh, that beautiful bulge in there. I almost spilled. He took his drink. “Cheers.” He said and clinked my drink. He took a swing, set it on the table and dropped his shorts in one swift movement. He stood again, completely nude. Not erect, nothing sexual, just a gorgeous young man, with a fantastic body, completely, beautifully nude. “I’m so glad to be here with you.” He said, kissed my cheek and moved to get into the tub. I just stood and watched.

Apparently I watched long enough that he suggested I join him in the tub, there was room enough for sure. I demurred saying that I would let him relax. I had mini quiches in the oven anyway. Jack told me to come back and chat when I was done, that he would soak for awhile.

I was in trouble! I went to the kitchen to check my quiches, heart racing. The image of Jack’s cock dancing in my head. I shook myself. I had self restraint. I could handle it. I wasn’t some ditzy young girl with no sense of right and wrong. ‘Plus’, I thought to myself, ‘Plus, I have a boyfriend’. Thinking about it, that sounded ludicrous. “No,” I said aloud to myself, ” I’m fucking a married man.” Jesus! What was I? Fucking a married man, totally on his schedule, whenever he came to town, lusting after my son … who I’ve already fucked! I sat down at the table, head in my hands. My joy at having Jack home was turning into high anxiety.


I turned off the oven, threw on my parka, stepped into my Sorels and went out into the snow. I was in tears by the time I stepped off the porch. What kind of fucked up mess was I? And what kind of mess was I creating for those around me? I walked clear up the trail to my little pond before the crying stopped.

Thinking about it hard, I realized that every one of us involved was an adult, smart, capable, individual. No one was in any pain from this. Intense pleasure, even love, flowed through every part of this. The old song Que Sera Sera came to mind; What Will Be, Will Be. Let life lead, I thought, follow and enjoy.

“Fuck it.” I whispered. “Fuck it!” I yelled into the snowy landscape. I turned and headed back.


“Quiche?” I asked, reentering the bathroom, without knocking. Jack looked up, languorously. He smiled at me. He would love one, thank you. I leaned over and placed it in his mouth. The bathwater was so still that he was plainly visible in it. “Feel good?” I asked.

“Incredible!” came his reply. I reached out and felt the temperature; hot! A long look passed between us. “Join me?” he asked. Another long look. ‘Fuck it” echoed in my head. I stood, stepped to a spot where he could watch me easily. I removed my socks, unbuttoned my jeans, slowly peeled them over my hips and then let them drop to the floor. Jack’s eyes surveyed me carefully, his look intense. I peeled the turtleneck up and off over my head shaking out my hair. Under it I was wearing a tight little cotton camisole that showed my nipples as if I were nude. Slowly, slowly I peeled that up and off me as well. An intense thrill ran through my body the moment I felt the air on my bare breasts. Jack made a sound that made my pussy throb. His eyes slid slowly over me and down to my mound. I slid my panties down very slowly, until I revealed to him that I had continued to maintain my pussy completely shaved.

“Ooooooh!” came his raspy sigh. I wasn’t sure if he could make out the extremely swollen nature of my pussy lips, but didn’t care. I raised one leg up and over the rim of the tub and in doing so opened my legs to him, affording him the most intimate view of my excited puss, possible. I shimmed my way down into the tub, intertwining our legs to get us both in. and settled down into the hot water.


“This is going to be the most wonderful Christmas ever.” Jack said to me smiling.

Written by MacSwain612

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