I Love My Son

This entry is part 1 of 2 in the series I Love My Son

My son had married a girl that we all thought was a doll, when the two of them were only 20. Things got off to a rocky start, however and after a couple of years they split. He up and moved to New York to start fresh. I admired that trait in him, that would allow him to pick up and go off on some great adventure. I never had, even when Jack’s father and I split when the kids were in junior high school.

He had been there six months when he had called, sounding so lonely. There were people all around him but they seemed so different and distant. We made a plan for me to go and visit him one month later.

When I arrived for a weeks stay we talked endlessly as we drove from JFK Airport to his apartment in the east village. It was a funky, tiny place but had a very New York kind of feeling; very cosmopolitan. It was really only one room and I undressed and got into the shower, while Jack was in the room. We had seen each other nude several times in recent years and to be honest I liked the intimacy.


We had gone skinny-dipping together in the Jacuzzi on a ski trip and Jack had taken me to my first nude beach. After the beach we went to the local watering hole for some drinks. Once we felt a bit loose, we began talking about what it felt like to be nude together. We both admitted to finding each other attractive and that neither of us felt any shame about that attraction. He confirmed for me my thoughts about my own body; that I had beautiful long legs with a nice round firm butt; that my waist was tight and narrow above my round hips; and that I had a great back and well defined arms. After some prodding he admitted that I had gorgeous breasts. I have always liked them. They are a full “C” cup very high on my chest; my nipples are perfectly round, dark and placed slightly towards the outside of each breast. Everyone that has ever seen them, both male and female, thinks they are perfect. Jack admitted to being aroused by seeing me nude. I told him that I hadn’t noticed. He said that he had lain on his stomach to avoid embarrassing me. I told him that I would have liked to have seen that.

“Maybe, someday.” He said.

After I’d showered, I dressed for dinner with Jack’s help. He zipped my short black cocktail dress and smoothed it over my back and shoulders. He gently squeezed my bottom saying that I looked really hot, and then we went out.


We strolled the streets arm in arm. I had Jack when I was just eighteen, and people were always mistaking me for his older sister; Often times we just let it go. We had a very nice dinner and some cocktails, (quite a few for me), and then headed back home. It was only Thursday night and Jack had work in the morning.

Once back at his apartment, we got ready for bed, once again undressing in front of one another. Jack was intending to sleep nude. I didn’t really care except that there was only his one bed, a nice cushy double. I told him that it was a bit much to sleep nude in the same bed as his mother. He retorted that I had trained him early to sleep nude because he knew that I had all these years. He asked if I was planning on wearing anything to bed. I told him that I was, if I was going to be sleeping next to him. He told me not to worry about it and climbed into bed. I slipped into a small camisole and panties and slipped in on the other side.

We lay there talking for a bit and then Jack asked me to scratch his back. This is something that he has loved his entire life. I scratched as we talked some more. He moved the covers way down, exposing most of his body. I scratched down over his bottom and then backs of his legs. Laying on my side next to him, I lay my leg over his as he opened his legs so that I could reach him better. Our conversation dropped off as I slowly ran my fingernails all over the back of his body. He was quietly moaning about how good it felt. I was noticing how beautiful his body was.


After a long while he asked if I would do the front of him. I said sure and he rolled over. I got such a shock when I saw the size of his erect cock! He was totally hard and enormous! His penis must have been nine full inches long! I was at a total loss for words as my fingernails ran over his chest. Jack lay there with his eyes closed. My eyes were riveted to this amazing cock. The mixture of the cocktails and seeing my son after such a long absence and my increased libido of late, were making me very aroused. I continued scratching in a trance.

My hand was drifting closer and closer to Jack’s cock all the time. I could see it throbbing and bouncing slightly. It was gorgeous!! In a tone so hushed I almost didn’t hear it, Jack asked me to touch it. My whole body shivered at the suggestion. Jack lay there very still. For a long time I lay there mesmerized, my fingernails working around and down his thigh. As I came back up I stroked over his tight balls and the considerable length of his cock.

“Oh, Yeah!!” He hissed through his teeth.


Very slowly I repeated the whole motion, as I was thinking, “What the hell am I doing?”

“Oh, God. Yeah!!” He repeated. “I’m so fucking horney!!” I continued stroking the length of his beautiful cock. “Please don’t stop! That feels so good!”

We lay like that for a long while. The feeling of my son’s cock in my hand was intoxicating. His arm was around me and he was stroking my back.


“Do I feel good in your hand?” He asked.

A very quiet, “Yes”, was all I could manage, then quietly, “I can’t believe that I’m saying it. I can’t believe that I’m doing it.”

He reached over and began stroking my breast through the satin material. My nipples were incredibly hard, as he toyed with them. My pussy was beginning to tingle.


“Ooh! Make me come, please!” He moaned. I continued with a little more energy. “Oh, yeah! Here I come!!” His cock pulsed and jumped and shot long, thick streams through the air onto both of us. I had never seen such a forceful ejaculation, or so much come at one time. I was amazed, but kept stroking.

“Oh. Please don’t stop! Make me come again!” I continued pumping him, completely turned on by making my son come and now he was going to do it again. “Oh. Keep going and I’ll come again in a minute.”

Now he was watching me as I stroked his huge cock. “Oh, Mom.” He said as he pulled me to his mouth. We kissed deeply. He moved to my cheek and licked his come off there. “Fuck! Oh, Fuck!! Let me see your tits.” He said. By now I was on fire and got on my knees and took off the camisole top; my big breasts now nude. “God, Mom. You’ve got such gorgeous breasts!” I kneeled between his legs and went back to stroking his huge tool and his tight balls. “Oh My God!! My beautiful mother!! Suck my cock! Please!!”


I didn’t even hesitate. I stuffed his massive penis into my mouth and started sucking him like a pro. The feeling of his cock in my mouth was like magic’ I loved it!! His hips were jumping as he fed me his huge dick, both his hands in my hair. I was salivating like mad and loving it.

“Oh God, Mom. Oh God, Mom! Ooooh. Let me come in your mouth, please, please, please!!! Can I?”

“Yes. I want you to.” I whispered. “I would love to taste you.”


His head flew back as he began exploding into me. I was full to choking in a flash and began swallowing wildly. He continued thrusting in and out forcefully. I realized that I was moaning loudly as I gulped down every fresh splash. When he was done we both lay there panting heavily. Neither of us spoke as we considered the ramifications of what we had just done. We fell asleep in each others arms

I awoke the next morning alone. Jack had gotten up early and headed to work. I realized that I was topless when I woke up; I hadn’t started out that way, but could remember nothing about it. I spent the day strolling the village and shopping. Every five minutes I kept replaying the previous night’s events in my head. ‘I should feel guilty’, I thought; but I didn’t. It just made me horney. Maybe I had dreamed the whole thing.

That evening when Jack got home he brought me candies and a dozen roses.


“For my best girl, on a Friday night” he told me. “We’re having dinner at Home Grill and then dancing uptown”

Jack showered and we got ready for dinner. I slipped into my tight red strapless cocktail dress and asked Jack to zip me. When he stepped behind me, dressed in a towel, I could feel his cock against my bottom. He was looking at me in the full length mirror as I held my arms out for him to zip up my dress. He instead slowly pulled the dress down exposing my big breasts; I let him.

“God. You have the most gorgeous breasts” he said watching. Slowly his trembling hands came around and cupped them, feeling the smoothness and the size. He gently pulled on my nipples.


“Jack, you shouldn’t…”

“Why not? I love them; and you.”

Through half closed eyes I watched him, watching me and enjoying my big tits. It was really exciting. His cock was grinding into my ass. Almost inaudibly, he whispered into my ear,


“God, mom, I would love to fuck you.” I turned away, pulling my dress up.

“Jack. What are you saying? You’re my son!” I turned to him and noticed that his towel was on the floor and his huge cock was standing straight out. He pulled me to him.

“We’re 3000 miles away from home. You and I would never hurt each other. No one will ever know, and we would both love it.” After a long pause, he said, “I won’t push the issue, but it’s true. I want to. I want you to want as well.” We shared a very long look between us. “No one will ever make love to you like I will.” After a long pause staring at each other, “Come. We’ll miss dinner.”


We didn’t mention it again all through dinner but the subject was laying there just beneath the surface. Dinner was glamorous, and we ate and drank and talked and laughed.

After dinner we rode uptown to a small, dark but popular club. The music was great; loud but very danceable. After more drinks we were getting closer and closer, grinding against each other as we moved. We began openly feeling each other up; everyone else was doing the same with their partners. Jack moved behind me and ground his hard cock into my ass. His hand reached around and into my dress to squeeze my breast. I reached around and squeezed his cock.

“Yeah! That’s it. Just go with it and have fun.” He whispered into my ear. I lay my head back on him and we kissed deeply. When we broke, I noticed that another couple was doing the same right in front of me. Her man had his hand in the top of her dress, squeezing her ample tits. She was gorgeous but looked incredibly fucked up. He and Jack were looking at us and grinning at each other. She was entranced with my breasts, and after a bit Jack moved my dress down until one of them was exposed. She was riveted to it. All four of us were moving in rhythm. All three of them were staring at my round breast and my very hard nipple. I was watching her as she stared at it. She was slowly moving closer. In a fit of wildness, I pulled her to it and she began sucking it passionately. I must admit that I was very turned on by now. I moved her back a bit and pulled the front of her dress down. Her huge tits fell right out. They were not as firm as mine, but cute, with very hard nipples. I reached out and grabbed both nipples and pinched and twisted. She lost it and crumpled into her man as I turned and concentrated on Jack. We danced and groped and drank and laughed for hours.


It was very late, almost one, when we staggered into the street and hailed a cab. I admitted to being drunk and Jack agreed. I laid my head on his shoulder as we sped home through the streets and we helped each other up the four floors to his door.

Once inside I stepped to the open window to feel the warm breeze. It was a perfect night. The sounds of the city floated up to me. Jack came up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He kissed the top of my head.

“Don’t speak.” Was all he said in a hushed tone. We stood like that for a long time, leaning into each other in the dark.


Moving very slowly, Jack unzipped my dress and let it fall to the floor. His hands slowly slid over my back and shoulders. He knelt down behind me and gently slid my panties off and helped me step out of my shoes and clothes. He remained there stroking his hands softly over my legs and my bottom; my back and my tummy. He leaned in and kissed my round bottom as his hands moved up to hold my breasts.

I was rolling his words over in my mind, ‘We’re 3000 miles away from home. You and I would never hurt each other. No one will ever know, and we would both love it.’ And, ‘God, mom, I would love to fuck you.’ Where I was in my life, and at that exact moment, I realized it was all true; all of it.

I turned to face him and he hugged me tightly. I ran my fingers through his hair, his face against my tummy. I knew now that we would do it, not because we were horney, but because we loved each other, very much. I pulled him to his feet and we kissed passionately.


“I love you, Jack.”

“I love you too, very much.” We kissed again. Now it was my turn to undress him. I turned him to the window as I had been, and reached around to unbutton his shirt. After sliding it off, I ran my hands all over his tight chest and stomach, as I stroked the hard tips of my tits against his back. I knelt down behind him and reached around to unbuckle his belt and open his pants. I slid his pants and shorts down over his behind and he stepped out of his shoes and everything. I slid my hands all over his body and used my fingernails the way he loved so much. From behind him I couldn’t see but I knew that he was hard as a rock, as he stood there trembling. His body was so smooth and tight. I kissed his bottom. By now my pussy was soaking wet; literally oozing.

I ran my hands down the backs of his legs and up the fronts. When I got to the middle I gently took his balls and penis in my hands; thrilling at the immense size of him. I had never seen, or felt, a cock that big. There was not a lot of hair. The shaft was thick and straight and very smooth. The head was well defined and like velvet; the slightest moisture at the tip. His balls were large and tight to him , as I gently ran the tips of my fingernails over them. He was really throbbing now.


Taking hold of his hips, I turned him to me, and began stroking him again. Looking into his eyes I was overcome with a feeling of love and desire; the perfect blend of both. I had dreamed of a feeling like this, but it was new to me. I stroked him smoothly and gently, up and down; up and down. I was thrilled, examining his beautiful penis. It was flawless! I had a sexy mental picture of us: mother and son, nude together, her kneeling in front of him stroking his cock; very hot. Our eyes were locked together as I leaned forward and kissed the tip. I didn’t want to draw it out any more and took in a huge mouthful of Jack’s cock. It was delicious! We both moaned together at the feeling. I had half of him in my mouth and was beautifully filled. It felt like every part of my mouth was touching him at once, as it pulsed and throbbed. I took it out so that I could look at it again. “You have the most gorgeous penis that I have ever seen!!”

I continued sliding him all the way in and then pulling him completely out; then back in; then back out. I was loving the sensation of the head of his cock pressing firmly against the back of my mouth. His balls felt like they were dancing in my hand. I thought back to the previous night when he came so hard, and now wanted to feel him go off like that inside my mouth. I didn’t hurry it though. I continued to move him very slowly in and out. I sensed that it wouldn’t be long; and it wasn’t.

The closer he got, the slower I moved up and down, although my tongue was washing all over him continuously. His head was back and he was raised up onto the balls of his feet; his legs trembling. He drew in a long breath and just held it; it was time. I moaned loudly around a mouthful of cock, urging him to do it; shoot it; let it go. As ready as I was, I was still shocked by the force and volume of his come. His breath escaped in a rush as his head came forward; his whole body throwing itself into orgasm. My mouth was very literally flooded with semen all at once! I gulped and choked a bit as he pumped and pumped and pumped me full of it. It was thick and warm and quite sweet.


I remember thinking, ‘Oh God. I’m going to become addicted to sucking my son’s cock.’ Then I immediately thought, ‘So what? Who cares? We both love it!! Let me suck his cock every day!’

I continued sucking gently, thinking that he would go soft soon. I wanted to try and swallow him into my throat when he got soft enough, but he stayed hard as a rock. The throbbing in my pussy was really driving me now, as I stood up and kissed him. He wrapped me in his arms and returned the kiss with such intensity that I felt weak. I moved him to the bed and he laid back on it. I crawled over him and his hands found my breasts. My nipples were hurting they were so erect and his fingers soothed them and stroked and pinched them lightly. He pulled me to him and kissed me again and then moved me higher to reach my tits. It was heaven when he began sucking them, his tongue flashing back and forth.

I felt his erection against my tummy and immediately moved my hand down and guided him into me; I simply couldn’t wait. As soaked and open as my pussy was, his thickness lodged into me about halfway. We both emitted heavy moans at the delicious sensation, and I began trying to force him farther in. His hands moved to my behind and opened me as he shoved up against me in a desperate need to be all the way in my wet pussy. When he hit bottom in me I came heavily. Jack was biting my nipples, which drove my orgasm higher. I was driven insane by the length and breadth of his huge cock driving into my pussy. Just as my orgasm was moving past it’s peak I felt Jack’s wonderful cock exploding into me, and my orgasm started all over again. Our movements slowed as we came down. I finally collapsed on top of him and his arms held me tightly.


We slept just like that; Jack’s penis still in me.

I awoke to the sensation of Jack’s penis moving very slowly in and out. He was erect again! My hips were getting sore from being in the same position for so long and I rolled over to my back and pulled Jack with me. I now had a beautiful view of my studly young son, kneeling between my legs, stroking his hard cock in and out; he was gorgeous! “I had no idea that my son was so…virile!” He grinned. I never saw anyone who stayed erect for so long.”

“I’m kneeling between the legs of the sexiest woman I have ever known, who just happens to be my own mother, and I’m stroking my hard cock into her sweet pussy. Who wouldn’t stay hard for that?” His eyes were glued to my nude breasts as he began pushing in harder. “You have the most gorgeous tits.” I took hold of my nipples and began playing with them. “Oh yeah. I love your nipples. How does my cock feel in you?”


“Oh, Jack, your cock is fantastic; it’s magic!!” He moaned at hearing me say the words. “I love having you in me; in my mouth; in my pussy. You are one incredible fuck!!” He moaned again, loudly, and shoved in hard.. “Oh, your cock is so fucking big!!” I was reaching around to stroke his heavy balls.

He pulled out and sat there panting. “I have to stop for a second. I don’t want to come yet.”

“Again?” I asked. “You are my hot stud.” We sat there gazing at each other for awhile. I asked him, “How is it? Making love to a much older woman? Who happens to be your mother?”


“Fuck! It is so good! I am so in love with you!” He leaned down and kissed me.

“How is it, getting fucked by your own son?” he asked, laying down beside me.

“I love you, baby. You’re an incredible lover! I love being in bed with you, nude, touching each other, kissing, sucking each other, Making love with you. It’s like it’s just you and me in all the world.” After a long moment, I reached down and took hold of his cock. “I cannot believe how well hung you are. I’m absolutely amazed.” I grinned at him.


“You have no idea how much it turns me on to hear you, of all people, say that.”

“Yeah? You like hearing me talk about how big and thick you are?” He nodded. I whispered into his ear, “Oh baby. You have got such a gorgeous cock! I love to suck it. I love it shoved way up in my pussy.”

He pulled me towards him and onto my stomach. He got up and straddled me, his huge cock resting on my butt. He ran his hands up and down my back for a minute and then moved down, his cock dropping between my legs, and began pushing into me again. I moaned my approval and he shoved in hard. I almost lost my breath as he hit bottom again.


“How’s that feel?” he asked. I simply moaned. “You like that?” I nodded. “Tell me.” He hissed.

“Ohh, Jackey!” I hadn’t called him Jackey since he was little. “Fuck me! Fuck me with your gorgeous big cock!! Spread my pussy wide open and then fill me up with your sweet, hot come again!” I pushed my bottom up in the air towards him. “Fuck me baby! Shove it in me baby! Fuck me, my sweet baby boy!!”

He was slam banging me now. I reached up and grabbed the top of the headboard and raised myself up.


“Oooh! My sweet lover boy! Grab Mommy’s boobs baby. Yeah, that’s it. You love my big breasts, don’t you? You love how big they are, huh? You love how firm they are, huh?” I looked over my shoulder at him and our eyes locked. “You like my pussy?” He only nodded, as he rammed his big dick in my pussy. “You love my pussy, don’t you?” He nodded again. “Feel how wet it is. Feel how hot it is. Fuck me baby! Fuck that pussy!” He was beginning to get that glazed look again. “Shoot your come in me Jackey. I love your sweet come. It tastes so good! Mommy wants it!”

That was all it took and he started shooting again. I could feel it running down my legs.

“Oh, yeah. That’s it. Oh, my sweet boy. There it is. I can feel it. Delicious come.”


He finished and fell backwards, almost off of the bed panting heavily. I turned and leaned down sucking his now softening cock into my mouth. I felt possessed to try and swallow his entire length into my throat, and with some struggle and choking did just that. It felt incredible! Shortly, though he lurched away, too sensitive. We collapsed next to each other and slept like that.

I awoke some hours later, desperate for a glass of water. I glanced at the clock, which I think read 3:30. I don’t know why but I threw on one of Jack’s dress shirts that was hanging by the bed, and padded to the kitchen sink. After a drink of water I turned to find Jack standing in the door. He really was beautiful to look at; but he was my son of 23 years. What we had done was not right.

“I can’t believe that we just fucked each other.” He said. Now I was really feeling guilty.


“Jackey…Jack. I’m so sorry.”

“I’m not!” he said cheerily. He had a wicked look on his face.

“Jack, it’s wrong” I said firmly, clutching his shirt closed in front of me.


“I don’t care. I loved every second. I want to do it again.”


“Mom, we both loved it, so who cares?” I was trying to think of something wise to say. “You turn me on incredibly!” He moved to sit in a chair. I noticed that he was getting hard again. “Show me your body again.” I realized that the shirt was barely covering my ass and my pussy but didn’t move. “If you and I both decide that it’s okay to be lovers, than it’s okay.” I simply stared. “I want to be your lover.” Another pause. “Right now I desperately want you to want me as your lover.”


We stared at each other for awhile, as I decided what it was that I really wanted. Finally I decided that I really wanted him; that I was madly in love with him; to hell with the rest.

“God, you look so good in my shirt.” He said. “Dance for me.” I slowly began to roll my hips. I could feel my gooey pussy. Here was a gorgeous man, who I knew and loved, nude and hard, who wanted me too. I began to move around, possessed by sex. I turned my back to him and lowered the shirt showing him my nude back. I pulled it up and then gave him a peek of my bottom. I rolled my hips at him and he reached out to touch me but I moved away, teasing. Holding the bottom of the shirt over my pussy I let the front fall open, just covering my nipples. He was loving it; so was I. I had never danced for anyone this way.

I knelt just in front him letting the shirt fall open, my nipples still barely hidden. I put my hands on his knees and opened his legs wide apart. His penis was now fully erect again. I reached inside of the shirt and took a hold of one breast. I pulled the shirt open showing him my prize. He was entranced.


“Isn’t that beautiful?” I asked. He only nodded. I reached my tongue out and flicked it over my nipple. I threw the shirt off of my shoulders and let it fall, cupping both my breasts. “They really are beautiful, aren’t they?”

“God, yes!”

“So is your cock, baby. Stroke it for me.” He did. “Beautiful cock.” Now I was entranced, pulling on my nipples as I watched him jacking off. “I have never seen such a gorgeous, huge, hard cock. I admit it. I am in love. With you and your body. I love sucking your cock; feeling it in me.” I looked into his eyes, “Oh Jack, be my lover.”


I had another mental picture of us: mother and son, nude together, her kneeling in front of him, as he stroked his cock. My hands were busy on my body; one was stroking my tits as the other was working my pussy. I was soaked. Jack was staring at my tits as I played with them.

“You like my tits?”

“Oh God!” was all he could say.


“You know what would make them look even better? Watching you shoot all that hot come all over them. Shoot it all over my beautiful big tits, and my neck, and my face. God! I’m so wet!!”

“Let me taste you!” He moaned. I jumped up and he fell to his knees as I thrust my hips into his face. I have never felt so nasty. I grabbed his head and pulled him into me. His tongue swabbed all over my pussy; washing over my clit; thrusting into my opening. He moved me to a table and laid me face down on it and continued his oral assault on me from behind. I began to come at once. He was literally fucking my pussy with his tongue. He even swirled it around my ass, which made me come harder. After another huge orgasm, I had to stop and turned and pushed him onto the chair again.

“Oh, Baby! Come for me! Come for mommy!! Shoot it all over me!!” I knelt between his legs again and took hold of my tits and milked and squeezed. “You want to, don’t you? You want to shoot your hot come all over your mother’s big beautiful breasts.” He was pounding his cock now. “I know that it turns you on having your mother kneel nude between your legs, drooling for your huge cock, playing with my tits, dying to have your hot come shoot out all over me. I want to feel it all over me!!”


His face was wild with passion as he began to shoot. He didn’t disappoint me. Incredible amounts of his hot cream splashed me everywhere; my face and cheeks; my neck and shoulders; and volumes onto my tits and nipples. It felt amazing; warm and wet everywhere. My head rolled back and my eyes rolled closed, but a huge smile crossed my face as he spurted onto me.

As soon as he was done we both fell into fits of hysterical laughter; drunk on passion and raw sex. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me wildly. His come was everywhere.

“I have never come like that in my life!!” He giggled. “That was so fucking great!!” He licked some off of my cheeks and then kissed me again. I was glowing. “Holy shit! It’s everywhere!!” he laughed. “Come shower with me.”


We ran to the shower together.

It was dark in the bathroom but we didn’t care as we showered in the nice, hot water. He couldn’t keep his hands off my tits and I couldn’t stop caressing his big penis. Finally, he just pulled me into his arms and held me in the water for along time. He hugged and squeezed me with a passion I’ve never felt before. We were lovers. Not some spur of the moment sexual partners, but truly lovers. I adored him! I could tell that he adored me as well. Neither of us spoke because it was unnecessary. Our tender embrace said it all. I stood against him for a long time, aglow in the embrace of pure love. ‘Now what?’ I thought to myself. ‘Where do we go from here? How can we structure our lives so that we can live together as lovers, a mother and her son?’

Finally, we got out. We dried ourselves and each other; me paying close attention to his cock and balls; he spent a long time drying my poor sore breasts. He led me by the hand to the bed and helped me in. It was now 4:30. He climbed in behind me and wrapped his arm around me. “I adore you.” He whispered before we both fell fast asleep.


Written by MacSwain612

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