Boy Blackmails His Big Bro

After being fucked by his big brother on the kitchen floor while his parents were away, the younger brother sees an opportunity to take revenge. 

He wakes up and sees that his brother is sleeping in his underwear with a hangover, and the living room is all messed up from the party he threw the night before while his parents were away. He immediately records the degrading scene with his cell phone and uses the photos to blackmail his big brother.

He proposes to top big bro, and he won’t tell. But his older brother instantly refuses. The younger brother then opens his pajamas, takes out his big cock, and says that if his brother sucks it, he won’t tell his father.

He ensures that his younger sibling will not tell about the party to their father, proclaims that he will rock his younger brother’s world, and then begins to suck him off. The younger brother experiences immense pleasure upon getting his first blowjob. As the situation develops, much to his surprise, the older brother, who is extremely aroused, takes the initiative to get on all fours for the younger brother to fuck him.

The Beginning

Click here to watch how it started.

This video was produced by SayUncle. Click Here for More! Link

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