Fucked by His Big Bro on the Kitchen Floor

Father and mother go out and leave big brother in charge of the house, in charge of looking after little brother, who must follow big brother’s orders, as expressly stated in the mother’s note on the fridge. Parents leave 40 dollars for them, and the younger brother proposes that the money be split, but the older bro says no, claiming that his parents have left him in charge. The younger brother insists, and the big bro says he’s not mature enough to handle that money.

Then the big bro proposes that the younger brother take off his clothes to show how mature he is. Following little brother’s undress, big bro compliments the size of the younger brother’s cock, pointing out that it’s bigger than their father’s. From there, the big bro shows his cock too, and a mutual jerk off begins. Play evolves, and big bro tells his younger brother to be a good boy and suck him off, to which he hesitates. But everything ends up unraveling, and big bro fucks the younger brother on the kitchen floor.


Click here to watch the younger brother’s revenge.

This video was produced by Brother Crush. Click Here for More! Link

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