Fatherly Figure

He awoke on a cold January morning. Mother gone to see her father pass, as these were going to be his last days with the world. His siblings were with there grandmother as to not put anymore stress on the boy or his dad.

The boy turned 18 today, and he had none of his family to spend it with, besides his dad. Not his father, for father is biological, and being a dad just means you are the one to raise a child, and be their male role model. It was his dad for his seed meant nothing in the creation of this boy, but he loved him all the same, maybe even more do to pressure of feeling distant from the boy.

This boy was quiet and unseen but not unnoticed. He was gay, and no one in the small town where his family resided would over look such a “terrible” thing. Not that his dad cared at all, in fact, his dad was bisexual. He liked both genders not just one, and unlike his son he wasn’t shy or quite. He was a loud “hands-on” community member, who enjoyed sex and a good time with anyone he could get his hands on. Of course his wife didn’t know that and the man intended to keep it that way.


The son thought about sex all the time. How his dad was such a great fucker, and how he knew how to manipulate people into getting in bed with him. The boy wanted a sex life of his own. How he just wanted to get fucked, he wanted to be someone’s play toy, and he thought the only man for the job was his dad. It was a crazy fantasy that the boy had in visioned and written about many times over but knew in the back of his mind it was just a fantasy. That it could never really happen but he could still dream of this forbidden taboo. He could still sit in his room and pleasure himself by reading those stories of incest, but he knew it didn’t live up to what it really would have been like. What it really would’ve felt like.

His dad came slowly down the stairs with a small gift box in his hand and handed it to his son. “Happy 18th” he said with a smile and a hug.

His son smiled back to him. “Thanks dad. It doesn’t feel much different though.” he chuckled.


The father looked at his son, and then at the box. “Don’t open it yet.” he warned his son with a smile.

He looked at his father confused and unknowing of what it could possibly be. “Why?” he asked quietly.

“Just wait. It will be better later.” His dad said with a smile.


The boy just held the box and contemplated all the possibilities inside. He went through his day thinking of ideas. A necklace, a bracelet, NOTHING… The boy had no idea and by 8 o’clock he was within the realm of just opening it and getting it over with, but he couldn’t do it; he couldn’t ruin such a surprise.

There was a sudden knock on the door. It was the boys uncle and the boy couldn’t be any happier to see him.

“Happy 18th.” his bad ass uncle said with a hand shake.


“Thanks.” The boy said again.

And at that moment, dad walked into the room. With a sly smile. “Hey Nick.” He said to the uncle.

“Hey Justin.” Nick said to the son’s dad.


“You ready?” Justin asked with a small grin.

“What are you two planning?” The boy asked his two muscular male relatives.

“You’ll see.” His dad said again. “Come into my room when we call you.” He grinned walking up the stairs with Uncle Nick following closely behind.


20 minutes went by and all the boy had heard was a bit of rustling and moving around. He thought about everything that could have been happening. Were they putting together a present? Were they getting a small party together? The boy didn’t know what was going on.

He heard from the top of the stairs his dad yell “Open the box and come up here after you’re done with it.”

“Okay.” he shouted back to him.


The boy opened the box and pulled out a piece of paper that was folded up. Slowly and confused, he unfolded the piece of paper that read:

Jon, I have read your papers that you have written about making love with me. I have read them and re-read them and every time I still get chills. You can only imagine what I think about them, and if you were smart you would come up stairs right now and take your punishment like a man.



The boy was so disgusted with himself he couldn’t even imagine what was going to happen. He now though that his dad was going to beat him, or disown him. The son didn’t want to go up stairs but he had to. He couldn’t just back out of it now, he had written this smut and now he had to live with the consequences.

Slowly Jon walked up the stairs and clenched his fists. He waited for a swing or a push to knock him down and he wouldn’t have cared at this point. Cautiously he opened the door and looked around. There was a surprising sight on the bed. There were hand cuffs on the posts of the large king sized mattress. The room seemed to be empty from what he could see and then all of the sudden his pants were dropped to the ground,and his shirt was quickly removed.

Jon was thrown on the bed and tackled by his dad who grabbed him by the throat with his leather gloves. Dad and Uncle Nick put his wrists and his ankles in the hand cuffs that were attached to the posts and then stood up off the bed with devious smiles.


“We’ve been reading some of your fantasy stories and thought for your birthday it would be the perfect surprise.” his dad said in a husky tone. Justin and Nick were dressed in white suits, with black vests and ties. They both wore black leather gloves and wore white fedoras with black stripes at the base. The two of them looked like sexy mobsters ready to fuck on command with the huge bulges in their pants.

The boy remembered his fantasy where they both double teamed his ass with their huge cocks. In the fantasy they both had heavy Italian accents and when he screamed for them to stop, when his ass hole was bleeding profusely, they only laughed, hit him a few times, and went harder. He smiled at the thought of finally getting what he had always wanted from his dad and even better his uncle.

Both of the older males pulled out cigars and lit them up. The robust scent quickly filled the room and it set the tone for a perfect sexy role play.


“Nick. Make him suck your cock.” Justin said in an authentic Italian accent, taking a large drag from his cigar.

Nick crawled across the bed on top of his nephew of 18 years, with the bulge in his pants sliding across the boys body. Finally, his uncle reached his face and with a cigar between his teeth, a malicious smile on his face, and a 9 inch present in his pants. Nick unzipped his suit pants and released his cock right into his nephews mouth. Violently he grabbed the boy’s head and thrust his huge cock deep into his nephews throat.

“Choke. Choke Jon. Choke on my cock!” The boy’s uncle said to him through his teeth with a think cloud of smoke flying out of his mouth and into the air.


Jon was choking, he was gagging and trying to gasp for air but he couldn’t get any because his uncle’s monstrous dick was blocking his wind pipe. Slowly Nick began grinding his bulky hips into his nephews face. He started slowly and began to pick up the pace as he went along. Every time Nick trust down into Jon’s mouth he hit the back of his throat and it made Jon horny. Jon’s cock began to grow and Justin noticed.

Justin walked over to the bed and roughly grabbed his son’s dick. He squeezed it with a gentle force to release the clear pre-cum that was accumulating inside the head of his growing cock. Then he put his thumb on the tip of Jon’s length and smeared the sticky substance all around with his leather glove.

(Jon’s Point of View)


OH MY GOD!!! I couldn’t breath but yet it was the best feeling I have ever had. I was scared that I wouldn’t get enough air but at the same time I didn’t fucking care. I wanted to suffer and gasp for something that wasn’t attainable. The pre-cum that was being expelled into the back of my throat tasted wonderful. Nick’s rhythm sped up and my gagging in turn did as well, but then all of the sudden I felt a sensation below my “belt”, that took my mind away from choking.

I got a small glimpses of what was going on. My dad was grabbing my dick with a perfect amount of force to his grip. So gently he began to squeeze out my pre-cum and spread it around with his thumb. The feeling of his cold leather against my hot cock felt so wonderful. As he played with my dick I got hornier watching him smile and blow smoke into the air like he was my lover, my owner, my boss, my pimp, my daddy. I wanted to be his slave and I wanted him to torture me all night long.

I felt my uncle’s dick begin to pulse in my mouth. He was really enjoying mouth fucking me, and I was enjoying it too. My dad decided that it was his time to release his beast as well. Slowly he pulled down his pants and slid between my already open legs. He rested his strong hands on my thighs and took a long drag form his cigar.


As he was exhaling he spoke with that tough Italian accent that he faked so well. “I’m going to rip your ass hole to bits.” As he finished his sentence Nick laugh as if he knew what my dad was planning.

That was the moment when I really realized that they were going to make me work for this. They wanted to really torture someone with sex and they knew that they could get me to enjoy it. Justin and Nick wanted to use sex to torture someone until the person was screaming to stop and at the point where the victim was screaming for it to end they would just go harder. The two of them wanted someone who wanted to be fucked but hadn’t ever been fucked and would be down for the experience and very enthusiastic.

And as I realized this my dad pushed his rock hard, 11 inch cock into my virgin ass. I somehow screamed through my uncles cock and tears began to form in my eyes. It was so thick; he was so big and somehow I loved it just as much as I hated it. It felt like my body was being torn in two, but he just kept pushing and to make my ‘suffering’ that much worse, when ever I tried to let out another scream of pain my uncle would thrust into my wide open mouth and hold my head against his balls. It was amazing that I could take all of him in my mouth because he was so long but I was pushing to impress him.


Quickly my biggest fantasy turned into a real fuck fest for my family. I tried to massage my uncles dick with my throat muscles but as my dad pushed more of his dick into me I began to choke. My dad’s fucking cock was so big and thick I couldn’t stand it. I tried to pull my ass off of the monster my dad wielded by scooting up toward to the top of the bed, but it didn’t work. Dad grabbed my thighs and ripped me down the bed and back to where I was sitting on his cock.

He smacked the inside of my thigh and let out a chuckle. “Relax Jon. You only have about two inches of my dick in you… 9 more to go.” he said angerly, while pushing more of himself into me. “8 more to go.”

How much could I actually take? I only had 3 inches and I was already about to hop off this ride. As I had that thought I felt him push into me again. I let out a long pained moan from deep in my throat, and then I felt my uncles large hairy balls touching my face again. I was in so much pain and at that moment my dad stopped, and touched my entrance with his finger. It wasn’t cum because it wasn’t thick, but it was thicker than water I didn’t know what it was.


“Damn I’m only four inches in and your holes already bleeding Jon. Your ass is gonna be a fucking fountain if your already bleeding boy.” My dad told me as he smacked my ass hard.

I squirmed around for a second and thought back to the cock in my mouth looking up at my uncle he took a drag from his cigar and blew it in my face which made me super horny. I didn’t know what it was about cigars but they made me hard as a fucking rock. My other uncle, Billy, smoked cigars and I had so many wet dreams about him that it wasn’t even funny, he even made references to fucking me some times too, which really got me hard.

Nick slowly pulled his cock out of my throat and bent down to stick his tongue in my mouth. His mouth tasted like cigars and his tongue was so dominant. He grabbed the back of my neck with his hand so violently and pushed his face against mine. It felt good to have a dominant man exploring my mouth with his tongue and sliding my bottom lip between his teeth.


He pulled away a second later and put the cigar back in his mouth and flashed me a smile with his bright white teeth. He looked so damn good and just as I was going to say something his dick went back into my throat, and this time he was REALLY fucking my mouth. Nick’s cock hit the back of my mouth and flew down my throat every time along with his huge balls smacking against my chin. His rapid pace made me gag for a couple seconds but I quickly synced into the rhythm of his thrusts.

Justin thrust in again another inch or two in my ass but at this point it already felt like to much so I thought I would try and push him out. I clenched my cheeks and pushed but my dad knew what I was doing. He grabbed my leg firmly with his hand and poked my uncles shoulder with the other. As my my uncle was fucking my face he stopped with his dick all the way in my throat, and held my head there.

My dad exhaled a large cloud of cigar smoke and spoke as I tried to breath; with each word he slowly tightened his grip on my leg. “Release the grip with your ass or Nick will choke you out with his cock.”


Quickly I relaxed and I felt my wind pipe opened up. As I felt my wind pipe opened up, I also felt my ass get ripped into again and this time I let out a full fledged scream. I really wanted him to stop and I could feel the blood from my ass just pouring out.

“I’ve got to take off all of this white before you get fucking blood all over it.” Justin said pulling out his dick. It was such a relief on my hole but at the same time I could feel all the blood now literally pouring out of my hole. Justin must have ripped some of the tissues in my ass because I have never felt such pain in my life but at the same time I have never felt such pleasure in my life either.

Nicks cock in my mouth was starting to get harder, as if that was possible and his dick began to pulse with a lot of force. I didn’t know what was happening but his cock was changing. It had more pre-cum leaking into my throat and the rapid pulsing was getting faster and making his cock thicker. Finally I understood it as he blew his load into my throat and stream after stream flew down my throat. He pulled the head of his cock out of my throat and held it in my mouth and it just kept pumping strings of cum into my mouth. I was trying to swallow it all as it filled my mouth but a little squeezed out onto the corners of my mouth. I sucked out all of my uncles yummy juices and licked the little bit off the corners of my mouth.


Nick pulled himself off of my naked body and followed my dad’s lead

Justin removed his suit and his other article of clothing but he kept his fedora on and kept the cigar between his teeth. His body was so built. For a 33 year old man he looked fucking gorgeous, with his great abs and HUGE biceps. His muscles rippled in many places and i was getting so horny, when he flexed certain parts of his body i thought I was going to blow my load. His huge hard cock was half covered in blood and he was ready to get it back in me.

“Are you ready for the rest of my meat?” My dad asked with a breath of smoke.


I shook my head ‘no’ but he wasn’t willing to take no for an answer. Justin wanted to fuck and I had no way of stopping his monster cock from tearing my ass to shreds. He crawled back on top of me and this time I could see everything he was doing. Slowly he lined up his huge dick with my ass and took a drag off his cigar. Quickly he pushed his head through my entrance and deep into me, 5 inches in and I was about to choke on the air I had just inhaled. He did it so fast and then exhaled and gave me a evil grin.

He then began to ram more of himself into me and I cringed, I was at the point where I was before he pulled out, I would say 6 inches in and 5 to go and these last five were going to be more painful than the first 6 because he got thicker at the base.

“How do you want it, fast and very painful, or slow and regularly painful.” he said with a big fucking smile.


“Fast. Fuck me fast daddy.” I said… what was I saying that wasn’t what I was thinking. I didn’t even want to continue I just wanted it to end but what came out of my mouth said other wise.

“Okay!” he said taking a long powerful drag. Then he did it, he twisted and power-drived the rest of his cock into me. My back arced against the bed, my toes curled into balls and my hands grabbed hand fulls of the sheets. I let out a long scream and my hips bucked down toward his cock. I just wanted him to be done, and the only way that would happen was if I could get him all the way inside me; finally I was filled with his huge man meat. My ass was bleeding so bad and my insides were twisting and compacting trying to give his monster enough room to sit inside me.

Slowly he began to pull out and push back in, it was gentle but my ass still hurt like a bitch, it was definitely the most painful experience of my life, so far…


Written by JustJon1995

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