Rob Lowe’s Heartfelt Reflection on Sending His Son off to College: A Must-Read for Every Parent

Rob Lowe's Heartfelt Reflection on Sending His Son Off to College: A Must-Read for Every Parent

As a gay magazine, we want to share a touching excerpt from the book “Love Life” by Rob Lowe, where he talks about the experience of sending his son off to college. This is an emotional moment for any parent, but for Lowe, it was especially poignant as he reflected on his own journey as a young man.

Lowe discusses how he saw his son’s departure as a chance for him to start his own new chapter. He shared the advice he gave his son, telling him that college is a time to be open to new experiences, to make mistakes, and to learn and grow from them. He also emphasized the importance of finding a community of people who will support him throughout his college years.

Lowe acknowledges the fears that come with sending a child off to college, including concerns about safety and the unknown. However, he encourages parents to trust that they have given their children the tools they need to succeed, and to have faith in their own parenting.

As a father, Lowe also recognized the significance of this moment for his relationship with his son. He acknowledges that their dynamic will change as his son embarks on this new journey, but reassures him that their love and bond will endure.

Overall, Lowe’s reflection on sending his son off to college is a reminder that parenting is a continual journey of growth and letting go. It is a poignant and relatable story for any parent, but especially for those in the LGBTQ+ community who may have faced additional challenges in their parenting journey.


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