You Can “Donate” to Fifa to Keep a Country Hostile to LGBTQ+ People From Hosting the World Cup

You Can “Donate” to Fifa to Keep a Country Hostile to LGBTQ+ People From Hosting the World Cup

A queer Harry Potter star is mocking FIFA’s corruption with a “donation” drive.

FIFA is notoriously corrupt, and the World Cup has suffered irreparable damage since authorities let Qatar to host the coveted sporting event. Women and LGBTQ+ individuals experience open persecution in the country, which follows stringent Islamic rule that prohibits alcohol sales.

While the government had agreed to allow alcohol sales and to welcome LGBTQ+ fans, they altered their minds just before the soccer game. Any expression of support for the LGBTQ+ community was likewise prohibited.

Miriam Margolyes (Harry Potter’s Professor Sprout) appears in a new video imploring anybody who is “a great big queer and you love football, or if you love football and also gays” to make a “contribution” to prevent FIFA from granting Saudi Arabia the right to host the World Cup in the future. Homosexuality is also punished by jail or death in the nation.

“We can’t support it like everyone else since the World Cup is being held in Qatar – and we all know how Qatar thinks towards homosexuality,” Margolyes adds in the video. “However, if THAT isn’t enough of a smack in the face, based on the nations now bidding for it, the 2030 World Cup might be given to another host nation that criminalizes LGBTQ+ persons.”

“It is our enormous LGBT obligation to ensure that this never occurs again,” she continues. “After all, a World Cup isn’t a World Cup until there include lesbian, homosexual, bisexual, and transgender persons.”

“Fortunately, it turns out that football’s great, upright people like ‘donations.’ As a result, we resolved to create our own. The Great Gay “Giveaway.” A ‘gift’ so enormous, gay, and convincing that it can persuade football’s wonderful, open-minded, honest people to stage the 2030 World Cup in an LGBTQ+ friendly host country.”

Donations are really made to Stonewall, a British LGBTQ+ group that works for the rights of gay people all around the world, including those in Qatar.




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