Kellyanne Conway Supports More Attacks on Drag Shows

Kellyanne Conway Supports More Attacks on Drag Shows

Former Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway justified the current rash of insults and threats against drag queens during an interview on Fox News this week. She said that it was just parents defending their children.

Conway, who was formerly seen as a centrist on LGBTQ+ issues, has recently joined the chorus of rightwing media and politicians who have exploited drag queens and nasty stereotypes to support legislative moves to deprive transgender people of their civil rights. Recently, the religious right has attempted to characterize LGBTQ+ individuals as “groomers,” training youth for a life of vice and debauchery. These charges have been picked up by Trump’s MAGA followers and assimilated into mainstream Republican ideas across the board.

Conway opened her visit on Hannity’s show by criticizing the guest list for the event commemorating the passage of the Respect for Marriage Act. Shangela and other well-known drag artists were invited to the occasion. Conway swiftly shifted to defending former President Trump’s record on LGBTQ+ rights, but she later returned to defending domestic terror concerns as safeguarding “our most valuable resource.”

“I also want to point out that Donald Trump is the first president to into office already supporting homosexual marriage,” Conway stated after criticizing the guest list. “Mrs. Trump, Melania Trump, was recognized by the Log Cabin Republicans a year ago at Mar a Lago. I believe the Republicans and Democrats believe they have a monopoly on this.”

“What they have a monopoly on is inviting drag queens to people’s homes to advocate their ideals. You have every right, as parents, to speak out, show up, put up, and stand up. Never give up on that, since our children are our future. They are our most valuable resource. Nobody can convince you differently.”

The Log Cabin Republicans, a once-respected section of the LGBTQ+ community, welcomed Donald Trump and everything he represented, as did significant portions of the Republican Party. The organization has supported Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” statute by equating its opponents to pedophiles, fought against major LGBTQ+ nondiscrimination legislation, and has been repeatedly rejected by the Republican Party.

The party has attacked Pete Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Buttigieg, in an attempt to paint him as an effete gadfly. Former elementary school teacher Chasten Buttigieg has been a strong opponent of the Florida law.

The politicized organization has also equated LGBTQ+ persons to child molesters, stating that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender instructors “groom” and “indoctrinate” young children. Members of the group’s San Antonio chapter joined armed extremists earlier this week to protest outside a drag event starring RuPaul’s Drag Race queens. The organizing group, This Is Texas Freedom Force, has been dubbed a “extremist militia group” by the FBI.


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