Kirk Cameron, an Anti-LGBTQ+ Actor and Writer, Is Outraged by the Libraries’ Rejection

Anti-LGBTQ+ Actor Kirk Cameron, and Writer, Is Shocked by the Libraries’ Rejection

Right-wing Kirk Cameron, a Christian actor and novelist, is using Fox News to portray himself as a victim because libraries are refusing to host him for a reading of his new children’s book, As You Grow.

According to his publisher, Brave Books, fifty libraries around the country have either refused or not replied to the former Growing Pains star’s offers to speak. “Many of the same libraries that are refusing Cameron a slot are aggressively sponsoring ‘drag queen’ story hours or similar events for youngsters and young people,” Fox News says on its website.

“Some library programs encourage gender fluidity, inclusivity, and diversity,” the right-wing site adds. “Others provide ‘name change’ clinics for older kids and adults who wish to update their formal papers to reflect their gender identification.”

Cameron is well-known for his anti-LGBTQ+ views, but it’s unclear whether his latest book incorporates any of those views. It relates the narrative of a seed that develops into a big tree and becomes a community guardian. A Brave Books spokesperson, on the other hand, cited complaints from library workers who indicated the book would be unsuitable since their libraries emphasize diversity and inclusivity.

“We’re a really queer-friendly library. According to the publisher, “our messaging does not coincide,” a staffer at Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, R.I., informed Brave Books.

Cameron plainly regards his book as a stinging indictment of liberal principles. “I’m looking to fight back as Bibles are literally being removed from schools and libraries — and as Christianity, faith, and the Ten Commandments are being removed from schools and replaced with toxic ideas like transgenderism, [critical race theory], and the 1619 Project,” he previously told Fox News.

“It’s no accident that we’re seeing these terrible and toxic notions like gender theory and CRT and other things aimed at our children,” he concluded.

He went on to say that the book “teaches biblical knowledge and the importance of generating the fruit of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control.” I’m curious whether he’d be shocked to hear that similar characteristics are also respected in the LGBTQ+ community.

Later, in reaction to news of library rejections, Cameron said Fox News, “This is proof that we are getting decimated in the war for our children’s hearts and minds more than ever.”

“While publicly financed libraries approve ‘gender marker and name change clinics,’ they prohibit a story time that would entail the reading of a book that offers biblical wisdom,” he stated. “How much clearer can it get?”

“It is distressing to see that many of our publicly financed libraries have now become indoctrination centers that refuse to allow biblical wisdom to be taught to our children,” says Trent Talbot, founder and CEO of Brave Books. The awakened left realizes that morality is instilled by the age of ten, and they want their morality to triumph over biblical morality.”

Cameron is not the only member of his family that is anti-LGBTQ+. Candace Cameron Bure, his sister, recently declared that the Great American Family cable channel’s romantic films will focus on “traditional marriage,” and hence will not contain same-sex couples. Bure, a longtime Hallmark Channel regular, joined Great American Family this year.


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